Digimon Xros Wars Episode 55 (Young Hunters #1)
Dub Name: n/a
Japanese Name: We Are, the Digimon Hunters!

One year has passed since team Xros Heart battled and defeated Baguramon and his army. With peace reigning, Taiki Kudou and Yuu Amano have formed a basketball team under the name of Xros Heart. In a basketball game against the "Black Devil" team, Taiki passes off to his only "open" member, Tagiru Akashi. Instead of passing to Yuu as Taiki had intended, Tagiru rushes in to make the basket, knocking a tooth out of an opposing player's mouth in the process… only to slam into the backboard face-first.

When Tagiru regains consciousness, he believes himself to have won the game for Xros Heart despite this embarrassing (and painful) feat. Mami pours water on Tagiru's head. She tells him "None of those points were made by you" but instead by Yuu and Taiki. As Taiki and Yuu talk nearby, Taiki remarks how Tagiru acts much like his old partner, Shoutmon.

As Taiki heads out, a digital disturbance downtown and the appearance of a digimon's silhouette crossing his path into an alley call his attention. As he watches the digimon from the other end of the alley, other voices nearby are heard calling to stop the runner's escape. As Taiki pursues, a hand appears from the alley and a boy (Ryouma ~) advises Taiki butt out. It is also revealed that he knows of Taiki's past. Ryouma then disappears in a flash of light, leaving Taiki alone. And wondering what's going on.

—Opening and introduction of DigiQuartz—

In an arcade, Tagiru tries to beat the high score, only to find himself already beaten. Yuu, who is at the arcade to enter a card tournament, laughs and says that Tagiru is starting 100 years too late if he expects to outdo Taiki. As the two fight, another digital disturbance occurs within the arcade, and this time Tagiru notices the silhouetted digimon. As Tagiru goes to investigate, a boy (Ren Tobari) runs into Tagiru and holds up a gray X-Loader, which Yuu recognizes. Another disturbence occurs as three humans are seen running through the shadows and through a door in the back. Tagiru pursues and disappears through the same light that Ryouma disappeared through.

Tagiru finds himself in a strange world and belives himself to be in a game. The digimon from the shadows, Gumdramon, appears to Tagiru and shows him the three Hunters trying to take down a MetalTyrannomon, with Ryouma's blue-faced Astamon doing battle. A purple ring appears around MetalTyrannomon as Astamon subdues his target. The other Hunters make two additional rings appear, but MetalTyrannomon escapes. Despite this, Ren is unimpressed with the Hunt.

Tagiru then shows himself and is thoroughly enthralled to the very core of his being to participate in this "game" of Digimon Hunt. Airu asks about Gumdramon's whereabouts, but Tagiru reveals nothing as the three Hunters reveal they each have a digimon partner. Tagiru and Gumdramon team up, and Gumdramon reveals that though he may be short in stature, his head can expand to nearly three times the size of his body when mad.

The Clockmaker appears to Tagiru and Gumdramon, commenting on their similar personalities. Holding up a black and gold X-Loader, he says, "Time Shift," and the three are transported back to the Real World. Heading into his workshop, the Clockmaker explains that Digimon inhabit a separate space called DigiQuartz, whose time flows differently to that of the Real World, as in a parallel dimension. These Digimon are described to be monsters thirsting for the power a human can give them and that they will not hesitate to attack to gain this power. In the workshop, Tagiru is presented with his very own X-Loader, which turns a fierce crimson red. After Tagiru runs off, the Clockmaker's digimon, Clockmon, appears from the shadows as the Clockmaker comments that Tagiru's coming battles will be as fierce as the color of his X-Loader.

Meanwhile, Yuu meets up with Taiki, and the two of them witness a skyscraper window exploding. Taiki whips out his X-Loader, which reveals MetalTyrannomon occupying DigiQuartz. