Chapter V-14: Hot Contest!! Star Battle!!

: Hot Contest!! Star Battle!!
Taichi: "The city where stars live. Star City"?
Zero: I'm hungry, let's go take a look.
Taichi: Haha, he thinks he's so cool...
Starmon: Hey!!

Starmon: What're you doing to my poster!?
Taichi: Oh...sorry. You're the mayor...?
Starmon: I'm Starmon!! Hmph, this town is still small, but...I'll make it big with my "star power"!!
Digimon: Wow! Wow! Can we shake your hand!?
Starmon: See? I'm always popular.
Digimon: Wow! Wow! Can we shake your hand!? Wow! Wow!
Starmon: Wh...what? Why're they more popular than me? Huh!?: A human and puppy monster couldn't be...

Starmon: The ones who've defeated Demon's underlings that everyone's talking about...
Taichi: Wow, when'd we get so famous...? That's right. We're the 100% combo...
Taichi & Zero: Zero & Taichi!!
Digimon: Wow! Wow! Cool!
Starmon: mortifying... Ooh, there's no room for two stars in this world!!

Starman: I'll wager the title of true star.. If you battle with me, Starman, and Star Jr.!!
Taichi: Huh... All right, we'll take you up on it!!
Zero: Yeah!!
Gabo: Hey, hey. You shouldn't be wasting time on this battle.
Taichi: Don't worry, I'll just play with them for a while. Besides, I have a new battle plan wanna try out.
Gabo: Huh?

Taichi: I have this notebook where I've kept records of all our battles, right? When I scan this with the Digivice 01... The whole pages are input as data!!
Screen: Greymon. Strong armor on head. Powerful. His back is his weak spot.
Taichi: I've already scanned all the pages, so during the battle.. I can just instantly uplink the battle data for individual monsters to Zero!!
Gabo: Oh, I see!!
Zero: What do you mean?
Gabo: Zero...
Taichi: Well, we'll just have to try it in a real fight. "Don't just learn, become", right?

Starmon: Welcome to Star Coliseum!!
Taichi: What do you mean coliseum? It's just a square.
Starmon: Shut up, it'll get bigger!!
Zero: You sound hopeful. So...what's our first battle? Physical? Underwater?
Starmon: The first battle is...Singing!!
Zero: ...Singing?
Starmon: First off, a star has to be able to rock the hearts of the people. Go, Gekomon!!
Gekomon: Gekogekogegege!
Taichi: Good grief, so that's all this battle is...?
Gekomon: Gekogekogeko...

Zero: Sigh... What a good song.
Taichi: He's getting into it!! Hey, wake up!! I'll uplink the info from the battle with Tonosama Gekomon!! Use sound against sound!!
Zero: Huh!?
Gabo: I get it, you gave him the info instantly. That's handy.
Taichi: Isn't it?
Zero: P...poop...
Taichi: Huh!?
Gabo: What!? What's going on? Oh There's a drawing of poop on Tonosama Gekomon's page!!
Taichi: Huh?

Taichi: What on Earth!? My doodles were uplinked, too!?
Gabo: Idiot!!
Gekomon: Now it's your turn, ribbit.
Zero: After an endless dream...
Gekomon: Woah, vibratto!!
Starmon: What a wonderful voice!!
Gekomon: You win, ribbit!!
Taichi: Hahaha, we won...
Zero: Bathroom, bathroom.
Starmon: Ooh, I'd expect nothing less from the 100% combo.Taichi: Well, you know!

Starmon: But a star needs manly power, too!! The second battle is arm wrestling. Go, Tyranomon!!
Tyranomon: Roar!!
Taichi: Then this time I'll use the data from Triceramon's battle!!
Gabo: Hmm. Concentrate all your power in the arms.
Zero: Teehee.
Gabo: What!?
Zero: But this is what Taichi commanded.
Taichi: This...!!

Taichi: This was uplinked, too!!
Gabo: What!? Not again!!
Tyranomon: Are you making fun of me!?
Starmon: Oh, Tyranomon's at full power!!
Gabo: He got *too* angry and used up all his power...
Taichi: My condolences.
Starmon: No way!!

Starmon: Darn it! I'll be your last opponent!! A star must sometimes have the speed needed to avoid the paparazzi. Can you touch me within 3 minutes!?
Taichi: Then we'll use the data from the battle with Marine Angemon...
Gabo: Will it be OK this time?
Zero: All right everyone, over here!! I'll give you my autograph!!
Digimon: Yay!!
Gabo: what!?

Taichi: This is it...I was practicing my signature for Gon...
Gabo: You know...!!
Starmon: Ooh...!! Hey, you!! What do you mean by ignoring a star to give autographs!? I'll give you all my autograph!!
Zero: Touch.
Starmon: Nooo, I've lost!!
Zero: Well, I won them all somehow.
Digimon: Yay! Yay! Wow! Yay! Cool! Zero, you're so strong!
Taichi: I'll just erase the doodles later...
Gabo: Maybe you should leave them as is? What's done is done...

Starmon: I'll admit my defeat, Zero and Taichi... I'll give the title of star to you...
Taichi: We don't really want it, but thanks...
Starmon: But you've got to come back to this town again!!
Taichi: Huh?
Starmon: Come whenever!! Come as much as you like!! You've got to come again!!
Taichi: Starmon... I can't believe he gave us such a heartfelt invitation...
Starmon's a nice guy after all.
Zero: Yeah, let's come again!!
Taichi: I hope the city's big when we come back.
Sign: The city where stars live. Star City
Sign: Stars come here often. Star City
Taichi: *And it seems it did get quite big after that...*

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