Chapter V-11: Combination Breakdown

Caption: Demon's Castle
Demon: That human has 2 of the say?
Etemonkey: Yes...sorry, sir.
Demon: I think your playing around has gone too far, Etemonkey. My Super Ultimate egg is about to awaken. I can't let them interfere with the birth of my beloved child..
Etemonkey: I know their weakness. This time I'll put an end to them once and for all!

Title: Combination Breakdown
Demon: Don't make any mistakes! You'd better delete them for sure this time!

Taichi: Supposedly the third Tag is here...
Gabo: It's kinda creepy, like a ghost's about to pop out...
Zero: What a scaredy-cat, Gabo. I'm not scared at all.

Taichi: Are there ghosts even in a digital world?
Gabo: There are some buggy monsters who turn into ghosts when they're not deleted properly, so I've heard.
Taichi: I hope we don't meet up with any.
Zero: Waah! Don't leave me, Taichi!
Gabo: Hey Taichi, what're you doing anyway?
Taichi: I'm trying to figure out more about the Digivice 01. Whamon said depending on how I use it there could be many different functions. There!
Gabo: Wh...What?
Taichi: Hehehe, I just thought I'd try this out on you.
Gabo: Huh? My stomach's full.
Taichi: Cool, it worked!

Taichi: I up linked the food I scanned directly to your stomach, Gabo. Now I can turn herbs and stuff into data and use the Digivice 01 to send them. Pretty handy, huh?
Zero: Why? Isn't it better just to eat it?
Taichi: Huh?
Gabo: He has a point.
Taichi: No use, huh and I thought it was a pretty useful idea, too...
Zero: Aieee! A ghost?
Taichi: No...I don't think so.
Patamon: Stop please don't possess me.
Taichi: Patamon...?

Patamon: I'm sorry, I thought you were a ghost.
Taichi: A ghost? Hahaha, me?
Gabo: I guess there really are ghosts.
Taichi: I'm Taichi, a human. That's Zero and Gabo. What on Earth happened to this village?
Patamon: Ever since a cursed monster moved into the castle. The villagers were possessed and began killing each other.
Taichi: A cursed monster?
Gabo: So that's why there's no one in the village...
Taichi: That sucks, I was going to ask around and see if anyone knew where the Tag was
Patamon: Wait! Take me with you!
Taichi: Huh?

Patamon: I'm too scared to be alone, and I know where the Tag is!
Zero: What?
Caption: Nightmare Castle
Zero: Aieee!
Gabo: It seems you're the biggest scaredy-cat of all, Zero.
Zero: Ooh...
Patamon: This way, Taichi.
Taichi: You sure are a big help, Patamon

Taichi: Yes! I've got the Tag! It's the real thing! Thanks to you, Patamon, this one was really easy.
Vamdemon: Hahahaha...
Taichi: What? ...Gas?

Taichi: Ooh...
Zero: Uh...ugh...
Zero: W...wait Taichi!
Taichi: Patamon, you're knowledgeable and courageous, unlike Zero. For now on you and me and a combo!
Zero: But Taichi.

Zero: Taichi!
Patamon: Zero Zero.
Zero: Huh?
Taichi: How long are you gonna sleep, Zero. You wanna be left behind?
Gabo: Mmm...what was that gas anyway?
Candmon: Hey, I won't let you go home alive tonight! Candle Night!
Taichi: Candmon!

Screen: Candmon: HP 756/756
Taichi: Oh, his HP aren't very high! A punch 'll do it!
Zero: Right! No problem, no problem! Ow! Why you!

Taichi: Are you all right? Whew, so the flame was his true self. Well, you can never be too cautious I guess.
Zero: Oh, so it's my fault. You put yourself up on a pedestal...
Taichi: Huh Zero...?
Zero: Can't you even research the enemy right? That was dangerous!
Taichi: Wh...what're you getting so upset over? This isn't like you...

Zero: Haha, you don't even care about me anymore do you Taichi? If you like him that much then why don't you make Patamon your partner? You've only won all this time because I'm strong. I don't need you Taichi!
Taichi: What?
Gabo: Why're you getting all conceited, Zero? Your strength isn't enough...
Zero: We'll see whether it's just conceit or not. Come at me with that Patamon, Taichi! See what you can do with your little strategies.
Taichi: Fine, I'll show you.

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