Special Version: Hot-blooded! The Shining Battle!

Zero: A...
Zero: A...
Zero: A...
Zero: A...
Zero: Atchoo!
Taichi: No way... Zero, your sneeze opened a time-space tunnel...
Narration: He set out on a journey with his partner, Zeromaru, and their guide, Gabo, to defeat the evil Monster, Demon.

Title: Hot-blooded! The Shining Battle!

Taichi: Wow, that was one amazing sneeze.
Zero: Well, it suddenly got cold. I thought this was supposed to be a hot area.
Gabo: Hey, aren't you at all surprised?
Gabo: Huh? Someone's coming.
Ryo: Waaaah!
Ryo: Ouch...
Ryo: Where are we?

Ryo: Y...you're Yagami Taichi...
Taichi: Huh?
Ryo: But you look a little different.
Ryo: I know! This must be a parallel world.
Gabo: Wow! He's pretty smart!
Ryo: I'm Akiyama Ryo!
Ryo: I'm travelling through space and time in search of my sworn enemy, Millenniumon.

Ryo: So I'm used to parallel worlds.
Taichi: Wow, travelling through space and time, eh...?
Ryo: Millenniumon's tough.
Ryo: I've fought him four times now...
Ryo: But I won't lose! This is my destiny!
Taichi: Wow, what passion!
Gabo: Ryo and Taichi...
Gabo: Are quite similar.
Taichi: Okay! I'll defeat Demon! And you defeat Millenniumon! Good luck!
Ryo: Yeah!
Ryo: I wonder how I ended up here, though.
Taichi: Haha, who knows...?
Gabo: We can't say it was Zero's sneeze...
Ryo: Whoa! What's that?

Taichi: One of Demon's assassins! So you're the cause of the coldness!
Vikmon: Hahaha, indeed, I am!
Vikmon: I'm Vikmon! Taichi! Zero! You're going to freeze to death here!
Gabo: Taichi, be careful! Vikmon's defense is really high!
Gabo: Your attacks won't do much damage!
Taichi: What?
Gabo: I've heard he has another weakness, though...
Taichi: What on earth is it...?
Gabo: Sorry! I don't know...

Vikmon: Hm? What's this? You've got more friends?
Taichi: L, leave them out of it!
Taichi: Ryo, you guys hurry back to your own world!
Ryo: Taichi...
Taichi: We're the ones you want!
Zero: Here I come!
Ryo: Hang on.
Taichi: Wha...?
Ryo: Don't be silly! We'll help you out.
Taichi: B, but...
Ryo: Don't worry! I can't ignore someone in trouble!
Ryo: We'll protect you!

Taichi: ...Protect us?
Ryo: Let's go, Monodramon!
Monodramon: Yeah!
Taichi: Hang on.
Ryo: Why!?
Taichi: Thanks, but this is our battle.
Taichi: I can't put you in danger.
Taichi: We'll protect you!
Taichi: Leave this to the 100% Combo!

Gabo: Idiot! This is no time to act tough, Taichi!
Vikmon: Ooh...
Ryo: Don't be stupid, Taichi!
Ryo: Leave this to Ryo, the Wandering Tamer!
Vikmon: Oooh...
Gabo: What?
Gabo: Vikmon's taking damage?
Gabo: What's going on? Ryo and Taichi's argument is damaging him...
Gabo: Could it be...?
Zero: ...Could what be?

Gabo: Could it be Vikmon's weak against this sort of hot-bloodedness!?
Zero: What!?
Gabo: This is our chance, now that we know the enemy's weakness! Taichi...
Ryo: I said I'll do it!
Taichi: No, I will!
Gabo: Th...
Gabo: They're fighting!
Gabo: Idiots! This is no time for fighting!
Ryo: We'll protect you!
Taichi: No, we'll protect *you*!

Zero: It...it's hot...
Vikmon: Waah!
Gabo: M, maybe this is good after all...
Ryo: All right, then, let's see who's fit to battle. I challenge you!
Taichi: Fine with me!
Taichi: We've been traveling this world over three years in order to defeat Demon!
Ryo: But you've never fought the boss yet, have you?
Ryo: Have you even seen him...?
Caption: The wrong thing to say
Ryo: But I've defeated the big boss Millenniumon three times!
Caption: Untouchable.
Taichi: But you've defeated him three times and he's still not dead?
Taichi: I bet the fourth time won't work either.

Ryo: We're as close as possible! We're even together when we sleep and when we go to the bathroom!
Taichi: I even take care of his poo!
Vikmon: Stop, that's gross!
Vikmon: I hate your sweltering heat .
Vikmon: Take this!
Vikmon: Arctic Blizzard!
Ryo: Oh.
Taichi: Our partners are frozen!
Ryo: Oh, Monodramon!
Gabo: Hey, don't touch the ice with your bare hands!
Ryo: You're safe now, Monodramon.
Monodramon: Ryo!
Vikmon: Damn it, it just made things worse!

Gabo: What's Taichi doing...?
Taichi: Zero...
Gabo: He's warming with his body heat!
Vikmon: S, sorry...
Vikmon: S, stop...
Ryo and Taichi: We'll just have to settle this with our fists.
Vikmon: How'd this happen?
Ryo and Taichi: I'll take care of this!

Taichi: Say goodbye to the Millenniumon Bomber!

Ryo: This is it for the Demon Crusher!
Ryo: Not bad, Taichi...
Taichi: Same to you, Ryo...
Ryo and Taichi: Bastard.
Ryo and Taichi: Hahaha!
Gabo: What are you doing?

Gabo: Well, the enemy's defeated, so I guess it doesn't matter.
Ryo and Taichi: When'd that happen...?
Ryo: It's all thanks to you.
Taichi: No, it's thanks to you.
Gabo: Quit fighting.
Narration: So in a way, Taichi and Ryo's combination defeated a strong enemy...
Narration: However...
Narration: Ryo and Taichi will continue their battles!
Narration: Good luck, Ryo! Don't give up, Taichi!
Narration: And...hang in there, Gabo!
Taichi: Man, Ryo sure was hot!
Gabo: I don't know whether you're hot or cold...

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