Chapter V-17: Anger Overload!!

Title: Chapter V-17: Anger Overload!!

Zero: Can you scan my anger...You, who can't even understand a monster's feelings!?
Neo: I can. I told you, you're naked to me. I'll add Zero's "angry data" to his basic data. An average increase of 25%, huh...
Screen: Angry Data +25% Up

Neo: I'd say about one minute.
Taichi: You think you're gonna defeat Zero in one minute!? You've gotta be joking! You think everything'll go according to your figures!?
Neo: Hahaha...
Taichi: What are you plotting, Neo...? Zero!! Don't get too hot-headed. Be careful!!
Zero: Leave it to me!! I can't forgive him!!
Taichi: ...Zero... Yeah... I understand.
Zero: Thanks, Taichi!!

Zero: These guys are nothing more than puppets, they can't defeat me!! What's the matter? Metal Greymon was stronger than this!!
Gabo: He's winning!! Don't worry, Taichi!! No one's a match for an angry Zero!!
Taichi: Yeah.
Gabo: But I wonder why Neo's fighting you? I mean, if he doesn't want you to interfere with his raising the Super Ultimate Digimon, then wouldn't it make sense for him to just get the Tags first and hide them?
Taichi: ...You're right.

Zero: It's almost been a minute!! It looks like I beat them in a minute instead, huh?
Neo: Hahaha...This is fine.
Zero: Huh!?
Neo: It's just as I planned. Nothing more, nothing less.
Taichi: Wh...what!?

Neo: Jogress Evolution, Skull Satamon!!
Zero: Th...the monsters fused!!
Neo: Hahaha, this is Jogress. It's a system where you fuse two Adults together to make a Perfect!!
Taichi: Ugh, their HP's recovered...
Gabo: What!?
Taichi: I see!! So this whole battle... Was just to wear Zero down...!!

Taichi: Oh no, Zero!! Run...
Skull Satamon: Too late!!
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: Oh, Zero!!
Zero: Oooh...!!
Neo: Hmph. You're too slow, both to run away and to realize what's going on. It's enough to make a 100% Tamer sick. I haven't forgotten!! That humiliation!!
Taichi: What!?

Neo: After I'd won yet another D-1 Grand Prix...
Taichi: Champion!! My name's Yagami Taichi!! I entered the D-1, too, but they said my monster wasn't programmed in or something, so I couldn't play. So would you battle me, just once? I want to see how strong the champion is...
Neo: Hmph...
Taichi: The truth is, I'm a 100% Tamer... Who's never lost...
Neo: What!? No problem...You weren't a challenge after all...
Taichi: B...But...

Taichi: Huh...? But it looks like I won...
Neo: What!?
Taichi: They both won!!
Boy 1: So is it a tie, then...?
Boy 2: There's no such thing with Digimon.
Boy 3: Well, it's Taichi's Digimon after all...
Taichi: This is the first time this's ever happened to me either!!
Neo: I...impossible...I won't accept it...I won't accept it...Even if it's the program's mistake. I won't accept that I tied with some trash Tamer who couldn't even make it into the competition!! So we'll settle it once and for all here, Taichi!! Then you'll know who's really the strongest Tamer!!

Neo: Kill him, Skull Satamon!!
Zero: Argh!
Taichi: Oh, stop it!!
Zero: Ooh...
Neo: It's no use struggling. I can tell you're at your limit. You should curse your own worthless master. I would have been able to use him better, Taichi...I would have trained him more harshly. So that he wouldn't let his anger cloud his vision.
Taichi: What!?

Neo: I wouldn't have a battle where an angry monster falls right into the enemy's trap!! If you put too much emphasis on rash emotions, your tactics will suffer!! Taichi, you're nothing more than a third rate trash Tamer!!
Taichi: Ooh...
Neo: Now finish him, Skull Satamon!! What?
Zero: ...don't make fun...

Zero: Don't make fun...of Taichi...
Taichi: Zero...!!
Neo: Huh, that's a surprise. You still mean to protect Taichi? But these conditions are everything!! Nothing more, nothing less!! You're a trash monster. And Taichi...Is a third rate trash Tamer!!

Zero: ...Don't...Make fun...Of Taichi...
Neo: What!?

Neo: way..No way...he overcame his maximum power!? What's going on!?
Zero: These conditions are everything!!

Zero: Taichi is the best Tamer, one who understands my feelings!!
Taichi: Zero...

Neo: ...No way... Not just once, but twice...He's ruined my plans...Wh...who on Earth is he...?
Gabo: on Earth...?
Zero: Hehe.
Taichi: Z...Zero!!

Zero: Man, all this getting angry's made me hungry, Taichi...
Taichi: Zero...This is...The Metal Empire Tag!!
Neo: Taichi, we'll finish this later.For now here's the Tag.
Taichi: Neo...
Neo: But next time...!! On the next stage, I'll expose all your data!! I'll be waiting at the Tree. Prepare yourself.
Taichi: The Tree...

Taichi: I got the Metal Empire Tag!!
Gabo: Saiba Neo... He's going to be a lot of trouble, Taichi...
Taichi: But there's only one Tag left!! We can't avoid this path...
Zero: Let's show him who's the best Tamer, Taichi!!
Taichi: And who's the best monster!! OK, on to the Tree!! Just wait, Neo!!

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