Chapter V-33: Serious Mind

Title: Serious Mind

Hideto: This is Demon's Castle...
Hideto: No one can enter without ID...
Hideto: Watch your step.
Rei: Okay. Don't worry.

Rei: Look.
Rei: I can even jump.
Devimon: Neo.
Devimon: Hideto has returned.
Neo: Thanks, Hide...

-no text-

Neo: R...Rei...
Neo: What are you doing here...?
Neo: Your legs...?
Rei: Brother...
Rei: I've missed you!
Hideto: I found her at the point where the Digimental was supposed to be.
Neo: The Digimental...?
Neo: I see...
Neo: So that's it.

Hideto: Apparently she was travelling with Yagami Taichi.
Neo: With Taichi?
Rei: I thought I'd be able to find you if I came here...
Rei: Hey, Brother, is it true you're trying to destroy this world?
Neo: Did you hear that from Taichi?
Rei: Please stop!
Rei: The Digimon of this world can laugh and cry and communicate with humans... How could you want to destroy them...?

Rei: Let's go home, okay...?
Neo: You must be tired, Rei. Why don't you have a rest.
Rei: Wait! Listen to me, Brother!
Rei: Hideto, please!
Rei: Stop him!
Neo: Rei...
Neo: I don't just want to destroy this world for nothing.
Rei: Huh?

Neo: I just want to rebuild it.
Neo: As a new world.
Rei: Huh?

Rei: What are you thinking...? This is wrong...
Rei: What's the matter with you two?
Rei: Go back to that fun time!
Neo: Take her away.
Rei: Wait, Brother.
Rei: Stop!
Hideto: Hey, Neo...
Hideto: Are you really going to continue with that plan...?

Gabo: Okay.
Gabo: First we've got to get revenge on Omegamon.
Gabo: Or so you said...
Gabo: So why did you suddenly stop and say, "Let's eat", Taichi?
Taichi: Well, the thing is...
Zero & Igamon: Yay! Food, food.
Zero: It's cause we were hungry, right, Taichi?
Igamon: Like they say, "If you're hungry, you can't have a good poop."
Gabo: It's "can't have a good fight"!

Igamon: You complain, but you are cooking for us, after all.
Gabo: You guys are so reckless, I've got to take care of you!
Taichi: Man...
Taichi: Your cooking's so good, Gabo.
Gabo: Don't try to flatter me.
Caption: Taichi, rejected.
Gabo: You'd really rather eat Rei's cooking, wouldn't you?
Gabo: But Hideto or whatever his name is took her away.
Taichi: Gabo, you shouldn't say that.
Taichi: I won't forgive you!
Gabo: What? You wanna fight?

Taichi: I'll pull off your belt!
Gabo: Wah! Stop it, you perv!
Igamon: Goodness, they sure are good friends.
Zero: The sky sure looks odd...
Igamon: It's because we're right near Demon's Castle...
Hideto: That fun time, huh...?

Hideto: Saiba Neo...?
Boy: He just transferred into the class nextdoor yesterday.
Neo: So you're Fujimoto Hideto.
Neo: I heard you're the strongest Digimon player in the school.
Hideto: What about it?
Neo: I...
Neo: Challenge you.

Boy 1: Wow! Hide's Monster lost!
Boy 2: I can't believe it! Hide's the strongest in the whole county.
Hideto: I...I can't believe my Warg and Melga lost...
Neo: Hehe, I'd recommend...
Neo: Deleting those weak Monsters.

Hideto: Th...this is his house...?
Hideto: G...gorgeous...
Hideto: No, no.
Hideto: I wanted to know the secret of his strength, so I came here without thinking...
Hideto: Huh?
Rei: Um... What are you doing at our house?
Hideto:, well...
Rei: Oh, I know, you must be Brother's friend!
Hideto: Are you Neo's sister?
Rei: Brother, your friend's here!

Hideto: H...hey...
Neo: Oh, you... So, what? Did you come here to find the secret of my strength?
Hideto: Ahaha...
Hideto: *gulp* He's right...
Rei: Wow, Brother, is this the first time you've ever had a friend over?
Neo: Don't be stupid. He's a Digimon Tamer, in other words, a rival!
Neo: Well, I think he'll be a good rival, though...

Rei: It seems like my brother's a lot more cheerful lately.
Rei: It must be because he's got a Tamer friend now.
Hideto: He sure is a strong Tamer, though.
Hideto: I haven't been able to beat him at all this whole week.
Neo: That's cause you're still using those Monsters.
Neo: If it were me, I'd have deleted them long ago.
Rei: But I like that about Hideto.
Neo: Whatever.
Rei: What are your pets like, Hideto?
Neo: They're Digimon.
Hideto: Like this.
Caption: Melga.
Caption: Warg.
Neo: Hide.
Neo: Your drawings suck.
Hideto: Really?

Rei: That was fun.
Rei: Let's hang out again tomorrow.
Hideto: Okay...
Hideto: I thought these days would continue forever...
Hideto: But...

Hideto: Oh... They evolved...
Hideto: I can beat him...
Hideto: With Omegamon, I know I can beat him!
Hideto: Hey, Neo!
Rei: Oh, good morning, Hideto.
Hideto: Look, my Digimon evolved into Omegamon.
Rei: Huh?
Neo: Hey.
Neo: Be careful...
Rei: I will.

Neo: Rei!

Nurse: Poor thing. There's really nothing they can do for her...
Nurse: Who would have thought a car would run a red light...
Hideto: Rei...
Rei: It's not your fault, Hideto. It's just bad luck...
Hideto: ...Neo...

Hideto: Hey, Neo...
Hideto: Are you really going to continue with that plan...?

Neo: Of course. Rei's legs haven't healed in that world... It's just an irregularity from coming to this world...
Neo: I'll take over the Digital World...
Neo: And turn the whole world to data...
Neo: Hurrah for digital.
Neo: If I become the leader of a data world...of Neo World...
Neo: Anything will be possible.
Neo: Of course...
Neo: I can recreate that time!

Rei: That was fun.
Rei: Let's hang out again tomorrow.
Rei: What's the matter with you two?
Rei: Go back to that fun time!
Rei: That fun time!
Hideto: We'll go back, Rei...
Hideto: That's what we're fighting for!

Hideto: Come on, Warg! Melga! Let's go!

Taichi: That didn't call for Petit Fire!

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