Chapter V-12: Nightmare Battle

Zero: See what you can do with your little strategies!
Taichi: I'll show you
Vamdemon: Hahaha
Etemonkey: Ukkikki Ukkyakkyakkya!
Vamdemon: Hahahaha.

Title: Nightmare Battle

Etemonkey: That went well, Vamdemon.
Vamdemon: Haha, just leave it to me, Etemonkey. Ensnaring people in nightmares of betrayal, corruption, and hatred is what I, Vamdemon, do best! "Tamer Killed by Beloved Monster"...mmm, ecstasy. This sort of situation is almost too much to bear.
Etemonkey: You certainly are good at these dirty tricks.
Vamdemon: Gracias.
Etemonkey: That's right, their strength is in their combination. If we can break them up, they're nothing more than a couple of farts!
Vamdemon: After the joy of getting another Tag comes a sudden piledriver to pull you down. Now Zero, get him!

Taichi: All right! Let's do it Gabo!
Gabo: What? Me B...but there's no way, Taichi...
Zero: Come on! Oh?
Taichi: Hahaha, come on Gabo, Patamon. Running's our only way to win. Hahaha!
Gabo: W, w, wai Taichi!
Taichi: Hahahaha!

Zero: Hmph.
Etemonkey: What? Zero's not chasing them! They're not killing each other, Vamdemon! What's going on?
Vamdemon: No no, don't panic. I knew this might happen. It just means the Nightmare Wave wasn't quite strong enough to drive Zero completely mad. Well, I guess that just shows how strong their bond is, right? But don't worry. They can't escape from this castle! There's no way they can get out of my Illusionary Hell! Come, my servants! Give Zero a taste of your strongest Wave. Pulverise their bond of trust!

Zero: Wha What...? Waaah! Aaaah!
Vamdemon: And now Patamon...I mean Bakemon. Don't let me down.

Gabo: I wonder what on Earth is up with Zero? Is he upset that I was favouring Patamon?
Taichi: Zero's not the type to get upset over something like that.
Gabo: Then there's something else...?
Taichi: Yeah. It might be the fact that when he was small I force fed him until he weighed 99 gigas or could it be because I skipped out on his cleaning and found him covered in poop? Hmm.
Gabo: Hey!
Taichi: Hahaha, I'm just kidding. But his eyes there was something strange about them. Someone must have put a spell on him and is controlling him.

Gabo: Now that you mention it, his eyes. You sure are a good Tamer.
Taichi: It's nothing.
Patamon: Kekekeke, but how will you break the spell?
Taichi: Yeah, that's the problem. Hey...huh! Patamon...! Bakekekeke. It was Lord Vamdemon's orders...
Bakemon: Taichi to keep you in continuous pain, not quite alive but unable to die!
Gabo: Wawawawa...
Taichi: Ba...Bakemon!

Taichi: Are you the one who did that to Zero?
Bakemon: Kekeke that's right Lord Vamdemon used to transmit his Nightmare Wave and grab hold of his brain waves.
Taichi: Nightmare Wave!
Bakemon: Poor Zero, he must be having even worse nightmares now. Now that the poison's running through him.
Gabo: What!
Taichi: Poison? Digivice 01! Scan all of Bakemon's data!

Bakemon: Now matter how many times you read my data, it won't help you win!
Taichi: Ugh..Argh...
Gabo: Stop it!!
Bakemon: You want me to bite you to death!?
Gabo: Aiee!
Bakemon: Hmph, coward. It's not even worth killing you. See ya!
Gabo: Hey, wait!

Taichi: Calm down, Gabo! Look at his fangs!
Gabo: Huh! Oh... That's my fur...
Taichi: Aim for that.
Gabo: Got it! Petit Fire!
Bakemon: Bakeke!
Gabo: Sorry Taichi! I'm so useless!
Taichi: What're you talking about Gabo? You were cool just then...
Digivice 01: Beep beep beep.
Gabo: Are you OK, Taichi!
Taichi: I've got a favour, Gabo. I need you to up link this to Zero.
Gabo: What!?

Vamdemon: Kukukuku...
Gabo: Sorry Taichi!
Taichi: Go Gabo!
Vamdemon: My my did the little runt run off on you, too? How pitiful. You've been totally betrayed by your monster friends. Why're you looking at me like that! Hmph, try and act strong all you want. That just gives me a greater taste of ecstasy.

Vamdemon: The preparations are finished! Now all that's left is for your beloved Zero, under the control of my Wave, to come and kill you!!

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