Title: Chapter V-16: Tamer Battle!

Neo: Long time no see, eh Taichi. I've come to the Digimon World, too.
Taichi: N...Neo...
Gabo: Taichi, who's he..?
Taichi: Saiba Neo. The D-1 champion, he's never lost...

Taichi: No one could beat him... He's the strongest Tamer...!!
Zero: So why's he here...?
Taichi: I bet he's here to help us!! That's it, right Neo? You're gonna fight with us!?
Neo: Haha...fight...? Yeah, that's right. But the one I'll fight... Is you, Taichi!!
Taichi: What!?

Metal Greymon: Roar!
Zero: Metal Greymon!!
Gabo: Th...this is the Perfect who's guarding this Tag...
Taichi: Wh...what's going on, Neo!?
Neo: You should be happy for me, Taichi. I've been given the chance to raise a Super Ultimate Digimon.
Taichi: What!?
Neo: It's the highest honour as a Tamer. I'll get to raise the strongest monster, one no one's ever seen before.
Taichi: You've gotta be joking!! You know what that'll do to this world...!!

Neo: So?
Taichi: What!?
Neo: The incompetent weaklings will be destroyed and a new order will arise, that's all.
Taichi: What!? I'll make you open your eyes. Come down here!! I'll beat the sense into you!!
Neo: Calm down. You've still gotta fight this guy for the Tag, right? I think he'll give you an interesting battle...
Metal Greymon: Grrr... Just watch me, Neo...

Metal Greymon: I'll show you I'm not the same as I was back then!!
Taichi: Back then?
Zero: Tachi, outta the way!!
Taichi: Huh...? Get on his right side, Zero!! Use a Magnum Punch on his open flank.
Zero: OK!!

Neo: Hmph... They fell for it, Metal Greymon. Twist your body and attack with your tail!!
Taichi: Oh!
Neo: Keep up the punches!! Haha, I'll scan all his data... And all his weaknesses will be laid bare before me!!

Taichi: Fall back and regroup, Zero!!
Zero: Ugh...
Metal Greymon: I won't let you escape!!
Gabo: H...he's fast...
Zero: Ugh!!
Metal Greymon: Wahaha, I can win!! I can win, Neo!!
Gabo: O...oh...with Tamers behind both of them... Is there no way you can make up for the difference between Perfect and Adult...!?

Taichi: That's not all... There's something else about this Metal Greymon...!!
Metal Greymon: Haha, I won't lose!! I'm not "trash" any more.
Taichi: Trash...?
Metal Greymon: I was once...A Greymon that Neo threw away. Neo tried to raise me to be strong. But my win ratio never rose...
Neo: Hmph... What a weak monster. Trash!!
Metal Greymon: Neo deleted me...But my remaining data...Roamed about on the computer network and took form in this world!! Then I thought to myself, "If only I'd been stronger, Neo wouldn't have thrown me away!! So I gave myself this metal body!!

Metal Greymon: Fate didn't desert me. I was reunited with Neo here and allowed to fight with him once more!!
Taichi: Metal...Greymon... You'd do that for Neo...?
Metal Greymon: That's why I won't lose!! No, there's no way I can lose!!
Zero: Ugh...d...darn it...
Neo: OK, finished scanning his defenses. Now for his offenses...

Zero: Darn it!!
Neo: Don't block him, Metal Greymon.
Metal Greymon: What!? Ugh!
Gabo: Yes!!
Metal Greymon: Hmph...this level punch is nothing...
Taichi: What...? It looked like he purposely took the punch...?

Metal Greymon: Neo...
Neo: What is it...? Keep taking his attacks, Metal Greymon. So I can finish scanning V-dramon's data... You can do it, can't you? You want to be of use to me, don't you Metal Greymon?
Gabo: Go, Zero!! The enemy's wide open!!
Zero: Right!

Metal Greymon: Ugh...It's all right... I'm stronger now...If this helps Neo, it doesn't bother me at all...I don't want to be thrown away again!! I don't want to go back to being "trash"!!

Zero: V Breath Arrow!!
Metal Greymon: Aagh!! N...Neo...!!
Taichi: Stop, Zero!! It's over, Metal Greymon. There's no need to continue. If you get your wounds taken care of now, your life won't be in danger.
Zero: Give up...
Metal Greymon: Ugh...It's not over...yet...I can still fight...

Metal Greymon: Neo, I can still fight!!
Neo: 98% scanned, huh... Not bad for you...Neo... But...You haven't any reserves left to draw out the remaining data...You're nothing more than "metal trash" now...
Metalgreymon: What!? N...Neo!?

Neo: In other words, I'm through with you!! Delete!!
Metal Greymon: But...Neo...

Taichi: Neo, you bastard
Neo: He served his purpose and I deleted him. There are plenty of others to take his place. That's all he was good for, anyway. You have a problem with that?
Gabo: His...Purpose...?
Neo: I've scanned almost all of V-dramon's data.
Taichi: So then you were making him take Zero's hits on purpose.
Neo: Exactly. He was nothing more than an item. A means to lay you bare before me.
Gabo: Two Digivices...!?

Neo: The real game...Is just beginning...!!
Zero: I won't let you get away with this, Neo... He...he made himself metal just so he could fight for you...If you can scan my anger, then do so!!

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