V-29 Leomon's Rage
Taichi flies towards the castle, as Igamon, Rei, and Gabo watch. The Demon Army is attacking Holy Angel Castle's defenses. A huge Devidramon is punching an Angemon, as an Airdramon is destroying a Kuwagamon. On the ground, VenomVamdemon, Gigadramon, Megadramon, Gryphonmon, and Boltmon, along with Neo, Arkadimon Child, and a bunch of others stand in front of Leo and his Knightmon. Megadramon and Gigadramon fly at the Knightmon. The Knightmon use their Berserk Swords to slice both Dramon in half! Neo smiles as Boltmon steps up, with a longer than usual axe. He throws it at the Knightmon, cutting one in half, and decapitating the other! Boltmon catches the axe, and faces Leo. They block each others attacks multiple times before Leo slices Boltmon vertically, splitting him into two! As the Baby Digimon inside jump with joy, VenomVamdemon approaches. VenomVamdemon, who TOWERS over Leo, punches downwards, always hitting the ground as Leo is way too quick for him. Leo uses Fist of the Beast King, and it explodes in VenomVamdemon's arm. Leo then jumps and slashes VenomVamdemon's chest, diagonally. Neo simply smiles, as tentacles come out of the wound, and constrict Leo. Neo begins to laugh as the Baby Digimon become worried. VenomVamdemon grabs Leo's right arm between his two large fingers, and snaps the arm! It doesn't fall off, but it's broken. Leo yells in pain, as the Baby Digimon decide to help--they jump out of the castle and begin using Bubble Blows to blow bubbles at VenomVamdemon's leg. He kicks them away, and they are wounded. Leo yells for them to get away, as VenomVamdemon begins to reach for them. In a rage, Leo digivolves to Panjyamon, and breaks the tentacles apart. In a flaming aura, he grabs his sword with his left hand, his right arm dangling, motionless. A very pissed off Leo, the Panjyamon jumps into the air, jumping towards VenomVamdemon. The attempt is short lived, as suddenly Arkadimon Child sickle-like arm extends into a tentacle-spear and impales Leo, pushing deeply into his right side. Neo laughs, with a crazed look in his eyes. The baby Digimon are again in horror as Leo falls to the ground, landing on his head. As Leo lays, Patamon informs Lord HolyAngemon of the situation. Gekovitch is worried, as Lord HolyAngemon throws his robe off, ready for battle.

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