Chapter V-23: Mighty Wing

Title: Mighty Wing

Neo: I...impossible...
Neo: Aero V-dramon!?

Gabo: Aero V-dramon.
Gabo: A Perfect with the power to hold its own against an Ultimate... But they're so rare as to be legendary...
Gabo: That's the Monster...!
Gabo: The Monster Zero evolved into!
Gabo: Wah! Zero! Taichi!
Taichi: Don't cry, Gabo.
Taichi: Zero's wings will take care of Neo's plots.
Taichi: Come on, Zero!
Taichi: Time for an aerial battle!

Neo: Hmph... We'll see...
Neo: You're still just a Perfect! You're no match for an Ultimate like Deathmon!
Neo: Go, Deathmon!
Zero: Take this!

Neo: What...?
Neo: A punch did that much damage?
Taichi: Amazing, Zero!
Taichi: Your power has really shot up!
Zero: I feel like I'm overflowing with power.
Taichi: Okay, let's show him how much power you have now that you've evolved!

Neo: Damn it!
Neo: Ooh...
Neo: He's so fast...
Taichi: Ultimate's definitely have a high destructive power...
Taichi: But that doesn't mean anything if he can't hit us!

Taichi: Now it's our turn!
Zero: V-Breath Arrow!
Neo: That won't work on us!
Neo: Ugh... Not again...
Gabo: Good job, Zero! Taichi!
Taichi: You'd better throw away your old data.
Taichi: V-Breath Arrow's had a version up, too!
Neo: Ugh...

Neo: Damn it!
Neo: Shoot him down! Shoot him down!
Neo: Ooh... He disappeared...

Neo: Shit!
Neo: He's behind us...
Neo: Damn!

Gabo: Wow... What an amazing amount of energy.
Gabo: Oh!
Gabo: Oh! Routes to the human world...
Gabo: Gates of light are opening one after another!
Neo: I can't believe you didn't attack when you were behind me.
Neo: Your crap Tamer level hasn't evolved at all, Taichi!

Zero: Neo, don't you get it?
Zero: Taichi didn't attack because he didn't want to kill you!
Neo: And I'm telling you that weakness is what makes you guys crap!
Neo: Fire...
Neo: Deathmon...

Gabo: Wah!
Zero: Gabo!
Taichi: We've gotta make it!
Zero: Ugh...
Taichi: Ugh!

Neo: Hahahahaha! Crawling on the ground suits you guys!
Neo: This battle is still in my favor.
Zero: Damn it. You coward.
Zero: I can't believe you'd involve Gabo!
Neo: Now that you're all in one place, I can take you out at once.
Neo: This is Deathmon's most powerful attack...

Deathmon: Explosion Eye!
Gabo: Wah!
Neo: Die!

Taichi: Zero!
Taichi: Your wings!
Zero: Huh?
Taichi: Use your wings to call the wind!
Taichi: Use your wings!
Taichi: To call the Wind Guardian!

Neo: Ahahaha!
Neo: I finally got them...
Neo: I...impossible...
Neo: How could you deflect Deathmon's most powerful attack with a wind shield...?

Taichi: The wind...
Taichi: Is on our side.
Neo: Why...? Why aren't my plans working?
Neo: Why is he breaking my programs...?
Neo: ...A bug...!
Neo: I get it... A bug...
Neo: You're a bug and I can't allow you to be in my program...!
Neo: Whoaaaaaaaa!

Neo: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Taichi: Come on, Gabo!

Taichi: Stop it, Neo!
Taichi: Attack Deathmon, Zero!
Zero: Okay!
Neo: Hmph. Your V-Breath Arrow won't hurt Deathmon!
Taichi: Our attacks...
Taichi: Have evolved, too!
Neo: What...? Light from his wings...?
Taichi: Take this! This is Zero's...
Taichi: New power...!

Zero: V-Wing Blade!

Taichi: We did it!

Taichi: Grab hold, Neo!
Taichi: At this rate, the whole place'll be buried in rubble!
Neo: Taichi... Zero...
Neo: I know you guys are a bug...
Taichi: Huh?
Neo: You're nothing more or less than that...

Taichi: Neo!
Caption: Hospitown

Caption: Jijimon's Hospital
Jijimon: I see. He evolved...
Taichi: Yeah...
Taichi: Zero saved me again. He's one miracle after another...
Jijimon: A Monster raised with love will respond to his Tamer's heart.
Jijimon: Your love...
Jijimon: Is what caused Zero to evolve.

Taichi: Aero V-dramon, huh...?
Taichi: I'm looking forward to working with you, Zero...
Gabo: I'm just glad he didn't evolve into something weird.
Gabo: Like Aero V-sukamon.
Aero V-sukamon: Come on, Taichi, ride on my back!
Gabo: We would have lost.
Taichi: Yeah...
Narration: We got the Sky Tag.
Narration: Now we have all five Tags.
Centaurmon: Now you can enter Demon's castle.
Taichi: Yeah.
Jijimon: Be careful.
Taichi: Thanks, Jijimon...

Taichi: Come on, let's go!
Taichi: To Demon's castle!

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