Chapter V-20: Battle on the Tree

Title: Battle on the Tree

Neo: This is the final Tag, Taichi...
Neo: But you'll never get it.
Neo: Because you're going to lose pitifully here...

Taichi: Neo...why? Why are you working with Demon...?
Taichi: He's trying to take over this world!
Neo: Hehe! I know...
Neo: And I know he's planning an invasion of the human world once he's finished here...!
Taichi and Zero: What?
Taichi: If you know that much, then why...?
Taichi: Have you really sold your soul to Demon?
Neo: Heh! I haven't sold my soul.
Neo: Demon can't stand in the way of my plans... Hehehe!

Neo: But first...
Neo: I must destroy the Tamer who ruined my perfect record.
Neo: That's you, Taichi!
Gabo: What are you talking about, you snob...!
Cockatrimon: Petrifier!
Gabo: Ugh!

Taichi: Oh!
Taichi: Gabo turned to stone...
Gabo: Ooh...
Neo: We don't need him interfering in our fight.
Neo: He'll just have to be part of the gallery.
Taichi: Why you...
Neo: Hehe! Don't get angry, or your luck won't hold.
Neo: There's no way you can win under these conditions.
Taichi: Yes, there is!

Taichi: Attack!
Neo: Heh... Trying to get in an attack before I Jogress, eh?
Neo: You think you're so smart, Taichi?

Taichi: Hehe! So you Jogressed, huh?
Taichi: Can't fuse, if one of them gets destroyed, after all!
Taichi: But Zero's not damaged yet!
Taichi: Your Monster may be an Ultimate, but with Zero at 100%, they're an even match!
Neo: You think so?
Taichi: What?

Neo: Jogress Fusion!
Neo: Megadramon!
Gabo: Oh no, it's a flying Monster! Zero's attacks won't reach him...!
Zero: Damn it!

Megadramon: Genocide Attack!
Neo: Hehehe! You can't do a thing, and if you fall, you'll die!
Neo: This is what's called tactics!
Taichi: It's true V-Breath Arrow won't reach him that far up, but...

Taichi: Uplink!
Zero: Whoa!

Neo: You have nowhere to run!
Taichi: Oh!
Taichi: Zero!

Neo: Get him, Megadramon!
Taichi: Hehe... I knew it. He used up so much power with all those Genocide Attacks, that now he's got to come closer to atack.
Gabo: Huh?
Zero: Good thinking, Taichi!
Gabo: You just pretended to be down!
Taichi: This plan's called...
Taichi: "Gotcha"!

Zero: Gotcha!
Zero: All right, I won't let you go now.
Zero: I'm gonna finish you off in one go!
Zero: Hiya!
Gabo: He did it!
Gabo: Did you see that, Neo? Your plans won't work after all!
Neo: Hehe... Don't make me laugh.
Neo: You think I didn't give any thought to the possibility of a close-quarters battle?
Taichi: Huh?
Neo: I'll give you credit for getting this far! But it's all been going according to plan!
Neo: Now I'll show you true fear!

Zero: Huh?
Zero: Wha-?

Neo: And one more time, Jogress!
Gabo: Ugh!
Taichi: way.
Taichi: Ooh...
Taichi: He's back to full power...
Zero: Damn it!

Neo: Partition!
Neo: And Jogress!
Zero: Wah!

Neo: Hehehe, how's that, Taichi?
Neo: This is my secret split/fusion infinite loop attack.
Neo: Infinite Jogress!
Taichi: Infinite Jogress...!
Neo: A Tamer has to think...
Neo: Two or three steps ahead!
Zero: Damn it!
Gabo: No way... Continuing to split and fuse to regain HP...
Gabo: Is the perfect tactic!
Taichi: ...No... There's nothing perfect. There has to be a weakness somewhere...

Neo: Game over!
Taichi: You think so?
Neo: What?
Taichi: Neo! If it's a Tamer's job to think ahead...
Taichi: It's also a Tamer's job to come up with new strategies during battle!
Taichi: I'll break your Infinite Jogress!

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