Chapter V-24: Stranger

Title: Stranger

Caption: Holy Angemon's Castle
Patamon: Emergency! Emergency!
Leomon: What is it? We already know about what happened at the Tree!

Patamon: That's not it...
Patamon: Igamon brought a message from Demon's Castle...
Patamon: "The Super Ultimate is nearly born!"
Leomon: What?
Caption: Demon's Castle

Devimon: There's a surge of energy from the core...!
Devimon: 20,000...
Devimon: 30,000...
Devimon: 50,000...
Devimon: The data's running wild!
Devimon: The device can no longer control it!

Devimon: Wah!
Devimon: Ugh!


Arkadimon: Gigi...gichi gichi gichi...
Demon: Hehehe, so it's finally born... The Super Ultimate who will destroy the world...
Demon: Hahahaha...
Demon: Hahahahaha!
Demon: Hahahahaha!
Neo: Heh... So it's born...

Gabo: Wow, they're attacking pretty hard.
Gabo: Demon's army is...
Zero: I can feel an evil energy...
Zero: It's growing stronger...
Taichi: What on earth is it?
Zero: Take this!

Taichi: Whew...
Taichi: I thought it would be quick flying there, but...
Taichi: It's been such a tough journey, we might as well have walked...
Gabo: Huh?
Gabo: Hey, look, Taichi...
Gabo: Someone's being chased...

Taichi: It's a human!
Gabo: What's a girl doing here...?
Taichi: A, anyway, we've got to save her!
Taichi: Hurry, Zero!
Zero: Okay!

Flymon: Ack!
Flymon: Wah!
Zero: Do you want play with me?
Flymon: Ooh...
Rei: Where on earth am I...?
Rei: What are these monsters...?
Flymon: Y, you're Aero V-dramon.
Rei: Huh? It's scared.
Flymon: I don't care, just die!
Flymon: Deadly Sting!
Zero: Poison needles?

Zero: Too slow!
Fymon: Aieee!
Zero: Whoo!
Taichi: Good job, Zero!
Taichi: Are you all right? It's safe now.

Rei: Are you human?
Rei: Yay! A human! Thank God! You're the first I've seen here!
Taichi: Wah!
Rei: Hey, where is here anyway?
Rei: Huh?
Gabo: Looks like Taichi's broken.
Zero: I guess girls really get to him.

Taichi: This is the Digimon World.
Taichi: It's not like the human world. It's where Digital Monsters live.
Taichi: We're on a journey to defeat an evil Virus Monster called Demon...
Gabo: Zero hasn't changed at all...
Rei: How did I get here?
Taichi: Hmm...
Rei: I have no idea...
Rei: I was looking at my PC at home when suddenly the screen flashed.
Rei: When I woke up, I was lying not far from here...
Gabo: Taichi, could it have been during the battle with Deathmon...?
Taichi: Yeah, the gate to the human world was open, so maybe she got sucked in...

Rei: But...does that mean I can't go home?
Gabo: What should we do, Taichi?
Taichi: For now we'll just have to take her back to town.
Zero: Get on. I'll take you to a safe place.
Rei: No way, I'm too scared to ride on a monster like that!
Caption: Monster.
Taichi: He's not a monster!
Taichi: These are Zero and Gabo. They're Digital Monsters and my friends!
Rei: Digital Monsters...
Rei: Digital or not, a monster is a monster.
Rei: You don't know when it might attack!
Taichi: Don't worry! You saw, didn't you? Zero's a good Monster. In fact, it's more dangerous to be apart from him!
Zero: Hehe...

Rei: No way! His face is scary!
Rei: And the little one looks weak, so I'd still be worried...
Taichi: Anyway, let's go back to town. There's a town called Hospitown nearby...
Rei: No, I don't want to go to a town full of monsters!
Zero: Scary...
Gabo: Weak...
Rei: I'll just have to look for someone else to help me.
Taichi: Wait, it's dangerous to be apart from us!
Taichi: Watch out!
Rei: Huh?

Rei: Kyaaa!
Taichi: See, I told you!
Taichi: Come on, Zero...!
Taichi: How long are you gonna sulk?

Zero: Stop!
Zero: Let her go!
Ookuwamon: So you're Zero... I thought I'd just caught a tasty morsel, but I see I've found something much better...
Ookuwamon: If I defeat you, I'll be greatly rewarded...
Zero: One of Demon's henchmen...
Ookuwamon: If you attack, she dies.
Rei: Kya!
Rei: Aiee...
Rei: I'm gonna die!

Rei: Huh...?
Rei: He's not attacking...
Zero: Don't worry.
Zero: I'll save you.
Gabo: What should we do, Taichi...? Zero's attacks are too strong, even just a punch will hurt her.
Taichi: Don't worry. I've already given him a command.
Taichi: With Zero's speed, he can pull it off.
Taichi: He can save her...
Taichi: Without frightening her!

Ookuwamon: Wh, what was that?
Ookuwamon: What did you do?
Ookuwamon: I...I can't move...!
Zero: It's a poison needle.
Zero: I used one from that Flymon.
Ookuwamon: Agh...
Rei: Kya...!
Taichi: Now, Zero!

Zero: V-Breath Arrow!
Gabo: He did it!
Zero: Are you all right?
Rei: Y...yeah...

Ookuwamon: Enjoy your momentary victory...
Ookuwamon: Lord Neo is alive...
Ookuwamon: And the Super Ultimate has been born!
Zero: What?
Rei: Neo...
Ookuwamon: The world...will

Taichi: I see... Ookuwamon said all that...
Taichi: We've got to hurry!
Zero: Yeah, we've gotta do something before Neo raises the Super Ultimate!
Rei: Please!
Rei: Take me to Demon's Castle!
Taichi: Huh?
Rei: I'm scared to be alone... I'll do whatever I can to help...
Taichi: What's this all of a sudden...?
Gabo: Don't, Taichi. She'll just get in the way.
Rei: I won't!

Gabo: Wow...
Taichi: But you're scared of Monsters.
Taichi: There'll be even scarier ones in Demon's Castle.
Rei: I'll be fine. Zero's here, after all!
Zero: Huh?
Taichi & Gabo: Wha...?
Rei: I realized during that battle...
Rei: That not all Monsters are wild. Some are good...
Rei: So I hope we'll be friends, Zero.
Zero: Y, yeah!
Taichi: Get a grip, Zero.
Taichi: Jeez.
Gabo: You're one to talk...
Taichi: ...We'll, I guess I've no choice. All right.
Taichi: It'd take time to get back to town anyway, so if you insist...

Taichi: I'm Taichi!
Taichi: Nice to meet you!
Rei: I'm Rei. Nice to meet you, too.
Zero: Rei. What a beautiful name.
Gabo: Hey...
Taichi: There's more to this girl than she's letting on...
Demon: The question is whether you're suitable to raise the Super Ultimate.
Demon: Now that you've been defeated once by Taichi...

Neo: It's true that just one bug can destroy a system... But once a bug has been detected, it's possible to easily delete it...
Neo: I'll raise this guy and delete that abominable bug.
Demon: Don't owe me for saving your life.
Demon: By the way, will you be able to evolve him in time? Before they arrive...
Neo: Heh... Just leave it to me. I've already got a plan...
Neo: I've summoned from the human world...
Neo: Three Tamers who control Ultimates...

Neo: Alias III.
Neo: They'll take care of that abominable bug while I raise the Super Ultimate!

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