Chapter V-25: Alias I - Sigma

Title: Alias I - Sigma

Neo: Welcome.
Neo: Alias III...
Neo: As I told you in chat, the Super Ultimate, Arkadimon, has evolved.

Neo: Which means we're approaching the perfect creation...
Neo: But there's an evil bug Tamer loose in this world...

Neo: His name is Yagami Taichi!
Neo: This Tamer raised an Aero V-dramon called Zero!
Neo: They're headed towards Demon's Castle in order to put a stop to our plans.
Neo: It's your job to stop him.
Neo: Meanwhile, I'll be raising Arkadimon...
Neo: You'll do it, won't you...?
Sigma: Hehehe, leave it to me.
Sigma: I can take care of them myself...

Sigma: I swear I'll delete that abominable bug with my Monster!
Sigma: So that we can build our new paradise!
Neo: Thanks, Sigma...
Neo: I'm counting on you.

Neo: Just wait, Arkadimon.
Neo: I'll have some delicious food for you soon.
Arkadimon: Gichi...
Arkadimon: Gichigichi...

Zero:Yay! Dinner! Dinner!
Rei: Wow, you had all this in your backpack, Gabo?
Taichi: Everything is data, so it can be compacted.
Taichi: And whatever we don't use...
Taichi: See?
Rei: Wow, that's handy.

Taichi: But hey, are you okay? You seem pretty worn out.
Rei: Yeah... Actually in the human world, I was injured, but...
Rei: After coming here, I'm all better.
Rei: So I'll be all right after a little rest.
Taichi: If you're sure...
Zero: Your pendant is cute.
Rei: It's weird.
Rei: It was next to me when I arrived here...
Rei: Anyway, I'm sorry that you can't fly there, thanks to me.
Zero: Three people is too heavy...
Taichi: Don't worry about it. We were getting attacked so heavily by Demon's troops that it won't take any longer to walk.

Gabo: The truth is, it's a real pain to have her around.
Zero: Gabo!
Zero: That's not true!
Zero: Having a girl like Rei around at a time like this is a calming influence.
Gabo: Don't be fooled by her looks. You don't know what she's thinking behind that smile.
Zero: Stop being so rude, Gabo!
Taichi: Just ignore him. His name's Gabo because he can't stop gabbing.
Gabo: That's not true!
Gabo: It's because of Garbo.
Gabo: Demon's Castle is close.
Gabo: We're going to run into more and more battles with Ultimates like Deathmon.
Gabo: We need to be on guard!
Taichi: You worry too much, Gabo.
Taichi: Zero's evolved, after all.
Zero: With Taichi's and my combination...

Zero: Our win ratio is 100%!
Author's note: It's been a long time.
Gabo: I'm not doubting the power of your combo, but...
Gabo: Quit dancing!
Taichi & Zero: Lala, we're invincible!
Gabo: Let's eat and get going.
Zero: Yeah, yeah, Gabby.
Gabo: Don't call me that!
Zero: Then how about Ranty?
Rei: Heh.

Taichi: Anyway, no matter what enemy appears, we'll take care of them, so don't worry.
Rei: Okay.
Rei: Thanks.
Sigma: Hehehe... You can say whatever you want...
Taichi: What's that?
Zero: Taichi, over there!

Taichi: Piemon!

Taichi: ...And a Tamer?
Taichi: he human...?
Sigma: Hehe, pretty much...
Sigma: My battle name is Sigma...
Rei: A digitized voice...?
Rei: He's typing the words and the voice is coming out of the speaker...
Taichi: You're talking through a computer?
Sigma: I won't let you pass...
Zero: Are you...
Zero: Neo's henchman?
Sigma: I'm not...a henchman!
Sigma: I'm one of his aliases.
Taichi: Aliases?

Sigma: That's right... I'm his alias.
Sigma: I'm his partner, someone who shares the same dream.
Taichi: What?
Sigma: I won't let you interfere with our plans...
Sigma: Come on, Piemon, delete those bugs!
Piemon: Roger!

Zero: I don't think so!
Gabo: You're up against an Ultimate. Be careful.
Taichi: Yeah...
Piemon: Hehehe!
Piemon: Masks Square!
Zero: Huh?

Taichi: Wh, what?
Rei: Kyaa!
Taichi: What is this...?
Sigma: This is my world...

Taichi: What?
Sigma: This is Masks Square, where I can control everything.
Zero: You're crazy...!
Piemon: Your attack won't touch me.
Zero: Huh?

Piemon: Hahahaha...
Zero: That's impossible!
Zero: Not even my speed is enough?
Piemon: I'm over here.
Gabo: H, he's so fast...
Gabo: I, I couldn't even see him...
Taichi: N, no, he's not moving fast...
Gabo: Huh?
Taichi: He's...

Taichi: Warping!
Rei: Huh?
Gabo: W, warping?
Sigma: Hehehe, I told you, didn't I?
Sigma: I can control everything here...
Piemon: Now it's my turn.

Piemon: Trump Sword!
Taichi: Move, Zero! He's above you...!

Zero: Huh?
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: What? Can his swords warp, too?
Sigma: Hehehe, you can't escape from here.
Piemon: One more Trump Sword!

Taichi: Right!
Zero: Ugh!
Rei: Kyaa!
Gabo: The swords are definitely warping to follow him...!
Gabo: What's going on? Are those swords following him like homing missiles...?

Piemon: Hahaha! Dance with my swords!
Taichi: Could it be...?
Zero: Ugh...
Gabo: He dodged it!
Taichi: If I don't give the commands...
Taichi: The swords don't follow him...
Taichi: ...Which means...
Taichi: The swords are hearing my commands and warping...
Gabo: Huh?

Piemon: Hahaha! You can't even attack. Are you going to keep dodging forever?
Piemon: Shall I slice you up bit by bit?
Piemon: Trump Sword!
Taichi: Then...!
Taichi: Uplink!
Screen: Go around to the left and get close to Piemon.

Gabo: I get it! If you send commands with the Device, he can't hear you...
Sigma: Too bad...
Taichi: Wh...
Taichi: What?
Taichi: How...can that be...? Even the commands from the Device...
Zero: Does this mean...
Zero: All of Taichi's commands can be intercepted in here...?
Gabo: No way...

Taichi: Damn it...
Taichi: At this rate, my commands will only hurt Zero...
Taichi: Should I just let Zero fight on his own...?
Gabo: Don't be stupid. Your opponent's an Ultimate!
Gabo: Zero may have become Aero V-dramon, but without your commands, he's no match!
Sigma: See?
Sigma: In this Masks Square, all your commands are mine...
Sigma: There's no way you can win!

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