Chapter V-36: Versus Omegamon 3 - The Reason for Fighting

Title: Versus Omegamon 3 - The Reason for Fighting

Zero: Gabo...
Zero: Igamon...
Taichi: Th...they...

Hideto: You jumped out before you realized...?
Hideto: Why're you all interfering with me if you don't even have a good reason...?
Igamon: Gabo, do Petit Fire on my sword!
Gabo: Ri...right!
Gabo: Petit Fire!

Igamon: Whoa! Fire Walz Sword!
Hideto: Idiot! There's no way it'll work!
Igamon: Ugh!
Gabo: Ooh...
Igamon: Oof...
Taichi: Oh...!

Zero: You've done enough. Thank you, Igamon! Gabo!
Zero: You guys run away! Hurry!
Gabo: We can't...
Gabo: Do that...
Gabo: Just wait...
Gabo: Zero...
Igamon: We'll...
Igamon: Save you...

Hideto: You mean to fight me to the last?
Hideto: Fools!
Hideto: Even if you get free, not even your V Wing Blade can harm Omegamon!
Hideto: Looks like the three of them need justice's judgement.
Hideto: Omegamon!
Hideto: Use Garuru Canon!
Omegamon: Huh?

Taichi: What?
Zero: What?
Zero: Stop it, Omegamon!
Zero: I'm your only opponent. Don't kill Gabo and Igamon, too!
Zero: Damn it!
Hideto: Hahaha!
Hideto: You don't even have your overwrite power!
Hideto: What's the matter, Omegamon? What're you waiting for?

Omegamon: B...but there's no need to use Garuru Canon...
Hideto: Why are you hesitating? Don't forget our goal!
Hideto: We have to do this for Rei's sake!
Taichi: For Rei?
Taichi: What do you mean?
Hideto: It's none of your business...
Taichi: Tell me!
Taichi: Don't try and blame Rei for your plotting!
Taichi: That's dirty!

Hideto: ...Rei...Rei...
Hideto: Rei can't walk...
Hideto: In our world!
Taichi: Huh?
Zero: What?
Hideto: She was hit by a car...
Hideto: was my fault...

Hideto: ...Neo and Rei are my best friends...
Hideto: I have to make up for it...
Hideto: Neo said anything was possible if we could control the digital.
Hideto: That's why...I...
Hideto: I'm fighting to recreate the world as it should be, like it was for me and Rei and Neo back then!
Hideto: That's why...
Hideto: I can't let you interfere anymore...

Taichi: So that makes it somehow all right to kill innocent Monsters...?
Taichi: What do you mean make up for it?
Taichi: We can communicate with the hearts of these Monsters!
Taichi: Do they not matter?
Taichi: Idiot!

Taichi: Sure there are scary Monsters and bad Monsters in this world...
Taichi: But there are lots of wonderful Monsters, too!
Taichi: I've met a lot of them.
Taichi: There are Monsters who'll fight for their friends and to protect the light of hope!
Taichi: There are even those Monsters who fought to help their friends even if it meant being abandoned by good Monsters!

Taichi: I want to help those Monsters...
Taichi: Along with Zero!
Gabo: Ta...Taichi...
Igamon: Taichi...

Hideto: Is that why you're fighting, Yagami Taichi...?
Hideto: You'd choose Monsters over humans?
Taichi: Rei wouldn't want...
Taichi: A world where Monsters are trampled underfoot!

Rei: The Digimon of this world can laugh and cry and communicate with humans!
Rei: How could you want to destroy them?
Hideto: Ooh...
Taichi: You must be a good Tamer to have raised Omegamon!
Taichi: You must understand Monsters' feelings, right?
Hideto: Shut up!
Hideto: Be quiet!
Hideto: ...You're just whitewashing things...

Hideto: Attack, Omegamon.
Hideto: Kill all three of them with Garuru Cannon!
Hideto: You said you wanted to help Monsters, didn't you, Yagami Taichi?
Hideto: So what would you do in this situation?
Hideto: If you can protect them like you said...
Hideto: Then just try it!

Gabo: Wah!
Gabo: Hurry, Igamon!
Igamon: I know!
Gabo: Wah! We won't make it!
Gabo: Sorry we're no help, Zero!

Gabo: Huh?
Hideto: What?
Zero: I'll protect them...
Zero: You tried to gloss over Taichi's feelings... You wouldn't hesitate to attack Gabo and Igamon...
Zero: I won't lose to that fake "justice"...

Zero: Gabo's...
Zero: And Igamon's...
Zero: And...
Zero: Taichi's feelings...

-no text-

Zero: I'll protect them all!
Hideto: What?
Taichi: Zero!

Hideto: Impossible!
Hideto: There shouldn't be any overwrite power left...!
Zero: Whoa!
Hideto: Fire, Omegamon!
Omegamon: Ugh...
Zero: Too late!

Zero: V Breath Arrow!

Gabo: He did it!
Hideto: Omegamon!
Gabo: Wow! You stopped Garuru Cano! Amazing, Zero!
Hideto: No way...
Hideto: That's impossible...
Hideto: Is this the power that Neo feared...?

Hideto: Hmph! The battle's not over yet!
Hideto: Stand, Omegamon!
Taichi: were great!
Taichi: Huh...?

Taichi: What?
Screen: Abilities: V Breath Arrow, V Wing Blade, Dragon Impulse
Taichi: Dragon...Impulse?
Taichi: wh...what on earth is this...?

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