Chapter V21 Danger! An Ultimate Appears!

Title: Danger! An Ultimate Appears!

Taichi: I've found...your Infinite Jogress's weakness!
Neo: Oh...? Interesting...
Neo: That sort of nonsense is better suited to dreams, so I'll put you to sleep now, Taichi!

Taichi: Attack!
Neo: Partition!
Taichi: You're the one who needs to wake up.
Neo: Hmph!

Zero: There!

Neo: knew where he was going to be...?
Taichi: Yeah.
Taichi: Jogress's weakness is that the two will always fuse right in the middle...
Taichi: And Partition's weakness is that it drains HP!
Taichi: Finish him off! He can't afford to partition anymore!
Zero: Okay, Taichi!

Zero: I won't let you get away.
Zero: Hiya!
Gabo: Oh.
Gabo: The stone's dissolving...
Taichi: That means Cockatrimon's been damaged.
Gabo: Amazing, Taichi! Now that you've broken the Infinite Jogress, you've as good as won!
Taichi: I told you so.
Taichi: A Tamer has to plan his strategies according to the situation.
Taichi: Neo!
Taichi: I won't let the battle go according to your plan!

Neo: Heh...
Neo: Hehehe!
Neo: Ahahahahaha...!
Taichi: What's so funny, Neo?
Neo: I'd hate for you to think my scenario is just a cheap, ordinary one.
Neo: I have multiple scenarios. But they all end with me winning.
Taichi: What?
Neo: Have you forgotten?
Neo: About the Perfect who guards this Tag?

Taichi: Oh...!
Taichi: Jureimon!
Gabo: Oh...
Taichi: Don't worry, Gabo. He's the only one who can fight still... Zero will be fine!
Zero: I thought he was just a tree...
Neo: You think so?
Neo: I've told you before, Taichi...
Taichi: Huh?

Neo: A Tamer thinks two or three steps ahead!
Taichi: What?
Neo: The true terror...
Neo: Isn't over yet!
Neo: Megadramon!
Neo: Jureimon!

Taichi: A...a Perfect and Perfect... C, could it be?
Taichi: Is he going to fuse them, too?
Neo: That's right. This is my ultimate trick!
Neo: Triple fusion...

Taichi: Ugh...
Gabo: Ugh...
Zero: much energy...
Neo: Come on!
Neo: Ultimate!

Neo: Deathmon!

Taichi: Th...this is an Ultimate...?
Neo: Hahaha! You've never seen anything like this.
Neo: Far above even the Perfect the pinnacle of evolution...
Neo: That's an Ultimate!

Zero: V-Breath Arrow!
Zero: Ugh...
Neo: It's useless. You might as well be babies.
Neo: But I'll reward you for making it this far.
Neo: Taste the power of an Ultimate!

Deathmon: Death Arrow!
Taichi: Watch out!

-no text-

Zero: Ugh...
Taichi: Are you all right, Zero?
Taichi: Zero!
Neo: Looks like V-dramon's defense saved his life.
Neo: Are you happy, Taichi? With your reward from an Ultimate?
Taichi: Damn it...

Taichi: Oh! There's a time-space warp in the ruins!
Neo: Looks like it's opened a path to the human world...
Taichi: What?
Gabo: An Ultimate's power is enough to cause a warp in time-space...
Neo: Do you want to go home, Taichi...?
Neo: But you can't go home!
Neo: You're going to die here and your data will be scattered!

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