Chapter V-34: Versus Omegamon 1 - Dead or Alive

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Title: Versus Omegamon 1 - Dead or Alive

Taichi: So you've come, Alias III!

Taichi: Where's Rei?
Hideto: That's none of your business.
Zero: What did you say?
Hideto: I'll destroy you and anyone else who tries to interfere.
Hideto: Or do you surrender?

Taichi: 100% no!
Taichi: Uplink!
Zero: Here I come!
Hideto: Looks like it wasn't enough for you to get your butts kicked in that last battle!

Omegamon: It's useless!
Omegamon: Huh?
Zero: Over here.
Igamon: Oh! He's using the land to his advantage...
Igamon: So this is why Taichi chose to stop here!

Hideto: What a childish strategy! Do you think that really gives you a chance at winning?
Omegamon: Grey Sword!
Zero: Huh?
Zero: Huh?

Taichi: Oh! Zero!

Hideto: Hehe!
Hideto: This is Omegamon...
Gabo: H...he's so much stronger...
Gabo: Why? Why...?
Gabo: Why is such a strong, good Monster our enemy...?
Hideto: Because we're on the side of good...
Gabo: So then we're evil?
Gabo: Are we the bad guys?
Igamon: Calm down, Gabo!
Taichi: There's no way what Neo's doing is good!

Taichi: As the Tamer who raised Omegamon, you should know that! What Neo's doing is terrible!
Zero: Yeah... I'm sure Rei would be sad, too...
Hideto: What do you know?
Zero: I know! We travelled together!

Hideto: Rei's already forgotten you.
Zero: Rei's not like that!
Zero: You're the one who doesn't know her!
Hideto: You're just a Monster...
Hideto: You don't know anything!
Zero: What?
Zero: Ugh...
Omegamon: So quick-tempered...

Taichi: Oh! Zero!
Zero: I won't lose...
Zero: Woah!
Zero: I won't lose!

Taichi: He did it! The power of anger!
Omegamon: It's useless...
Omegamon: At that rate...

Omegamon: No matter how many times we fight, you'll never defeat me!
Taichi: Yikes! Omegamon's hardly damaged...
Gabo: What?
Hideto: Looks like not even the overwrite of an ancient type is any use against Omegamon.
Taichi: Ancient type...? Overwrite?

Hideto: You don't even know anything about your own Monster and you call yourself a Tamer?
Taichi: I...I know!
Taichi: I just don't know about that!
Gabo: That's what he said...
Igamon: I don't know that much about it, but I do know that overwrite means to rewrite data...
Taichi: Rewrite...?
Hideto: That's right. Do you know how a Digital Monster displays their information?
Taichi: Huh?
Hideto: In order to display their emotions, a Monster rapidly rewrites their body's data.
Hideto: That's overwriting!

Hideto: Happiness, sadness, pleasure, anger, all those emotions are displayed by changing 1s and 0s.
Caption: (clockwise from top) Happiness, sadness, pleasure, anger.
Hideto: And the data from those changes in emotion...
Hideto: Effects a Monster's dexterity.
Hideto: The changes in their data of the ancient types are especially violent.
Caption: Normal type.
Caption: Ancient type.
Hideto: Because of that, their dexterity levels go up.
Taichi: I see...! So that's why Zero gets so powerful when he gets angry!
Gabo: That's great.
Igamon: Hurray for ancient types.
Hideto: However...
Hideto: The violent data changes have a negative effect on a Monster's body.
Taichi: Huh?

Hideto: It's like with CDs and DVDs and MDs, that sort of digital media can last nearly forever...
Hideto: But if you write and rewrite over and over, it eventually starts to degrade.
Hideto: In the same way, because of an ancient type's violent overwriting...
Hideto: They're destined for destruction.
Taichi: Destined for destruction...?
Hideto: That's other words...
Hideto: Their lifespan is extremely short.

Hideto: That's the reason there are so few Perfect ancient types. Aero V-dramon's so rare as to be nearly extinct.
Gabo: Then Zero won't evolve any more than this...?
Hideto: He can't, is more like it.
Hideto: He's almost certainly near the limit of his overwriting.
Gabo: No...
Igamon: No way...

Hideto: How does it feel...
Hideto: To have a taste of despair?
Hideto: It's useless to battle any further.
Hideto: Are you gonna give up yet?
Hideto: You have no future!

Hideto: I'll tell you one last thing.
Hideto: You guys do have a good combination. There's no reason for you to continue to risk your lives...
Hideto: If you value your life, then get out of here!
Zero: Don't be stupid...

Zero: Don't be stupid!
Zero: You think that's going to stop me? I don't care about your warnings!
Zero: I won't lose, even if I can't evolve!
Taichi: So long as you want to fight, I'll fight with you.
Taichi: Zero.
Zero: Taichi...
Taichi: If there are no precedents, then we'll set one!
Taichi: Hey, Hideto.
Taichi: It's not up to you to decide our future!

Gabo: Zero...
Igamon: Taichi...
Hideto: Well, aren't you optimistic!
Hideto: Looks like you won't get it unless I get serious...
Hideto: Your little future will be crushed before my immense power!
Hideto: Fire! Omegamon!
Hideto: Destroy their future!

Omegamon: Garuru Cannon!

Gabo: Wah!
Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Ugh!

-no text-

Hideto: How's that?
Hideto: Looks like you didn't have a future after all!
Taichi: Ugh!
Zero: I don't...

Zero: Think so!
Gabo: Oh!
Igamon: Zero!
Omegamon: Oof...
Hideto: Looks like you've no intention of giving up the fight...
Taichi: Yeah.
Taichi: I'm 100% committed.

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