Chapter V-1: 100% Tamer!!

Taichi: this is what a real Greymon looks like. All right Go! Zero! Go around him and aim for the back of his head! Zero: OK, Taichi!

Title: 100% Tamer!!

Taichi: Yeah! 100% wins! Whew, I guess my orders were right on.
Zero: Whew, I guess I sure am strong.
Taichi: At any rate, I bet we're unbeatable.
Zero: Yeah.
Taichi & Zero: Ahahahahaha...
Taichi: My name is Yagami Taichi. I don't know why, but a few days ago I found myself here in the Digimon World...

Taichi: It was the first day of the "D-1 Grand Prix" Digimon tamers convention. What? How come I don't qualify!
Man: You've got a Digimon that wasn't programmed into the game. I'm sorry, but it's against the rules.
Taichi: What? My Zero!
Boy: We can't have you battle using your trick monster, Taichi.
Taichi: That's not it! I raised him and this is just the way he turned out! Darn it. Let me see if it's broken or something. Huh!
Voice: Welcome to Holy Angel Castle...
Taichi: What!

Taichi: I was enfolded in a blinding light. The next thing I knew I was here in this world. And this guy. Wah!
Zero: Don't be afraid, I'm your Digimon, Zero.
aichi: What...?
Zero: Hi!
Taichi: The real life version of my Digimon Zeromaru turned out to be an unknown type of Digimon after all. So in order to find a way home to my world, I started on a journey across the Digimon World with Zero. Now that I think of it, I heard a strange voice then. Hey, have you ever heard of Holy Angel Castle?
Zero: I don't think so...?

Gabo: Ow!
Taichi: Are you OK?
Gabo: Oh! Wah! What's a human doing here!
Taichi: That's what I'd like to know. Actually, we...
Gabo: I see. So you got transported here from the human world. That sure is strange.
Taichi: You said it...
Gabo: Thanks. You're pretty good at this. I'm Gabo the Gabumon. Thanks for helping me.

Zero: Hahaha! No problem. Healing is one of the basics of being a tamer. Hahaha! What'll this heal?
Taichi: Your big mouth.
abo: A tamer, huh... So then that means you raised that puppy-like dragon?
Taichi: Yeah.
Zero: Who're you callin' a puppy! I'm Lord Zero the V-dramon!
Gabo: That's unusual... I've never seen his type here on the continent of Folder...
Taichi: The continent of Folder?
Gabo: Oh! I've got to hurry back to the castle...
Taichi: What? Castle...!?
Gabo: I've got to bring this food back to entertain the guests at Holy Angel Castle. On the way I was attacked by monsters and had to run away.
Taichi: Holy Angel Castle!

Gabo: Oh no... He's coming... He followed me... There he is! That's him! I was attacked by this Tortomon!
Taichi: What? Tortomon? I've never fought one of these before.

Taichi: Well, we'll manage somehow! Just leave it to us!
Gabo: What! You're gonna fight him!
Taichi: We've won 100% of our battles! In exchange, if we win, you show us to the castle.
Gabo: That puppy dragon doesn't look so strong to me...
Taichi: Zero! Punch him in the neck!
Zero: OK! Taichi my hand hurts...
Taichi: Huh?
Gabo: You fool! What's this!

Gabo: VS. Greymon, VS. Numemon, VS. Tuskmon... These are all File Island monsters!
Taichi: Huh?
Gabo: The monsters here on Folder... Are so strong, the monsters on File Island can't even begin to compare!
Taichi: I get it. I think I've heard of this! Those are the monsters from the new Digimon Pendulum game. Actually, I don't have that one.
Gabo: There's no time for that! He's gonna crush your monster! Here it comes! Shell Phalanx!
Taichi: Get out of the way, Zero!
Zero: I don't need you to tell me that...

Zero: Don't you have any good plans, Taichi? His whole body's as hard as his shell!
Gabo: It's no use... His whole body's covered with a high density material. It's not something that can be easily broken with a punch or a beam...
Taichi: No. There's a place where he's not covered.
Gabo: Wh...what...!?
Taichi: Get him after he shoots a Shell Phalanx! Go Zero!
Zero: I get it. Thanks, Taichi!
Gabo: I...I said it's useless! There's no way you can aim at just that area...
Taichi: Zero can do it...

Zero: V Breath Arrow!
Taichi: Got him!
Gabo: Wow! Amazing!

Gabo: The discernment to spot in a split second the enemy's weakness in battle. And the honed skills to aim for even a small point... A feat that a monster raised in the wild wouldn't be able to match. Is the combination of tamer and monster really so much better? Ha! C...could it be that these are the guests awaited at Holy Angel Castle?
Taichi & Zero: Yay! Yay! Victory dance! 100%, 100%!
Gabo: No, there's no way these idiots could be the ones. Well, I'll show you to the castle like I promised. Let's go, Taichi, Zero!
Taichi: Hey, can we have some of that food?
Gabo: No.
Taichi: And so we headed for the castle. To find the reason behind my coming to this world

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