V-27 Neo Attacks!!!
Sigma is happy that he surrendered-Piemon and Sigma accept there loss gratefully. However, returning to Demon's Castle, Neo isn't so happy.... He even puts Piemon into a battle with Arkadimon Baby! Neo and Sigma watch from above, behind a room with a window. Piemon jumps up, ready to draw his Trump Swords, but Arkadimon Baby's back opens, as this--tentacle/leg thing comes out and impales Piemon, through his stomach! Neo smiles, as Sigma presses against the glass window, screaming out. Piemon also screams, as his data is absorbed by Arkadimon, who Digivolves to Arkadimon Child. Sigma, who is against the glass, slides to his knees, as the smirking Neo leaves the room. Outside, Hideto and Mari of the Alias III wait for him. He leads them to a room where he shows them the army he can use--Demon's army (Vilemon, Devimon, and Devidramon are shown). Back with Taichi, Rei is looking at her pendant. Suddenly, a Igamon jumps down. Oddly enough, he soon runs away, as Taichi gives him a thumbs up. Taichi and company look towards the sky, seeing this small black cloud in the distance--however, as it gets larger, they realize it isn't a cloud at all...it's Demon's army! While distracted, thorn vines fly into the ground, in front of the group. They turn to see Mari, with her Rosemon. Rosemon uses an attack, and turns the whole ground into a thorny garden! Zero quickly picks up Taichi, who had been pricked, and put him, along with Gabo and Rei on a small stand which is sticking up. Mari stands on the thorns, knowing how, apparently. For some reason, she takes off her boots, and gets hurt. Her and Rosemon talk for a while, before Rosemon uses an attack where Rose Pedals fall from the sky. Taichi begins to fall asleep. When he wakes up he notices something--everyone is sleeping..even Rosemon and Mari! He yells, as everyone awakes. Rosemon then shows them that she has Igamon captured. (He's entangled by her Thorn Whip).

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