Chapter V-13: Wake Up! Combination

Vamdemon: Wahaha, there you are, Zero! Now use your killing attack to tear your master to pieces!

Title: Wake Up! Combination

Taichi: Ugh...Zero...
Vamdemon: Get him!
Zero: V Breath Arrow!
Vamdemon: Hahaha! What a "beautiful death" to be killed by your own beloved partner! My scenario is now complete! Ooh, ecstasy!

Taichi: Sorry, but this isn't going to follow your little scenario.
Vamdemon: What!
Zero: The spell is broken, Vamdemon.
Vamdemon: can't be. How on Earth...?

Gabo: Hehe, it's all thanks to this...the Digivice 01.
Taichi: Any poisonous animal has antibodies to keep themselves for being poisoned. So I scanned Bakemon's data looking for the antidote data and then I had it transferred to Zero.
Gabo: You found a use for that strategy of transferring the meat's data. Not only that, but all the Data and Vaccine Digimon who were being controlled are now battling the Virus Digimon in another room.
Vamdemon: Ooh what impudence! See if you can withstand my Nightmare Wave!

Vamdemon: How about it? Bakemon's Wave can't even compare. Ugh! Wh...what?
Zero: Your Wave won't work anymore. That trick magnifies the small doubts in your opponent's heart. But there's no bad feelings in the bond between me and Taichi now!

Zero: Listen Vamdemon! It wasn't just the antidote that I got! When Taichi risked himself to get that data, those feelings were up linked to me, too!
Vamdemon: Wh what?
Gabo: Oh! Good job, Zero!
Zero: Sorry Taichi... I let Patamon get to me
Taichi: Well, I might have said some thoughtless things I'm sorry
Taichi & Zero: Lalala, we made up, lalala.
Vamdemon: Quit dancing! Hmph, what's all this about "feelings" and "bonds"! I hate words like that!

Vamdemon: Night Raid!
Zero: W wah M my eyes...
Gabo: What's wrong, Zero!
Taichi: You bastard, what did you do to Zero!
Vamdemon: Hahaha, my servants led Zero into the pitch darkness. In other words, they stole his sight!

Vamdemon: Now how shall I cook him up?
Taichi: Darn it, wake up Zero!
Vamdemon: Wahaha, how unsightly. Quit fooling around! You really think your antidote will work on this! Kukuku, it's so much fun watching you despair. It just makes my heart beat faster. That look again! You're really pissing me off! Just quit trying to be strong! There's no way you can win now.
Taichi: Heh, you fell for it.
Vamdemon: What!

Taichi: Now! Shoot, Zero!
Zero: V Breath Arrow!
Vamdemon: What.
Gabo: Ta Taichi!

Gabo: Y you did it!
Vamdemon: Ugh. S so you gave him the location by your voice.
Taichi: What I just sent to Zero wasn't the antidote data. It was this command.
Screen: Aim at my head.
Vamdemon: That's impossible. I don't believe it. There's no way he could aim so precisely. If he missed it would have meant your death.
Taichi: You might not be able to believe it, but I believe...
Zero: Oh, I can see a little bit.
Taichi: In Zero's power!

Gabo: Oh The castle is disappearing along with Vamdemon...
Taichi: Was this just another illusion of his? Oh, it looks like this is all finished, too.
Kabuterimon: Thank you. Because of you we were freed from the Wave.
Taichi: It was nothing.
Etemonkey: This isn't good...

Etemonkey: To defeat a Perfect with one shot. They just keep getting stronger and stronger. Both Zero and the combinations just keep getting better and Lord Demon's gonna be mad at me for letting yet another plan fail *sigh* It's a nightmare...
Zero: Oh Taichi, I hope the Tag wasn't an illusion, too.
Taichi: It's OK. It didn't disappear. I got the Tag of Illusions! And our journey continues...
Zero: This time was like that saying, "A piece of candy heals the pain."
Gabo: It's "The ground becomes firm after the rain"...

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