Digimon Xros Wars Episode 65 (Young Hunters #11)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Tagiru Goes Weak?! Gumdramon in Big Trouble!

Tagiru is late to class and so has to run to avoid having to work harder in gym. However, when Taiki arrives, he is informed that their gym teacher gave them a study break due to lack of energetic motivation. Yuu mentions that several of the normally energetic students have also seemingly been drained of their enthusiasm. Tagiru suspects the work of a digimon and is ready to take it down! At the end of class as Tagiru bolts for the door, Taiki appears and points out to Yuu that it's all of the athletes in the school, not just their class, who have lost their motivation.

In DigiQuartz, FlaWizarmon appears to the two and begins to attack. As he prepares an attack, a revelation is made that when energy is taken from a human FlaWizarmon takes on not only the energy but the personality as well. Seeing the flame of energy in Tagiru, FlaWizarmon steals his energy, leaving behind a zombified shell. With Tagiru unable to Chou-Shinka Gumdramon, FlaWizarmon vanishes to "hunt" more energy.

With Tagiru de-energized, Taiki and Yuu search for the culprit to find the whole city falling victim to FlaWizarmon. Shifting into DigiQuartz, the two are instantly met my FlaWizarmon and must reload their Digimon to fight back. While the two are unable to keep down their oponent, Gumdramon, with Tagiru riding on his head, rushes towards the scene of battle. Back at the battle, both Shoutmon and Damemon must Chou-Shinka to fight back. Even though both attacks hit their mark, FlaWizarmon is still able to stand thanks to Tagiru's strength.

As FlaWizarmon charges to hunt their energies as well, Gumdramon rushes in and head-butts their attacker, forcing him back. Gumdramon makes a speech about where true energy and motivation come from to bring Tagiru back, and, renewed with vigor amidst this weakness Tagiru stands and has Gumdramon Chou-Shinka. The two battle, with Arresterdramon eventually wrapping his tail around FlaWizarmon and unleashing many lashes thereafter. The capture completed, Taiki comments to OmegaShoutmon that Tagiru and Gumdramon remind him of themselves.

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