Chapter V-27: Neo's Charge!

Title: Neo's Charge!

Piemon: I'm sorry I lost, Sigma...
Piemon: But why didn't you let me fight til the end?
Sigma: You were with me even when I was alone. You're my partner...

Sigma: Stop!
Sigma: Stop...
Sigma: Don't touch Piemon...
Rei: I guess when you really have something to say, your voice just comes out automatically...
Piemon: Thank you...

Sigma: N, Neo, what's this...?
Neo: Sigma, you should be honored.
Neo: I'm going to show you Arkadimon's power.
Sigma: What do you mean?
Sigma: Y, you can't...?

Neo: Arkadimon is hungry.
Neo: He says he wants to eat an Ultimate.
Piemon: Don't underestimate me.
Piemon: I may be injured, but I won't lose to a Baby Monster!
Piemon: Trump Sword!
Neo: Don't underestimate Arkadimon by thinking he's like any other Monster.

Neo: Amazing, isn't it? Arkadimon gets stronger by sucking the life energy from other Monsters...
Sigma: N, no way...
Piemon: Si...
Piemon: Sigma...
Sigma: P...
Sigma: Piemon...!

Sigma: Piemon!
Neo: Hahaha, look!
Neo: Arkadimon's so happy...

Neo: Wow! He evolved!
Neo: I guess Piemon was quite tasty, Sigma! Hahahaha!
Neo: You lost to Taichi. I have no further use for you.

Neo: Mari, I'll leave stopping Taichi up to you.
Mari: OK.
Mari: But what will you do now, Neo?
Neo: Arkadimon's now in Child stage.
Neo: I'll have to take his training to the next level.
Mari: Next level?
Neo: Yeah.
Neo: In order to give Arkadimon the power he needs, I'm going to feed him the one who stands at the pinnacle of this world.
Hideto: The pinnacle...
Hideto: Of the Digimon World?

Neo: Holy Angemon...
Neo: Come on, you Monsters!
Neo: It's time to attack Holy Angemon's Castle!
Neo: Hahaha!

Taichi: What is it, Rei?
Rei: My pendant...
Taichi: Something's moving inside...
Rei: There was a strange light when you and Sigma were fighting.
Rei: What do you think it was?
Taichi: Hmm...

Zero: It's fashionable. It's way better than your goggles, Taichi.
Taichi: D, dummy! You know my goggles aren't just for show!
Gabo: Hey, hurry up!
Igamon: Taichi!
Igamon: Zeromaru!
Zero: Wh, who is it?
Taichi: An enemy? A second assassin?
Igamon: I'm not an enemy!
Igamon: I'm Igamon. I've been working undercover at Demon's Castle!

Rei:'re an ally?
Igamon: I am a shadow...
Taichi: Haven't we met someone like this before...?
Zero: Wasn't that Starmon?
Taichi: Yeah!
Igamon: Don't compare me to that showoff!
Note: Read chapter 14 in volume 2!
Igamon: I've come with some important news for you.
Taichi: Important news?
Igamon: Neo's Monster, Arkadimon...
Igamon: Has evolved to Child stage!
Igamon: And furthermore, Neo is leading Demon's troops...
Igamon: To attack Holy Angemon's Castle!
Taichi: Wh...!
Taichi: What?

Taichi: Neo...
Taichi: He's finally made his move...
Igamon: I'll to go warn the castle!
Igamon: You have to hurry to Demon's Castle!
Taichi: All right. Thanks, Igamon!
Igamon: Good luck, Taichi!

Taichi: Okay, let's go!
Zero: Yeah!
Zero: Huh...?
Taichi: What is it?
Rei: Wh, what's that?
Taichi: Is it...? No way...
Taichi: Th...
Taichi: That's...

Taichi: That's...

Taichi: Neo's army!

Gabo: With such a huge army...
Gabo: Not even Holy Angemon's Castle will be able to withstand them...
Gabo: What should we do, Taichi?
Taichi: Damn...
Taichi: We've no choice. We'll just have to return to the castle!
Zero: All right!
Taichi: What?

Mari: We won't let you.
Taichi: Rosemon!

Taichi: ...And a human...girl...?
Taichi: Are you the second alias?
Mari: Hohoho, that's right!
Mari: I'm Neo's alias, Gotokuji Mari.
Mari: When Neo becomes the prince of the world, he'll make me his queen.
Mari: Right now I'm in 8th grade...
Mari: And I do this net idol thing.
Mari: But I'm really cute.
Mari: So that's such a waste for me.
Mari: I think "Queen"...
Mari: Suits me pretty well.
Gabo: You're so longwinded!
Gabo: What's up with that?
Taichi: Sorry, but I don't have time for you right now!
Taichi: Let's go, guys!
Mari: Rosemon!

Rosemon: Rose Velvet!
Rei: Kya!
Taichi: Ow, ow, the ground's covered in thorns...
Mari: Ahaha! That's for your rudeness to a woman! Pretty roses have thorns!
Mari: Okay, here I come!
Mari: Huh?

Mari: Waah, Rosemon, there are thorns in the soles of my shoes and I can't move!
Rosemon: Goodness.
Rosemon: Why don't you take off your shoes?
Mari: Oh! Good idea!
Mari: Now I can walk again.
Mari: Kyaa! Ow, ow, ow, ow, that hurts!
Taichi: You hurt my brain!
Mari: Damn it, Rosemon!
Rosemon: Sorry, Mari!
Mari: Hehe, I guess this was a bit of a flop.
Mari: On to the next plan!
Rosemon: Yeah!

Taichi: Ooh! I don't have time for idiots! Let's get rid of her!
Mari: You think you can?
Mari: Really pretty roses are poisonous.
Rosemon: Rosy Cradle!
Zero: What? I smell roses...
Taichi: No! It's a sleeping gas!
Taichi: Crap...

Taichi: Oh shit!
Taichi: I fell asleep!
Taichi: Wh, where's that girl...!

Taichi: Sh, she's sleeping, too!
Mari: Aaah...
Mari: Huh? Where am I?
Taichi: Why don't you just fall asleep forever!
Gabo: Taichi... The time... We don't have time...
Taichi: Sorry, Gabo. I know. I know, but...
Taichi: Man... I hope Igamon's safe...
Taichi: I hope he gets the message to them...
Mari: Huh?
Mari: Is this Igamon?
Taichi: Huh?

Taichi: Igamon!
Igamon: Ooh...
Igamon: Holy Angemon...
Mari: Before you guys got here, I mistook him for you...
Mari: And captured him. Poor guy.
Taichi: This girl... I don't know if she's scheming or just plain dumb...
Taichi: But whichever, I can't underestimate her...!

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