V-28 Alias 2 - Mari
Demon's Army gets closer to Holy Angel Castle. Neo rides on a Gryphomon, while Arkadimon Child rides on a Megadramon. Patamon informs Lord HolyAngemon, Leo and Gekovitch of this. They are shocked to hear this, but must fight. Rosemon uses her whip to try and hit Zero, who flies at her. Mari says something, and everyone stops. She sees this booklet of papers on the ground. However, before she can get it, the freed Igamon (he was in Rosemon's Thorn Whip; But she used it, so he was freed), grabs it and throws it to Taichi. Taichi is then informed that Demon's Army is heading to Holy Angel Castle. Rosemon wraps her whip around Zero's neck, and throws him to the ground. Igamon goes to attack Mari, who kicks him. Rei yells at Mari then. Rosemon continues to strangle Zero, throwing him into the air. She releases the grip, as Zero is apparently unconscious. He falls down, but suddenly, flies back up--playing possum once again! He V-Wing Blades Rosemon before she could attack again. Rosemon falls to the ground, as Rei tries to help Ninjamon up. Back at Holy Angel Castle, Demon's Army is almost there. Leo, along with two Knightmon, prepare for battle. The baby Digimon there talk to Leo, giving him hope. Taichi decides to go help out, but leaves Rei, the wrapped up Igamon, and Gabo at a cave, to keep them save. It's too dangerous for them to come. Leo draws his sword, as the Knightmon do too. Neo and Arkadimon look at Leo like he's an idiot. There is a VenomVamdemon, Gigadramon, Megadramon, Boltmon, Gryphomon, and many more are still in the air. The baby Digimon watch through a doorway inside the castle. Taichi has his goggles on, and Zero speeds through the air, heading towards the huge fight.

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