Chapter V-35: Versus Omegamon 2 - Justice

Title: Versus Omegamon 2 - Justice

Omegamon: Oof...
Gabo: Oh!
Taichi: Okay, Zero...!
Taichi: Attack at close-range and watch out for the Garuru Cannon!
Zero: Okay, Taichi!

Hideto: Hmph... There's no way you can win...
Hideto: Don't hold back, Omegamon!
Hideto: We are on the side of good!
Hideto: Show them...!

Hideto: The power of good!
Taichi: "Oh..."
Zero: Ugh...

Zero: Ugh...
Zero: Damn it.
Zero: *panting*
Omegamon: You're tough...
Zero: Huh?

Zero: Ooh...ugh...
Omegamon: But you shouldn't be able to move now.

Gabo: Oh...
Igamon: Zero!
Omegamon: Grey Sword
Taichi: Oh...!
Hideto: It's almost time...! Neo...Rei...our dream will come true...!

Hideto: We'll soon...
Hideto: Be able to go back to that time!
Gabo: Zero!
Zero: Psych!
Omegamon; Oh

Gabo: Oh!
Hideto: What?
Hideto: He can still move...?
Omegamon: Hmph...
Zero: We did it!
Zero: The "Psych Out" plan worked!
Taichi: Yes! Our turn now!
Taichi: Go!

Zero: V Wing Blade!

Taichi: Good job! A direct hit!
Hideto: bastards...
Hideto: Why do you keep interfering with me?

Hideto: No matter what you do, you can't harm Omegamon!
Igamon: Huh?
Zero: No way... That was a direct hit at close range...
Zero: Does even V Wing Blade not work?

Gabo: Th...this is...
Gabo: The power of good...
Gabo: Is there no way we can beat Omegamon...?
Zero: Damn it...
Omegamon: Do you still mean to fight?
Hideto: It's useless.
Hideto: There's no way you can win...
Hideto: So why do you keep fighting?
Hideto: You want to die and be a hero?

Taichi: Hmm...
Taichi: I don't want to die, but being a hero wouldn't be bad.
Taichi: Huh?
Taichi: Are you angry?
Hideto: It's no use talking...
Hideto: To stubborn, reckless idiots like you...
Gabo: This is no time for joking, Taichi!
Gabo: Can't you be a bit more serious?
Gabo: They're saying they're on the side of good!
Gabo: If a good Monster is on the other side, then what on earth have we been fighting for?
Gabo: I don't know anymore...

Hideto: Hmph! Why don't you give up on him and run away yourself, then?
Gabo: Huh?
Hideto: Taichi! Zero! I won't let you guys interfere!
Hideto: Omegamon!
Hideto: Put a stop to their tiresome actions!

Zero: It won't be that easy!
Zero: Ugh...
Zero: Ugh!

Taichi: Oh...

Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Ugh...
Gabo: Oh no... His wings are stuck on the rocks; he can't move...!
Igamon: No way...
Omegamon: With your current power...
Omegamon: You won't be able to get free.

Hideto: How's it feel...
Hideto: Up there on the gallows?
Zero: Ugh...
Taichi: Shit...
Taichi: His power levels won't get any higher...
Hideto: The punishment for interfering with our dream...
Hideto: Is harsh...
Hideto: Show them the iron hammer of justice, Omegamon!

Omegamon: Grey Sword!

Taichi: Zero, move!
Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Ugh...
Gabo: I, is it no use...?
Taichi: Ooh...
Omegamon: This is the end!
Taichi: Zero!

Igamon: Whoa! I'll help!
Taichi: I...Igamon...!
Igamon: Hiya!
Igamon: Ha!
Igamon: Ha!

Gabo: That idiot... We're...
Gabo: No match for him...
Hideto: You reckless fool!
Zero: I...
Zero: Igamon...
Igamon: I don't care if it's useless...
Igamon: I can't sit back and watch a friend get killed...
Igamon: Zero is my friend! We travelled together!

Igamon: Damn it!
Gabo: What are we fighting for...?
Gabo: Stop, stop!
Gabo: The enemy's Omegamon, a good Monster... You're no match for him!

Omegamon: Don't interfere!
Igamon: Wah!
Taichi: Igamon!
Igamon: Waah!
Zero: Igamon!

Taichi: Gabo!
Gabo: Ha...haha... I'm a fool, too... I'd jumped out before I realized...
Igamon: Gabo!
Gabo: Igamon.
Gabo: I'll help, too!
Gabo: Just a little.
Igamon: I'm in your debt!

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