Chapter V-10: Deep Saver

Title: Deep Saver (119)
Whamon: will be the next one to protect the Net Ocean.
Gon: No, I'm going to fight!

Gabo: Gon
Gotsumon: You're all right!
Penmon: What on Earth is that Digiegg...?
Gon: Lord Whamon is dead... This is the Digiegg he left behind.
Gabo: Where are Zero and Taichi?
Gon: They went to fight the demon in his lair.
Gabo: Hey Gon, where're you going?
Gon: Let me go! I'm gonna fight, too!
Penmon: Stop it, Gon! You'll get hurt.
Gotsumon: Yeah, if you go, you'll just get in their way. You won't be any help.
Gabo: Come on, leave this one to Zero and Taichi.
Gon: Gabo...

Marine: You're pretty brave. To come to the ocean of death of your own volition.
Zero: Are you Marilyn? That's a pretty girly name.
Marine: It's Marine! Marine Devimon!
Taichi: The Digivice 01.
Screen: Marine Devimon: HP 8025/8025
Marine: I won't hand over the Tag! I'll cut you up and feed you to the fish!

Zero: Darn it!
Marine: Hahaha! There's no one who can match my speed in the ocean!
Taichi: Ooh...he's not getting any attacks in.
Marine: Hahaha! You're slow, too slow!
Zero: Ugh!

Marine: How long will your air last? I'll squeeze all the oxygen out of you!
Zero: Argh!
Taichi: Oh! Zero!
Marine: Don't under estimate ocean monsters! Did you really think a land based Adult could beat an aquatic Perfect? This is it! Special attack! Guilty Bla...Ugh...! Wh, what're you doing?
Taichi: Gon!

Gon: Zero, Taichi, I'm gonna fight, too. The next protector of the Net Ocean. Is me!
Marine: Ow, ow, ouch! What do you think you're doing, you little punk!
Taichi: Are you OK, Gon?
Gon: Ooh...
Taichi: Huh? Marine Devimon's HP have dropped sharply...?
Screen: HP 5107/8025
Taichi: I get it! His strength is in avoiding attacks. But his defence is really low! So then one good punch should do him in!

Taichi: But to do that I've got to stop him from moving. But how?
Zero: A...air...
Marine: I can't let you up there. You're going to suffocate down here!
Taichi: Sand clouds. That's it! Zero, I know you're in pain, but let's give it one more try..

Taichi: Up link!
Zero: Oof!
Marine: What? Hmph, I get it. You're using the clouds to hide your escape. But too bad! I know you're headed for the surface!

Marine: He's not here Where'd he go? What...right below me!
Zero: Whew! Just according to Taichi's plan, you came to the surface. Now that I know where you are, attacking is no problem!
Marine: Aaaaah!
Taichi: Yes!

Gotsumon: Gon!
Penmon: Gon! What a fool, you know you're weak, but you fought anyway.
Taichi: He's not weak! Without Gon we wouldn't have won.
Gotsumon: What?
Taichi: Gon, you're really worthy of this medal. You're Whamon's successor...the Deep Saver...
Gon: Taichi...

Gon: Ooh...I'm burning up.
Taichi: Gon!
Zero: Gon, you can't die!
Taichi: Huh? What's going on? His HP are going up...
Gon: H...huh? What happened...?
Zero: You evolved!
Taichi: Way to go Gon!

Penmon: You look cool, Gon...
Gotsumon: You look really strong.
Gon: G...guys...
Etemonkey: Hey! Mon! You managed to survive again, huh, Puppy-dramon
Taichi: Etemonkey!
Etemonkey: Yay! That was a pretty good show today. I'm looking forward to the next one, too! See ya!

Seadramon: Ow!
Etemonkey: Huh? Wah! Help me! I can't swim!
Taichi: E...Etemonkey. I got the Tag of Sea!
Gon: The Tag suits you Taichi.
Taichi: As the medal does you.
Zero: Now for the third Tag!

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