Digimon Xros Wars Episode 67 (Young Hunters #13)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: World Travel for Kids Only! Digimon Dream Train

As Tagiru prepares to go to bed, he hears a mysterious train whistle with no trains in sight. The next morning, Tagiru and several other classmates marvel at photos from around the world, all taken by Kiichi. Tagiru is invited along, and then Kiichi passes out to sleep through class.

On the way home, Tagiru stops for a train passing by. At the stop, he hears a young boy asking his mom if this train can fly as well. His mom dismisses the idea as her boy's imagination, but Tagiru asks Taiki and Yuu about it. Based on the train's whistle, Trailmon is ruled out, but Tagiru still suspects Digimon activity.

That night, Tagiru waits for the flying train atop his house with Gumdramon. The clouds part as a steam locomotive Digimon, Locomon, appears. On board, Tagiru finds out that Kiichi did not hunt Locomon but instead met his partner Digimon.

In a train station taking photos of trains, he had wished he could ride a steam locomotive. A digital field then appeared and Time Shifted Kiichi into DigiQuartz where he met Locomon and was given a X-Loader from the ClockMaker. Since then, Kiichi has been traveling all around the world and has been offering to take other kids with him. Inside, Dogmon and Pumpmon act as stewards.

The next day upon returning to the Real World, Tagiru and Yuu hear several worried mothers talking about having found their child's bed empty during the night but finding him asleep when morning came. They also noted their children appearing exhausted and sleep-deprived when they awoke. Despite this, neither Kiichi nor the other children seem to take their health into consideration.

With this dilemma in mind, Tagiru, Taiki, and Yuu wait for Kiichi and Locomon that night and note that everyone appears energized as if possessed by something. While traveling, the ride is disrupted by Ren, riding upon a Pterannomon and wanting to Hunt the rare Digimon despite its passengers. After being offered the chance to be faster and look sleeker, Locomon agrees to be Ren's Digimon.

The next night, upon agreeing to ride Locomon in moderation from now on, Kiichi waits for Locomon along with Tagiru. Locomon arrives with Ren, Ryouma, and Airu along with their passengers. Wanting to see Locomon run faster, Airu Reloads a Parasimon (even though there's no Rika in sight). Parasimon seriously increases the speed of Locomon but with the consequence of making Locomon run wild.

Kiichi runs on top of the train car and tries to convince Locomon to go back to enjoying the scenery and the children's smiles. Though seemingly breaking through to Locomon, Parasimon takes control of the breaks and draws power from the screams of the children inside. Not even Ren nor Ryouma is pleased with this turn of events, and Airu reveals that at this point Parasimon becomes uncontrollable.

Kiichi, Tagiru, and Gumdramon rush to the engine. Gumdramon attempts to rip off Parasimon to be barred by Parasimon's Electric Bind. As a tunnel approaches, Locomon warns those on top to duck due to the low clearance. This allows Gumdramon to release Parasimon's hold and return it to Airu's X-Loader. Ren, Ryouma, and Airu leave upon Pterannomon, leaving Locomon to Kiichi. Another night, Tagiru and Gumdramon watch as Locomon heads off with another group of smiling passengers.

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