Hot Blooded!! The Sparkling Great Battle
It starts out with Zero sneezing, apparently he cough a cold, and a portal to another world have appeared. Taichi and Zero make a joke about the portal, and Gabo starts being in his concern mode.Afterwards Ryo and Monodramon got thrown out of it. Ryo immediately recognized Taichi, although I'm not sure if he knows that this is a different Taichi, but I bet he does. The two instantly became friends.

While Ryo was trying to figure out what to do with the portal a Vikemon showed up out of nowhere and challenge the group. Taichi and Zero ran up to Vikemon all prepared to fight. But they were stopped by Ryo with ropes tied to Taichi's leg and Zero's tale causing them to fall on their faces.

Taichi starts yelling at him to find out why he did that for. Ryo, in his Mr. Perfect mode, starts boosting and ran off to beat Vikemon. Taichi got offended by that and made Ryo and Monodramon fall on their faces the same way Ryo did to him and Zero.

Ryo and Taichi ended up arguing to find out who should beat up Vikemon for the next few pages. Vikemon was really annoyed, for being ignored, attack the two Digimon and froze them. Ryo ended up punching and kicking to break the ice and freeing Monodramon. Taichi used a different method, a rather embarrassing one taking of his shirt and use his body heat

And the fighting between the two tamers continual and punch each other in the face at the same time. Gabo, Zero, and Monodramon ended up being really annoyed by this. Then all of the sudden, Taichi and Ryo start being friends again. The battle against Vikemon is no longer necessary, he fated from pure stupidity... Taichi and Ryo pat each other on the back for a job well done.

Ryo and Monodramon gave their last fare ware as they enter the portal, and Taichi, with Gabo, fly off on Zero and continuing their journey

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