Digimon Xros Wars Episode 60 (Young Hunters #6)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: Digimon Kendo Match! Approaching the Blade of Kotemon

A boy, Musashi Kenzaki is practiving kendo, wishing to become stronger and better no matter what. As expected by now, a small digital field erupts nearby as the signature notes play in the background. His bag falls over as the digital field erupts from within and he is transported into DigiQuartz. A Kotemon appears from the DigiQuartz shadows for a kendo match. After blocking the attack to make Iori (Cody) from Zero-Two proud, Misashi is offered the chance to study under Kotemon. Off in the distance, Ren, who has been watching the two practice, chuckles to himself. Something's about to go down! And… cue title sequence!

Back in the real world, a kendo contendor beats his opponent in a kendo match (coulda had a Zenjirou-8…). Yuu, Taiki, and Tagiru are also in the kendo tournament. Tagiru, obviously, thinks himself to be the reason they won, as per usual. At this point, with the preliminaries over, Yuu points out a mysterious boy who had been observing the matches (none other than Masashi). Taiki recognizes him as he is revealed to have beaten Masashi the previous year. By this point, Masashi has made Taiki his rival.

It was a dark and crescent-mooned night… Masashi suddenly challenges three university students to a match (Tsujigiri) on a bridge. A dark cloud passes over the moon as the three are soundly beaten by the child. Tagiru, Yuu, and Taiki are informed of the attack, and Tagiru leaves with his kendo equipment. As if we could not already tell, Taiki speaks the obvious: Tagiru's obviously up to something. Yuu agrees (as should you).

Back to Tagiru at the one matrial arts university that has not been targeted yet, Gumdramon thinks there might be a digimon behind the Tsujigiri-styled attack. Preparing to hunt this Digimon, Digimon and partner turn around and are surprised to see Taiki with Yuu, Digimon partners reloaded. Leaving them out of a Digimon hunt would be dame-dame.

The strongest student at this university exits the building. The scene changes to night, the moon the only principal source of light. As expected, the masked attacker appears. The university student seems unphased as the Tsujigiri commences. Dark green energy appears behind the attacker as the university student is soundly and unnaturally thrashed.

The attacker, Masashi, leaves the scene of the attack. Let the pursuit begin! Masashi pulls out his phone and performs a Time Shift as our heroes follow through the open portal to DigiQuartz. Taiki recognizes the Digimon as Masashi recognizes Taiki. Upon the revelation of the Tujigiris, Kotemon appears at least mildly surprised. There will be no honor or praise in that, young grasshopper.

The attacks deemed over, Tagiru leaps in recklessly to challenge Masashi. Kotemon referees the match: one-hit to win. Tagiru's attacks are unpredictable and though seemingly lacking skill, this means that Masashi is unable to formulate a proper defense. Ren, of course, is still watching the battle as Dracmon produdes an eerily dark-green aura as he comments on the feelings of "this one." The match ends as a second bamboo sword appears and strikes Tagiru. Interestingly, it is has same glow as Dracmon's aura.

The crew leave DigiQuartz without a hunt. Tagiru wants a re-match, and Taiki suspects something evil around Musashi. Tagiru goes off to trail agaist Arresterdramon (or his tail, specifically). Kotemon appears, commenting that a tail is too different from proper kendo to be useful and suggests he train Tagiru instead. Kotemon also believes something to be up with Musashi, that he's looking for something other than strength with honor. As we've begun to expect, more watching is being done from the shadows, by Yuu and Taiki.

The semi-finals begin, with Xros Heart and the rest of their division doing amicably well. Yuu's cheerleader girls cheer on Taiki as well this time around. As Tagiru faces Musashi and pushes him back, the second sword appears again out of a shadowy aura. After talking about the meaning of strength, a digital field appears and drags off Musashi, with Tagiru in hot pursuit. The officials are shocked by the disappearance (so much for keeping this all secret…). Taiki decides to leave this up to Tagiru and his training.

In DigiQuartz, the match continues, with the two swords being obvious. Nearby, Dracmon is seen as the cause for this anomaly. Ren reveals that Dracmon needs to do this to power up, the little emotion-vampire! The energy is absorbed by Dracmon and undergoes Chou-Shinka into a pale Yasyamon. Kotemon and Arresterdramon are unable to penetrate Yasyamon's defenses, so Kotemon suggests DigiXrosing himself with Gumdramon. After a Fireballistics attack to the head, Yasyamon falls and Ren runs away.

The battle over and Dracmon gone, Musashi wakes up. Kotemon tells him that true strength is giving it his all with honor. The two humans return to the Real World and re-start their match, with fairness this time. Musashi wins the match this time after both call out a head shot. From Tagiru's X-Loader, Kotemon commends Musashi on his fighting with honor. The moral of this story: some digimon in DigiQuartz are not berserk. So what's causing them to…?

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