Digimon Xros Wars Episode 63 (Young Hunters #9)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Taiki is targeted! The Roar of the Super-star Celebrity!

Taiki has been asked to fill in as pitcher for the baseball club due to injuries among the players. As if blatant foreshadowing, Yuu hopes that Taiki doesn't collapse again from overexerting himself to help others. Tagiru rushes forward only to be ninja'd by Akari, who is armed with a pillow. Upon Taiki's regaining consciousness, Akari explains that she can't jump in like that all of the time as she has transferred schools to a neighboring town. Tagiru thinks the two are boyfriend and girlfriend much to their embarrassment. In response, Yuu's fangirls hit Taigru with their backpacks because he has no tact. As Taiki realizes he still hasn't informed Akari and Zenjirou about the Digimon Hunt, they are being observed by a Digimon through a digital disturbance in a nearby camera.

While at the store, Akari contemplates that Taiki had something important on his mind. While lost in thought, the cash register announces that Akari has randomly won two tickets to a famous luxury hotel - the Hotel Greaton. Though unnoticed by her, an electrical disturbence is sighted at the register by Ryouma. As Taiki explains that Akari and Zenjirou were crucial to defeating Baguramon despite not possessing X-Loaders, Gumdramon suggests they find the ClockMaker to make them Hunters. Taiki reveals that he has not yet mentioned the Hunt to Akari to keep them safe from any ensuing events; Yuu reveals the same regarding Nene. At this point, Akari walks by and invites Taiki as her guest at the Hotel Greaton. Tagiru, thinking this will be a date, decides to spy on them from DigiQuartz while Yuu feels something is strange about Akari winning such rare tickets.

At the hotel, Taiki and Akari are presented with a buffet even grander than one prepared by Devimon. The two are given fancy wristbands to order the food of her choice. Akari chooses the Ikasumi pasta, the food she had wanted to eat prior to being dragged into the Digital World for the first time. Taiki realizes even more that he should reveal the Digimon Hunt events to Akari. Outside, Tagiru is surprised to see Ryouma and Psychemon at the hotel as well. Inside, the light dims as a spotlight falls upon Taiki. On a large screen, a silhouette of SuperStarmon tells Taiki that a new hunt is beginning: for the superstar Hunter, Taiki himself! The other guests' eyes glow purple as SuperStarmon begins to control them to chase down Taiki. As Tagiru and Gumdramon rush inside, Yuu investigates the hotel tickets and finds that the prize had suddenly been changed by someone manipulating the data. As Taiki gets out his X-Loader, a digital field opens below their feet and the two fall into DigiQuartz - without his X-Loader. Seeing this, Tagiru Time Shifts to DigiQuartz to be confronted by SuperStarmon.

Inside Taiki's X-Loader, Starmon recognizes the digital fingerprint as that of the legendary SuperStarmon. As Tagiru is beaten by SuperStamon, Tsuwamon drags them back to the Real World just in time to be spared from an explosive attack. As Taiki and Araki try to escape, they are cornered by SuperStarmon, a collector of the stars of Earth's history. Ryouma explains what he's found out about SuperStarmon as Cutemon rushes forward with Taiki's X-Loader. Noting the danger, Yuu suggests Ryouma help them rescue Taiki and that capturing SuperStarmon would be a sort of contest between the Hunters.

As SuperStarmon is hunting Taiki, a Starmon informs him that the other Hunters have arrived. Leaving a bear-like beast formed of Starmon subordinates to deal with Taiki, SuperStarmon leaves to deal with the Hunters. Gumdramon and Psychemon Chou-Shinka to deal with this threat but only end up getting in each others' way. Inside, Taiki finally tells Akari about his getting involved in the affairs of the Digital World again as the Starmon-beast appears.

Outside, Taigru takes some advide from Ryouma to help take down SuperStarmon in part because Yuu has been doing nothing. As SuperStarmon hits the hotel, a large crystal falls toward Yuu and Tsuwamon and reveals that the two were merely decoy dolls. At this point, Tsuwamon and Yuu appear with Taiki and Akari safe in hand. His plans foiled, SuperStarmon absorbs power from his "wax-museum" of humans as well as his Starmon underlings. Taiki's X-Loader returned, Shoutmon is Reloaded. With Akari's thinking, Taiki distributes the components of X4 amongst himself and Yuu to still be following the rules of the Hunt. (This time, Shoutmon X4 is accomplished by a Double-Xros since two X-Loaders are involved.) SuperStarmon's barrier is no match for X4, and Arresterdramon and Astamon are able to get their attacks inů and pass the SuperStarmon to Tsuwamon who finishes him off to complete the capture.

Ryouma leaves DigiQuartz to encounter the ClockMaker who reveals that Taiki even still is not fighting at his strongest. As Taiki, Yuu, Akari, and Tagiru are talking together, Zenjirou bursts into the room from the neighboring town of the neighboring town! By this point, he has learned of an old man giving out X-Loaders from Tagiru.

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