Frontier Generations V-Tamer Manga Special

(pg 1)
Are Takuya and Taichi saviours of the Digital World?

(pg 2)
The legendary warriors who saved the world. The children who got the spirits...
Takuya: Spirit Evolution
...battle with the evil of the Digital evolving into Digimon using the spirit data
Agnimon: Agnimon
MegaDramon: Now it's my turn

Front Page (pg 3)

(pg 4)
Agunimon: I'm going to finish this...Burning Salam...huh?

(pg 5)
Takuya: Drats why did you kill the Digimon Kouji? I battled so hard and you finished the battle in my place. w..wha?
Kouji: Hm
Takuya: I hate your attitude
Junpei: Calm down Takuya

(pg 6)
Takuya: Hmm...Kouji's always putting on airs !?
Izumi: Where's Takuya?
Tomoki: H..He vanished
Takuya: Aaaaaaaaa!!!

(pg 7)
Takuya: Oww...Where am I? It's desolate...It happened so's a ruined I in the Digital World? Wha?
All: Ah

(pg 8)
Takuya: What? What??
Boy: Ouch!! Where am I? It looks like the cosmic space warped...huh?
Takuya: Who are you?
Boy: I am Taichi Yagami and this is my friend Zero.
Takuya: I am Takuya Kanabara pleased to meet you.

(pg 9)
Taichi: Oh I see you are travling in the Digital World too
Takuya: Huh?? you too??
Taichi: But out worlds are not the same
Takuya: Where are we?
Taichi: Is this a Parallel world?
Zero: Takuya! Taichi! Look out
Both: huh? Arghhhhh

(pg 10)
Taichi: Wha?
Takuya: T...That is...IMPERIALDRAMON FIGHTER MODE...why is Imperialdramon here?
Imperialdramon: I will destroy everything
Zero: Ah

(pg 11)
Zero: Ah nuts
Takuya: I'm going to take him down.
Voice: Wait
Takuya: Huh
Babamon: Please wait...the saviour

(pg 12)
Digimons: Welcome home...welcome home Babamon
Takuya: Tell me what's going on Babamon
Babamon: Yes...This Digital is a different one from The Digital World you were in... but this world has fallen into ruin as you can see...Metamorphmon is conquering this world!!
Takuya: Metamorphmon

(pg 13)
Babamon: The monster who only wants to destroy everything...That Imperialdramon was Metamorphmon
Taichi: W...what?
Babamon: He can copy other Digimon's skills and he can change into other Digimon and then after he transforms his power recovers and gets a new skill he can be even one has ever won against him not even Imperialdramon
Takuya: He's invincible...why did such a monster appear?
Babamon: He's a mutant took a lot of sacrifices to discover that.

(pg 14)
Babamon: As a Shaman I summoned you
Digimon: Please, Please save this world

(pg 15)
Babamon: This is Metamorphmon's natural form...
Taichi: What a Digimon he destroying more ruined towns.
Takuya: I have to stop him
Zero: You're a Tamer aren't you? Hmm where's your partner?
Takuya: Huh?

(pg 16)
Takuya: What's a Tamer?
Zero: You don't know what a Tamer is? Tamers train their own Digimon and support them in battle
Takuya: It sounds sly as the Tamers don't fight by themselves...such types of battles exist.
Zero: What?? You said you don't need Taichi??
Takuya: But I don't need a battle style is different from yours
Zero: Huh?

(pg 17)
Takuya: I myself
Taichi: By yourself?
Takuya: Like this Spirit Evolution

(pg 18)
Agnimon: Agnimon
Zero + Taichi: Wow a human evolved into a Digimon
Zero: Humans today are cool...can you spirit evolve too?
Taichi: Spirit Evolution...of course I can't!!!

(pg 19)
Agnimon: Hey this is my style I battle by myself I don't need Tamers.
Taichi: Wow
Zero: By yourself? Are you really that strong? Well...
Agnimon: I’ll show you who is the stronger
Zero: Ok
Taichi: Hey stop it

(pg 20)
Agnimon: He transformed
Zero: Deathmon
Deathmon: I destroy everything

(pg 21)
Taichi: Wow he's so strong...he sure has a greater skill that the normal Deathmon
Agnimon: I-Dramon
Imperialdramon: Don't act rashly, Agnimon

(pg 22)
Agnimon: Ouch
Zero: Are you ok? This is not a normal enemy - wait Taichi's orders.
Agnimon: I don't need his help...I can take him down with my own power.!!

(pg 23)
Agnimon: Slide Evolution
Vritamon: Vritamon
Taichi: Cool he can evolve into another Digimon.
Vritamon: How was it?

(pg 24)
Babamon: But his speed has decreased because of his power
Zero: Lets wait and see Vritamon calm down.
Vritamon: Don't stand in my way Zero, watch my it with your worthless Tamer.

