V-30 Holy War
Lord HolyAngemon appears outside, confronting the enemies. Leo sits up, using his arms for support, as the baby Digimon comfort him. Neo tells VenomVamdemon to back off, and let Arkadimon Child handle this. (Some where tentacle/dragon thing is shown) Lord Angemon grits his teeth, as he extends his beam sword, Excalibur. Gate of Destiny! The gate of the heavens opens as some of Demon's Army, including a Devidramon, Devimon, and Vilemon, are sucked in. Arkadimon also begins to be sucked in. He tries to stop with his feet, but is forced into the air, and trapped into the gate as it seals shut. Leo laughs, as Lord HolyAngemon senses something. Neo smirks as two claws appear in the cracks of the doors of the gate--Arkadimon Child rips open the doors, exploding the whole G.o.D. Leo, and the baby Digimon are in disbelief as Arkadimon Child stands in front of Lord HolyAngemon, ready for battle. Neo tells Arkadimon something through his Digivice 01. Lord HolyAngemon realizes he must 'kick it up' and digivolves to Seraphimon! Neo laughs still, as Arkadimon Child jumps at Seraphimon. Strike of the Seven Stars (Seven Heavens)! Arkadimon is struck in the chest, stomach, and leg. When the smoke clears, Arkadimon is on his elbows and knees.. His legs and arms blown off! Leo smiles again, as Seraphimon extends Excalibur from his right arm. He flies at Arkadimon, who blocks it. Suddenly, Arkadimon's sickle-arm flies and stabs into Seraphimon! Arkadimon's limbs re-attach, as Seraphimon flies up, a small wound on his side. Strike of the Seven Stars! Neo tells Arkadimon something, and an explosion occurs. Leo gasps as the smoke clears--Arkadimon digivolved to Adult! Arkadimon extends his arm, trying for Seraphimon's face. Seraphimon moves, however Arkadimon disappears, and reappears next to him, grabbing his face. He flies into the air as his (Arkadimon's) thorns (on his arm) jolt out, becoming tentacle-spears and stabbing into Seraphimon's head. Two of them thrust their way into Seraphimon's right arm, destroying his beam sword. Leo gets up to try and help, but it punched down by VenomVamdemon. Neo says something to Arkadimon who drops Seraphimon, who is now HolyAngemon/Lord HolyAngemon again. Lord HolyAngemon is filled with hole wounds. VenomVamdemon is about to grab the baby Digimon again, when they notice something. Zero and Taichi are approaching! Neo, Arkadimon, VenomVamdemon, and Gryphonmon all turn to the opposite direction, towards the tamer and his "puppy-dragon" (apparently, all of Demon's Army is gone O.o. Zero growls as he flies, very pissed off, as Neo smirks. Motimon (one of the baby Digimon) is very happy to see him. Zero must be traveling very fast, because he flies at VenomVamdemon, and punches his head right off!

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