Chapter V-31: The Legendary Power of the Digimental

Title: The Legendary Power of the Digimental

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Motimon: Ze...Zero...
Motimon: It's Zero...!
Motimon: Amazing, Zero!
Motimon: Zero and Taichi!
Taichi: Leo...
Motimon: Ooh...
Taichi: Holy Angemon...
Zero: What do you think, Taichi? Will they be okay?
Taichi: Yeah... But not unless they get a full-blown healing...

Venom Vamdemon: Ow... Will you heal me, too?
Venom Vamdemon: I'm Venom Vamdemon's real body...
Venom Vamdemon: I can't believe you knocked my head off.
Venom Vamdemon: I won't let you get away with that...
Venom Vamdemon: I won't let you get away with it!
Motimon: Wah! I can't believe...that's his real body.

Venom Vamdemon: Hahaha! You'll meet the same fate as that weakling of a captain!
Zero: Shut up.
Venom Vamdemon: *choke*
Venom Vamdemon: What?
Zero: I said...
Zero: Shut up!

Motimon: Oh...
Motimon: A...amazing... He got Venom Vamdemon with just one hit...
Motimon: Amazing!
Motimon: Amazing! Amazing!

Taichi: I won't let you get away...
Taichi: With what you've done, Neo.

Neo: Heheh.
Neo: You idiot...
Neo: Sorry, but...
Neo: I've already done what I came here to do...
Taichi: What?
Neo: I came here to let Arkadimon feed on their energy.
Neo: Everything else was just an after thought.
Neo: I have no use for this castle anymore, or for you.
Zero: Quit fooling around.
Zero: Do you think we're going to just let you leave?

Neo: I'll show you something in return.
Neo: I'll show you my horrific opening act!
Neo: With Seraphimon's energy...
Neo: Arkadimon will evolve even further!

Neo: Arkadimon Perfect Mode.

Zero: Huh!?
Neo: Hehehe! Can you feel it?
Neo: Though you're both Perfects, there's no comparison.
Neo: Looks like you've gotten a bit stronger.
Neo: But you're nothing more than an insect compared to Arkadimon.
Zero: Then I'll show you...
Zero: The power of an insect!
Neo: I told you, this is just the opening act.
Neo: The real show will be when Arkadimon reaches his Super Ultimate Form!

Neo: Hahaha! Come to Demon's Castle, Taichi! I'll have a hell waiting there just for you!
Taichi: Are you running away?
Neo: You'll have to defeat Alias III to get to me!
Neo: But the third one's the strongest!
Zero: Wait!
Zero: Outta my way!

Zero: I won't let you get away...
Taichi: Wait, Zero!
Taichi: ...We have to heal Holy Angemon and the others first...
Holy Angemon: Ooh...
Zero: Ugh...

Devimon: Hideto...
Devimon: We've pinpointed the location of the Digimental.
Devimon: Neo's orders are to procure the Digimental...
Hideto: I know.

Hideto: He wants to use it to create his monster.
Ogremon: What? Is he dissatisfied with his orders?
Devimon: Leave him alone. He won't go against Neo's orders.
Caption: Holy Angemon's Castle, medical wing
Holy Angemon: You saved me, Taichi...
Holy Angemon: Thank you.

Taichi: If I'd got there a little sooner, I might have been able to stop him, though...
Holy Angemon: No, it's thanks to you the castle was saved...
Holy Angemon: ...That boy is a force to be reckoned with...
Holy Angemon: He means to use the legendary power!
Taichi: Legendary...power...?
Holy Angemon: Yes...the Digimental!
Taichi: Digimental?

Holy Angemon: It's a special material that exists somewhere in this world.
Holy Angemon: A fearsome power is hidden in its crystal form and with it a Monster can evolve to Super Ultimate!
Taichi: S...such a thing exists?
Holy Angemon: I'd thought it just a legend...
Holy Angemon: But...
Seraphimon: The Digimental? Impossible! No one's ever seen it. It's just a legend!
Neo: Hehehe...
Neo: But figured out...
Neo: Where the real thing is!
Seraphimon: It can't be...
Neo: It's true.
Neo: I've analyzed all the data in this world.

Neo: The Digimental increases a Monster's power exponentially while leaving their intelligence and reason untouched.
Neo: It's the perfect item for an ultimate weapon like Arkadimon.
Holy Angemon: ...Neo has figured out the nature of the Digimental...
Holy Angemon: He means to use it to evolve Arkadimon to Super Ultimate while still keeping him under his control.
Holy Angemon: If that happens...
Holy Angemon: This world will be his...
Zero: Let's go, Taichi!
Zero: We've got to stop him from evolving to Super Ultimate!
Taichi: Yeah...

Taichi: Sorry we interfered, Leo.
Leo: Hmph, you should be.
Leo: Why did you come back to the castle? I would have been enough for him...
Leo: ...But thanks anyway.
Leo: I'm grateful...
Taichi: You seem more straightforward than usual. Did you get hit on the head?
Leo: Shut up!
Leo: We're fine now, though. Don't worry about the castle.
Leo: Just go and defeat that brat!
Taichi: Yeah.
Taichi: Leave it to me...

Taichi: It's our mission...
Taichi: To defeat Neo!
Taichi: All right, take care of the castle.
Taichi: Leo.
Taichi: Sorry. Did that hurt?
Leo: Not at all...

Gabo: I wonder if Zero and Taichi were able to stop...
Gabo: Neo's army...
Rei: ...Hey, is Neo really that scary...?
Gabo: He's the devil... He treats Monsters as his slaves, and deletes them when he has no more use for them.

Gabo: That's why you shouldn't go to Demon's Castle with us, Rei.
Gabo: It's risky and Neo is really dangerous!
Gabo: "I'm going to delete you."
Gabo: That's what he says! Really!
Rei: ...I'm going!
Gabo: ...You sure are stubborn...
Igamon: Well, if you insist, then you can rely on me for any information you need about Demon's Castle.
Gabo: Wait a minute, I'm the guide here!
Igamon: No, I'm better suited for this.
Gabo: What are you talking about?
Gabo: You're wounded!
Igamon: You can count on me...
Rei: Thanks.

Rei: Now that I think of it...
Rei: The pendant's light has gotten brighter since the battle with Rosemon...
Rei: I wonder why.
Gabo & Igamon: Who knows...
Igamon: Huh?
Igamon: I can feel a great energy coming this way!
Gabo: What?
Gabo: don't think it's Arkadimon, do you...?
Igamon: No, it's not warped like he is. It's a straightforward energy.
Igamon: Like Zero...

Igamon: But it's...
Igamon: Even stronger than Zero!
Gabo: Wh...
Gabo: What?

Omegamon: Hideto, we'd reached the location of the Digimental.
Omegamon: There's a human and some Monsters there as well...
Hideto: Land.
Gabo: Wah!
Gao: It's landing!
Igamon: Oh! The boy riding it is one of the Aliases.
Gabo: What?
Gabo: Why is this happening now, when Zero and Taichi are away...?
Gabo: way...
Gabo: Th, this Monster is...O...

Gabo: Omegamon!

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