Chapter V-15: Another Tamer

Title: Another Tamer

Demon: You've messed up again, Etemonkey...
Etemonkey: Well...Those guys get stronger after every battle... So it keeps throwing off my plans, haha...
Demon: You're not playing with them on purpose, are you?
Etemonkey: Huh!?

Etemonkey: Wah!! What are you doing, Lord Demon!?
Demon: Don't take me for a fool, Etemonkey. I'll make you pay for your mistakes with your life.

Etemonkey: Hmph! Do you think there's a monster who can defeat me, the second in command of the Demon Army!? Dark Spirits!!
Ogremon & Devimon: Argh!
Etemonkey: How about it, Lord Demon? I think you'll be the one who'd be in trouble without me!!

Demon: Hahaha, you frivolous monkey. Do you think I don't know what you're thinking?
Etemonkey: What!?
Demon: I have no more use for you.
Etemonkey: What did you say?
Neo: Type: Puppet Digimon. Special attacks are Love Serenade and Dark Spirits. Weight: 20 gigas.Virus. Ultimate. Average lifespan is 105 hours...That's Etemon...
Etemonkey: Wh...what!?

Neo: Nothing more, nothing less!!
Etemonkey: A...a human!?
Demon: Hahaha, after seeing him battle, I understood. A Tamer enables a monster to use its fullest potential... That's why I called him. A Tamer to raise this Super Ultimate and make it into the ultimate monster!!
Etemonkey: B...but...

Neo: Come on!! I'll play with you...
Etemonkey: 2 Digivices!? So you think you can handle two? This should be interesting!! But no matter how many weaklings you throw at me, I guarantee you'll never win!!
Neo: Hahaha!

Etemonkey: Wh...what!?

Skull Satamon: Skull Satamon!! Nail Bone!!
Etemonkey: Ugh! Cough, cough...
Neo: Hmph! Finish him.
Etemonkey: W...wait a minute!!

Etemonkey: Ha...ha...Humans are quite impressive... That's just what Taichi's like, too. Humans can come up with things beyond reckoning. Amazing. I must say it was fun to watch their battles... The truth is, the reason I agreed to help Demon was so that I might get a chance to go to the human world... Just once I would have liked to play with human children. I don't have the least inclination to fight with humans...But Demon is different!! Once he has control of the Digimon World... He plans to invade the human world!!

Etemonkey: He plans to take over your world!!
Neo: So?
Etemonkey: Huh?
Neo: Is that the end of your idle chatter...?
Etemonkey: Huh? I...I'm serious. Demon really means to use monsters to bring the human world under his control...
Neo: And I said so what?
Etemonkey: B...but...
Neo: It doesn't matter whether what you say is true or not...

Neo: There are only two truths...The fact that I am the Tamer chosen to raise this Super Ultimate Digimon who will soon be born... And that you... Are finished here!!
Etemonkey: Gyaaah!

Etemonkey: Ugh... A...are you really a human...?
Neo: Hmph! I... Aim to be more than human!!

Taichi: This is where the 4th Tag's supposed to be.
Zero: ...Metal...fa...fakushon?
(NOTE: hakushon is the sound of a sneeze in Japanese)
Taichi: What is it, a sneeze? It's Metal Factor!!
Gabo: Metal FACTORY. A factory made of metal!!
Taichi: Digivice 01... Cancel the code for the electronic lock. It opened...

Taichi: Wh... What's this...?
Gabo: This is a monster remodelling factory. They say it was built so that Digimon who wanted to be more powerful could remodel themselves. Lord Holy Angemon tried to close it down, but Demon's opened it again for his own evil purposes...
Taichi: He couldn't mean to remodel his soldiers...?
Gabo: So it seems...
Taichi: But...
Guardromon: Trespassers detected!!

Guardromon: No one is allowed except Demon's army!!
Taichi: That's your cue, Zero!!
Zero: Right, Taichi. I'll leave the plan to you!!
Taichi: Let's see, this monster's got heavy armor, so... I'll uplink the battle against Triceramon!!
Zero: I get it!!

Zero: If the outside's no use, pinpoint the inside!! V Breath Arrow!!
Taichi: Yes!!
Zero: Hehe, that was easy!! Where's the Perfect? Hand over the Tag!!
Neo: Type: Phantom Dragon Digimon. Special attack: V Breath Arrow. Weight: 25 gigas.
Vaccine. Champion...

Neo: That's V-dramon. Nothing more, nothing less.
Zero: Wh, who's he!?
Neo: Haha, long time no see, Taichi...
Taichi: Saiba Neo!!

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