Chapter V-18: Future Possibilities!

Title: Future Possibilities!

Centaurmon: Hey!
Sign: Hospitown
Centaurmon: We're Hospitown's guards!
Centaurmon: Tresspassers aren't allowed in without permission!

Taichi:, we're not anyone suspicious. We just want to pass through...
Taichi: Damn, and I really wanted to take a break for a bit...
Centaurmon: Hmph!
Centaurmon: Oh! You guys!
Gabo: Hey, I don't want trouble...
Centaurmon: Long time no see, Taichi, Zero!
Zero: Huh?
Taichi: Wha?
Taichi: What's going on?

Centaurmon: We're the Agumon who were at Holy Angemon's castle!
Taichi: What? You guys are those Agumon?
Centaurmon: Yes. We're indebted to you...
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Zero: So you evolved! You've really grown up. I never would have recognized you!
Centaurmon: As soon as we evolve...
Centaurmon: We're sent out to various towns to protect them from Demon's army.
Taichi: How's Leo? Is he still griping all the time?
Centaurmon: He continued to train us warmly but strictly.

Centaurmon: And Leo evolved, too. He's now Panjamon.
Taichi: Wow...
Taichi: He evolved, huh...?
Centaurmon: You guys are still the same as always.
Taichi: Ahaha, yeah...
Gabo: Zero hasn't grown at all.
Zero: What're you talking about? Neither have you, Gabo!
Gabo: Ow, ow.
Centaurmon: Yeah, but that form suits Zero best.
Taichi: Yeah... What if Zero ended up like this...?
Nanimon: Wait up, Taichi!
Sukamon: Taichi.
Taichi: And Gabo was like this...

Taichi: Waah, I don't want that to happen!
Centaurmon: Wh, what's the matter, Taichi...?
Taichi: Shall we ask about your evolution while we're at the hospital?
Taichi: Maybe I haven't been raising you right.
Centaurmon: Hospital?
Taichi: The truth is, there's still some damage from our last battle...
Taichi: Zero's not doing too well.
Centaurmon: I see. Then I'll introduce you to a good doctor!
Caption: Dr. Jijimon's Digimon Hospital

Centaurmon: But if Zero hasn't recovered from the damage, that must mean he had a pretty hard battle...
Greymon: We're Adults now, just like Zero...
Greymon: The three of us together might be stronger than him... If it comes down to it, we can beat Demon ourselves!
Meramon: Don't be stupid!
Meramon: There's no way we're stronger than Zero...
Jijimon: Hmm, this is a lot of damage. You must have really overdone it in your last battle.

Jijimon: But I see you've done the appropriate emergency treatments.
Jijimon: You're a pretty good Tamer.
Taichi: Thanks...
Gabo: There sure are a lot of injured Monsters at this hospital.
Jijimon: Demon's army has been really active in this area lately.
Taichi: Huh?
Jijimon: Our troops have been retaliating as best they can, but the casualties keep piling up...
Taichi: What's that?
Jijimon: Have Demon's troops attacked the town?

Taichi: What is it, Centaurmon?
Centaurmon: The enemy! Cyclomon and Tuskmon...
Centaurmon: Don't worry, Taichi! We'll protect the town.
Gabo: Good luck! Zero is still recovering!

Tuskmon: Horn Driver!
Taichi: Wow, they're all three attacking as one!
Gabo: Good job!

Cyclomon: Grawr!
Cyclomon: Strength Arm!
Centaurmon: Oof...
Meramon: Whoops!
Greymon: Ugh!
Gabo: Oh... His arms shoot out like whips, so they can't get close...

Cyclomon: I'll kill you!
Greymon: Ooh...
Meramon: He's so strong...
Greymon: Damn it!
Taichi: Hey! Don't break your formation!
Cyclomon: One down!
Cyclomon: Now to finish him!
Greymon: Aiee!
Centaurmon: G, Greymon!

Zero: Don't close your eyes during a battle.
Taichi: Zero!
Zero: I'm all healed and at full power.

Cyclomon: Zero?
Zero: You sure are bloodthirsty...
Cyclomon: Heh... The human in command of Demon's army...
Cyclomon: Is much stricter than Etemonkey.
Zero: You mean Neo...?
Centaurmon: Neo...?
Gabo: A human chosen by Demon to train his Super Ultimate Monster. He considers Taichi his enemy...
Gabo: He mercilessly deletes Monsters when they're no longer any use to him. It's inhuman.
Cyclomon: If I don't kill you, I'll be killed...

Cyclomon: Die!
Cyclomon: Strength Arm!
Zero: Did you eat a Gum-Gum Fruit?*
Taichi: Zero, don't destroy the town.
Zero: I won't!
*A reference to the manga One Piece

Zero: V-Breath Arrow!
Taichi: Yes!

Greymon: H, he's strong... We're not even in the same league...
Centaurmon: Looks like even though we're all Adults, he's been in more battles than us.
Gabo: Yeah...
Taichi and Zero: Yahoo! Yahoo! Victory dance!
Jijimon: Taichi, about Zero...
Jijimon: He wants his relationship with you to stay the same, so his heart has put a brake on the evolution process...Taichi: What?
Jijimon: He likes you.
Jijimon: You haven't raised him wrong.
Jijimon: Don't worry. When the time comes, Zero will evolve...
Taichi: When the time comes...?
Jijimon: I don't know...
Jijimon: What the circumstances behind it will be, though...

Centaurmon: I wonder what kind of amazing Monster Zero will evolve into.
Jijimon: Yeah...
Jijimon: Even in times like this, I find myself looking forward to what the future will bring.
Narration: What kind of Monster...?
Taichi: What if he's like this...?
Majidenanimon: Taichi.
Caption: An unknown Monster, Majidenanimon.*
Taichi: Noooo!
*Maji de means seriously, so Majidenanimon = "Seriously, what is it?"

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