Chapter V-28: Alias II - Mari

Title: Alias II - Mari

Patamon: There's trouble, Holy Angemon!
Patamon: Neo is leading Demon's army in an attack on the castle!
Leo: What? I didn't hear anything about that!

Holy Angemon: Deploy the troops!
Holy Angemon: Hurry up and organize a counter-attack!
Leo: Yes, Sir!
Tonosama: But this is dangerous...
Tonosama: Most of the troops are away. The defenses here at the castle are weak.
Rosemon: Hahaha! Looks like he had an important message.
Igamon: Aah...Holy Angemon...
Mari: Ahahahaha!
Taichi: Igamon!
Taichi: Damn. If Igamon didn't deliver the message...
Taichi: We have to get to the castle as soon as possible...
Taichi: But...!

Taichi: Are those two really this stupid...?
Mari: Shall we get on with the next attack, Rosemon?
Rosemon: Okay, Mari.
Mari: Maybe I should input a command on my Digivice.
Taichi: Ooh...
Taichi: What kind of command...?
Mari: Uplink!
Mari: Huh?
Mari: I missed...
Gabo: Ooh...
Taichi: She really is...
Taichi: Just stupid!

Gabo: Ooh... I'm dizzy...
Taichi: Oh, I know. Gabo, tell me what Mari's command was!
Gabo: "Taichi's kinda cute. But it's a favor for Neo, so...super MMC. I'd better hurry and get this done. I'll start with saribari. Go go go go!"
Taichi: I can't understand a word...
Gabo: I'm so dizzy...
Rei: Taichi, be careful!
Rei: There's something suspicious...
Rei: About that girl!
Mari: Ooh, scary.
Mari: What's that, woman's intuition or something?
Mari: I bet you're just jealous.

Mari: You should try being a net idol, too.
Mari: A lot of guys access the site.
Mari: Hahaha.
Mari: Yeah...maybe with a little more makeup...
Mari: And a little more exposure.
Mari: But you're just not sexy.
Mari: So it'd probably be no use anyway! Hahahaha!
Taichi: What's she going on about...?
Mari: Maybe you'd change if you got a boyfriend. Should I introduce you to someone cute?
Mari: But wait just a sec! I've gotta take care of these guys first.

Taichi: Wah!
Taichi: Wind, Zero! Use the wind to blow the thorns away!
Mari: Eeek!
Mari: My clothes blew away!
Mari: Taichi, you perv.
Taichi: That's not why I did it!
Taichi: It's no use. I can't keep up with her pace...
Taichi: I don't have time for this...
Mari: Oops.
Mari: The wind blew my notebook away...

Mari: Oh! Igamon?
Igamon: Taichi, surely this will tell us the truth about Mari...
Taichi: Th, this is...
Taichi: Her entire plan...!
Notebook: The current mission is to support Neo so that his attack goes smoothly. Instead of challenging Taichi and Zero directly, the goal should be to confuse them and buy time for Neo.
Gabo: So it was all according to her plan!
Taichi: We fell for it...
Mari: Damn.
Mari: You've got me.
Rosemon: Why aren't you dead?
Igamon: Ugh!

Mari: Hehe, dummies.
Mari: Did you forget I'm an alias...?
Mari: Heh!
Mari: Neo is attacking Holy Angemon's frontlines by now.
Mari: Brat!
Zero: Damn it!
Mari: You're a bad dog!
Mari: You need a rope around your neck!

Rosemon: Thorn Whip!
Zero: Ugh!
Zero: Ugh!
Rosemon: I am an Ultimate, after all.
Rosemon: If you can't fly, you're no better than a stupid dog.
Rosemon: Now to finish you off!
Zero: Ugh!

Rosemon: Ahaha, my Rose Whip can tame any Monster.
Rosemon: Soon you'll be my slave...
Taichi: Ugh...
Rei: Zero!
Zero:'s no use...
Zero: Ha!
Igamon: Come back to your senses, Zero.
Zero: Igamon...
Gabo: Oh!
Gabo: The pain brought him back!
Mari: Why you...

Mari: Don't interfere!
Mari: Why won't you die?
Mari: You couldn't even complete your mission, you piece of trash!
Mari: You make me sick!
Mari: I can't believe you interfered!
Mari: You can't even do anything!
Rei: Stop it!
Mari: What, are you gonna interfere, too?
Igamon: Thank you...Rei... It's true I failed in my mission...
Igamon: In the end...I wasn't even any help to Taichi or Zero...
Taichi: Igamon!

Zero: I won't forgive you! I won't forgive you for this!
Rosemon: Huh? You won't forgive me? So what?
Rosemon: You can't break free of these thorns!
Rosemon: And now this electricity will shock you into submission!
Zero: Aaagh!
Taichi: Zero, here's a command!

Zero: I won't let Igamon's actions go to waste.
Zero: Take this!
Rosemon: Heh! Where are you throwing that?
Gabo: Oh!
Rosemon: Looks like Igamon's memento was useless.
Zero: Oooh...
Taichi: Zero!

Mari: Now, what shall I do with my paralyzed Zero?
Rosemon: Oh, I know. I've got a good idea.
Mari: Fly!
Rei: Zero!
Taichi: Zero, open your eyes!
Taichi: What are you doing?
Mari: Wouldn't it be funny...
Mari: If an Aero V-dramon fell to his death?

Mari: Come on, let's dive!
Mari: Kiss the ground and make a red flower!
Gabo: Zero!
Rei: Zero, wake up!
Rosemon: Ahahahaha... It's useless. He won't be able to escape me that easily!

Zero: Or maybe not.
Rosemon: What!?
Rosemon: But... My Thorn Whip's not working...?
Taichi: That's right.
Taichi: He grounded the electrical current.
Mari: Grounded?
Taichi: When he threw the shuriken, it deflected Rosemon's whip.
Mari: But... So that's what that shuriken was for...?
Zero: You said Igamon was no use.
Rosemon: So what?
Zero: Well, you're wrong, Mari! Rosemon!

Zero: V Breath Blade!
Zero: Igamon gave us the power to turn the tables on you!

Taichi: You trod on Igamon's feelings without understanding...
Zero: You're the one who's ugly...
Igamon: Ooh... Oooh...

Neo: I can see it, Arkadimon.
Neo: That's where your prey lies.
Arkadimon: Ki...
Voice: Emergency!
Voice: Emergency!
Voice: Neo's troops have broken through the front line!
Voice: They will arrive at the castle at any moment!

Leo: We're facing troops headed by Arkadimon.
Leo: We're at an overwhelming disadvantage!
Leo: So the Super Ultimate has finally arrived...
Poyomon: Wait, Leo!

Leo: What do you want? You kids get out of here and find a safe place!
Poyomon: We heard from Kentaurmon!
Poyomon: He said there's a strong Monster called Zero on our side.
Poyomon: I know...
Poyomon: Zero will come!
Leo: Am I that unreliable?
Poyomon: N, no, that's not it...
Leo: Zero has his own mission.
Leo: I just have to complete my own mission...!

Taichi: All right, we're going to Holy Angemon's Castle!
Gabo: Good luck, Taichi! Zero!
Gabo: We'll wait here, so just fly as fast as you can!
Igamon: I've dishonoured myself, Taichi. I was unable to fulfill my mission and just made things worse...
Taichi: Don't be silly. It's thank to you that we won.
Taichi: Just leave it to us!
Taichi: We'll manage somehow!

Neo: Hehehe. Soon the commander will make his appearance.

-no text-

Leo: I'll protect the castle!
Leo: That's my mission!
Poyomon: Leo..!
Taichi: Hang in there! Holy Angemon's Castle...!

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