Episode Une 1. Zero: Ta... Zero: Taichi! Zero: I have to poop. Narration: His name is Yagami Taichi. Having found himself in the Digimon World... Taichi: Again? We're in the middle of training, Zero! Gabo: Go look for a toilet, Taichi. That's part of a trainer's duty, too. Caption: Taichi Caption: Gabo Taichi: Oh, fine. Caption: Zeromaru Narration: He set out on a journey with his partner, Zeromaru, and their guide, Gabo, to defeat the evil Monster, Demon. Title: Digimon Adventure Side Story: Episode Une 2. Taichi: Just do it over there. Zero: No, that's embarrassing! Narration: In order to make a Digital Monster your partner, you have to raise them and train them, including toilet training. Taichi: Jeez, you sure are a hassle. What a pain to have you for a partner. Taichi: Okay, toilet... Toilet... Taichi: Huh? Zero: What is it, Taichi? Gabo: Has Demon sent an assassin? Taichi: I...I've gotta go, too... Zero: What, Taichi? After all you said about me? Taichi: That's weird. I went this morning already... 3. Taichi: I can't hold it! Gabo: Oh...Ta, Taichi... Taichi: Huh? Zero: Oh! Taichi, you pooped in your pants! And a lot, too! Taichi: Don't be silly. I haven't done anything yet! Taichi: It's true, damn it! Zero: Wah! Poopy Pants Taichi! Zero: Stay away! Stay away! Taichi: Come back here! 4. Taichi: Oh... I'm gonna crap... Sukamon: Hehehehe... Sukamon: How are you feeling You fell right into my trap, Zero and Taichi! Taichi: An enemy Monster! It's one of Demon's assassins! Sukamon: I'm Sukamon. Sukamon: The pheromones I give off affect your bowels! Sukamon: Then when you poop in your pants, I'll take a picture and put it on the internet! Sukamon: That'll change your life! Taichi: You, you play dirty...! Sukamon: Well, I am a poop, after all. 5. Taichi: Okay, let's battle, Zero! Zero: Right! Zero: Go! Magnum Punch! Zero: Whoa! Zero: I can't do it, Taichi... Sukamon: Hahaha! Taichi: Damn it. All right, then use V-Breath Arrow...! Taichi: ...Oh, wait... Taichi: Shoot -> hit -> explode -> a shower of poop! Taichi: A shower of poop! Taichi: Wah! Wait, Zero! Sukamon: What's the matter? Sukamon: If you're not gonna attack, then I will! 6. Sukamon: Bowel Pheromone! Zero: Whoa! Zero: S, stop! Sukamon: Wahaha! How do you like that? Taichi: Oooh... Zero: Sh, shit... Sukamon: That's right. I'm shit. Zero: Taichi, we need a plan... Taichi: I can't think straight. Why didn't I train for this possibility? Taichi: This sucks... We've been able to defeat any enemy who came along, and now...now we're going to lose to poop? 7. Gabo: At this rate...Taichi! Zero: An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth...! Taichi: I get it! Taichi: A poop for a poop! Taichi: Okay! Taichi: I can't do that! Zero: Waah! Stupid Taichi! 8. Sukamon: It... Sukamon: It's huge... Sukamon: Waah! I lost! Taichi: Huh? Taichi: We won... Taichi: Yes! Just like my plan! Zero: Liar! Narration: And so their journy continues. But you never know what sort of enemy they'll come across in the future... Taichi: You've got a new attack. Zero: Shut up. Narration: Don't lose, Taichi! Good luck, Zero! Caption: Side Story: Episode Une...The End 9. Afterword Isawa Hiroshi Did you enjoy Episode Une? If you read it, you know that the theme was familial love! ...Not. It was poop! You can't separate Digimon from poop. After all, with the toy Digimon you have to take care of their poop. But there's no scenes like that in the main manga. But in the midst of all those hard battles, there's no way they could poop... They might want to, but they can't... (Are they constipated?) But I wonder how Taichi takes care of Zero's poop. It's fun to imagine the possibilities! Both Yabuno and I love gag manga. So when we found out we would be writing a short for E-Jump, we said, "Okay, let's write something about poop that we couldn't include in the main story!" "Okay, the enemy is Sukamon!" "In a way, he's the most fearsome of them all!" "So they all get diarrhea..." "And Taichi poops in his pants!" (This idea was rejected.) We were so excited and soon had it done. Taichi became such a joke, that we weren't sure how well it would be received, but thankfully the anime staff really liked it, too. But what about the readers? I want to write a comical version again, but... So tell me what you think! Caption: A Tamer's Troubles Taichi: This is the cool way to wipe a butt... Zero: Hurry up, will you?
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