Chapter V-3: The Continent of Folder's Military History

Title: The Continent of Folder's Military History
Taichi: Holy Angemon! I... It was you. Are you the one who called me to this world?

Taichi: You've got to be kidding! Send me back to my world!
Leo: Cease your insolence!
Taichi: Let go of me! I've got family, and school, and homework and things waiting for me! I didn't ask to be brought here!
Gekovitch: What a rude brat... Ribbit, ribbit!
Holy Angemon: I really regret having to do this. I'm sorry but please, listen to me. A disaster has befallen this, this entire world...

Taichi: A disaster!
Holy Angemon: As you both know this is the continent of Folder in the Digimon World. This used to be a peaceful land where monsters could live in peace. But one mutant monster has destroyed that peace!
Taichi: Mutant monster!

Holy Angemon: Yes, his name is Demon! Demon leads his evil monsters in a war to gain control of the Digimon World! and he has built a castle in the centre of the continent. It's said that he's raising a Super Ultimate egg there!
Taichi: Super Ultimate?

Holy Angemon: We must somehow keep that monster from being born. We have to stop Demon's plans! But their power grows day by day. We're being forced into a hard battle...
Taichi: So that's why those little guys were training so hard...
Holy Angemon: So I took a chance! On a monster we have never seen the likes of before and the unlimited possibilities of the tamer who raised him! Of course if you want me to I can return you to your world right now. But even though I know it's hopeless, I want you to hear my request. Please! Will you destroy Demon for us?
Gabo: Ta...
Zero: Taichi...

Taichi: Sure. I'll do it.
Gabo: H How can you just accept so easily? Don't you understand how serious this is?
Taichi: I understand. I'm the hero, right? That's pretty cool and I'd like to fight all these different guys. In exchange I want plenty of your best meat. We can't travel or fight on empty stomachs.
Leo: Hmph! Stop fooling around.
Gekovitch: He's making fun of us...ribbit. He's making me mad. Ribbit, ribbit!

Gekovitch: Lord Holy Angemon, are you sure? Can we really trust this frivolous human? Ribbit, ribbit! I don't think we need this human, ribbit. If Leomon just trains those little monsters harder, I'm sure the battle will turn in our favour, ribbit! All right, human! I'm Gekovitch, the Tonosama Gekomon! See if you can handle my special attack! If you can't break this attack, there's no way you can save Folder, ribbit!
Zero: What?
Gabo: It's Samurai Tone!

Taichi: Ah!
Gekovitch: Wahaha! Away, away! Once you've heard this sound, your body will break down into data and you'll be transported to another world!
Gabo & Zero: What?
Leomon: Is it all right?
Holy Angemon: There's no reason to get worked up about. This is their chance to show me their combination.

Zero: Darn it! I can't let it end like this! V Breath Arrow! Oh no! It was erased!
Gekovitch: Samurai Tone is both a defensive and an offensive attack! The sound from my horn attacks the opponent, while at the same time creating a sound barrier that protects me
Gabo: Wh what an attack. So then attacks from the front won't work...
Gekovitch: Almost there. Disappear! Disappear!

Taichi: Above! Aim for up above, Zero!
Zero: Right, Taichi!
Gabo: What? The chandelier! I get it! An attack from directly above!
Gekovitch: I don't think so. Your children's pranks don't fool me, ribbit!

Gabo: He got out of the way! It's no use!
Gekovitch: I guess this is about as smart as humans get, ribbit!
Zero: Haha, you think so?
Gekovitch: Huh?
Gabo: Ah!
Gekovitch: Ah! The Samurai Tone's sound waves are disappearing...
Taichi: Heh heh.

Taichi: The Samurai Tone is broken! All right, now it's our turn!
Holy Angemon: Hold it right there! So how about it? Are you ready to give them some credit now, Gekovitch?
Gekovitch: L, Lord Holy Angemon Ribbit, ribbit... What are they? I can't believe they broke up the Samurai Tone's sound waves with another loud noise.
Zero: Heh heh. If you put together the "1" in Taichi and the two "00" in Zeromaru...

Zero & Taichi: You get 100%!
Gekovitch: Ribbit, ribbit...
Holy Angemon: Taichi and Zeromaru, huh 0 and 1 are the foundation of the Digital World. They can keep it in order or plunge it into disorder how symbolic...
Taichi: All right, let's go get this Demon!
Zero: Yeah!
Sign To Leomon, Don't be too hard on the little guys. Taichi.
Leomon: Th, those guys...

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