(pg 25)
Zero: I can't forgive you
Vritamon: Let go of me
Taichi: Zero what are you doing?
Metamorphmon: Trancy Wave
Both: Aaa!!!

(pg 26)
Babamon: Oh my goodness...the saviours lost !?
Digimon: How are the saviours?
Babamon: Takuya is seriously injured!! He has to stay in silence
Chibomon: They quarrelled
Digimon: Was it because there two saviours?

(pg 27)
Taichi: How are you Takuya?
Takuya: Fine
Taichi: It can evolve into 2 different Digimon
Takuya: There are 2 evolutions, Human Types and Beast Types...The beast type Vritamon is more powerful but harder to control...I didn't lose because I was weak...why did you have to disturb me!? Our battle-styles are not the same we can't disturb each other!! Why don't you control your Digimon?
Taichi: But
Takuya: Huh? It's noisy over there

(pg 28)
Chibomon: Metamorphmon is coming!!
Babamon: He came had to happen
Taichi: I'll stop him...Go Zero
Zero: Ok Taichi

(pg 29)
Chibomon: He transformed into Goddramon
Taichi: Zero
Zero: He's behind me

(pg 30)
Taichi: Left
Zero: Ok, Ha!! I don't have any blind corner
Takuya: So this is their combination, he supports his Digimon and brings out his skills. This is the Tamer's Battle!!! Taichi...
Taichi: Takuya you have to be quiet!
Takuya: But Taichi he's injured
Taichi: He is a tough Digimon!! He can recover fast!

(pg 31)
Takuya: What?? Is Zero attacking his chest??
Taichi: Yea...Metamorphmon always transforms from a power in his I scanned him and found out that the copied Digimon data is there...i'm trying to break it.
Takuya: found this out in the last battle...

(pg 32)
Takuya:...he has a huge vision...and with his calm judgement, Taichi helps his Digimon fight..I see Kouji supported me by his calm point of view. If Kouji hadn't have attacked that Digimon...i'd have probably lost...I didn't see clearly...I didn't battle by myself...I need a Tamers battle style.

(pg 33)
Takuya: I'm sorry Taichi...I misunderstood you.
Taichi: Takuya
Takuya: Spirit Evolution
Agnimon: Agnimon
Zero: Agnimon

(pg 34)
Agnimon: Sorry for what happened last time Zero, now!! shoot his memory circuit
Zero: Yeah, V-Breath Arrow
Taichi: Yea!

(pg 35)
Taichi: Now Metamorphmon can't transform into other Digimon
Zero: Yea
Agnimon: We did it Zero
Digimons: Wow the Saviours
Babamon: Yes it was a great combination...but he still has his copying must beat him
Metamorphmon: I'll copy you...laster translation

(pg 36)
Zero: Oh Metamorphmon transformed into Agnimon
MetaAgnimon: Burning Salamander

(pg 37)
Taichi: Ah
Agnimon: Oh
Taichi: Agnimon, Zero are you ok?
Agnimon: He has...great power...

(pg 38)
Agnimon: Let me do this...Taichi I have an idea.
Taichi: Huh?
Agnimon: I don't have enough power...I only have one chance.
Taichi: Ok...Go Agnimon, Zero help him
Zero: Ok

(pg 39)
Digimons: Why does he attack in front of Metamorphmon he's not strong enough
Babamon: No he'll die
Agnimon: This requires perfect timing

(pg 40)
Agnimon: Slide Evolution
Vritramon: Vritramon
Taichi?: Vritramon's power is greater than Agnimon's

(pg 41)
-no text-

(pg 42)
Digimon: Yeah they did it.
Zero: Great he did it.
Taichi: Cool Takuya that was awesome. He used his power excellently.
Digimon: He's still alive!
Metamorphmon: I will copy Vritramon

(pg 43)
Metamorphmon: A Human I can't copy! I can't copy!
Taichi: Oops
Metamorphmon: Then I’ll copy AeroV-dramon
Taichi: Go Zero

(pg 44)

(pg 45)
Digimons: Wow
Babamon: We won!
Takuya+ Taichi: Yea

(pg 46)
Babamon: You have to go. Takuya, Taichi Zero...thank you so much you saved our world
Taichi: I hope this world will be fine
Takuya: Good luck
Chibomon: I'll never forget what you did for us
Takuya: Neither will we...

(pg 47)
Taichi: Oh you don't have a memory function
Takuya: Hey
Chibomon: You knew there are two saviours
Babamon: yes...the person who has the spirit of a Digimon and the person who supports his Digimon they have different styles of battle, but they have the save with to save the world. This is what I prayed to summon them...take a person who opens a new Frontier.

The End

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