Chapter V-2: Reversal Combination

Taichi: My name is Yagami Taichi. I was trapped in the Digimon World so, along with Zeromaru and Gabo, I headed for Holy Angel Castle, my only clue as to how I might get home...
Zero: Well...we don't have any guarantee that you'll be able to get home.
Taichi: Ugh, don't say such things, Zero! You mean, I'd have to stay here and take care of you my whole life?
Zero: Hey, what do you mean by that? I'm not going to let you ride anymore!
Taichi: Don't be so mean!
Gabo: Now, now, this is no time for fighting. They act like they haven't got a care in the world. I can just about see the castle...
Taichi: This is...Holy Angel Castle...

Title: Reversal Combination

Zero: Wow, this place is cool.
Gabo: Well, this is as far as I can guide you, just try your best to find your way around.
Taichi: How can you be so cold, Gabo? Take us to the guy in charge of this castle.
Gabo: Don't be stupid. I can't do that, I'm just a lowly servant!
Agumon: *yelling*
Gabo: These monsters are training for battle.
Zero: Wow, how cool!
Agumon: *yelling*

Taichi: I remember when you were like that.
Zero: How embarrassing.
Leo: Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Taichi: Who does he think he is...? He's acting like a slave driver or something.
Gabo: Fool! Shh! That's Leo, the Combat Officer.
Taichi: Is he important?
Gabo: I'd say so.

Taichi: Then he might know something. Let's go ask.
Gabo: Stop it, he's scary! Don't do this!
Leo: Hey you! Stop slacking off!
Taichi: Stop it!
Gabo: H...he...
Leo: Hi!'re a human...

Gabo: I'm sorry, Leo! They were looking for the castle and came with me.
Leo: Hmph, a tamer and his monster, huh. Don't interfere with our training.
Taichi: Just being hard on them isn't going to get you anywhere. You're frightening all the other monsters.
Zero: That's right.
Leo: Don't make me laugh. The most important thing. Is to give your monsters hard training so they'll be able to win in battle. You probably coddled yours, that's why he grew into that good for nothing monster. He's no better than a puppy.
Zero: Who're you calling a puppy? I'm Lord Zero the V-dramon!
Taichi: That's right. And our record is 100% wins. Strong!

Leo: Hahaha! Don't overestimate yourself, brat! I don't believe in teaming up with humans. Waiting for each command takes too long and can be fatal! Do you think you can even beat a monster I trained myself?
Taichi: Kuwagamon, huh...

Zero: Hmph! I won't lose!
Taichi: Huh!
Zero: Wah! H...he's too fast...!!
Leomon: Hahaha! How long can you match this Kuwagamon's speed?

Zero: Ow!
Taichi: Darn it. Above you! Get down, Zero! Right! Behind you! He's to your left! Counter!
Leo: Hahaha, you're too slow.
Gabo: It's no use! If you keep up this speed there's no way you can deal with the attacks coming from every which way. What're you going to do, Taichi?

Leo: You look pretty worn out! Finish him, Scissor Arms!
Gabo: Oh no, it's his special attack... Get outta the way!
Taichi: Don't move Zero!
Zero: Got it!
Gabo: What? What?

Gabo: That are you two thinking? Now he can't even move! Now he's wide open for another Scissor Arms!
Zero: Ugh! Aah! It's no use!
Taichi: Yeah right!
Gabo: What?
Taichi: He's perfectly aligned! Go Zero!
Leo: Wha! It can't be!

Zero: V Breath Arrow!
Taichi: You did it! Sorry Zero. My plan was a little messy.
Zero: No problem. I'm strong!
Agumon: Wow, cool! Wow!
Leo: He planned that. He took Kuwagamon's attack full on in order to bury himself in the wall...
Gabo: No way...

Leo: These guys just might be for real. They understood each other's plans in just a split second. After all, he called them here. But...
Taichi: He!
Voice: Welcome to Holy Angel Castle...
Taichi: That voice...
Voice: Young man. I will tell you the reason you for your coming to this world.

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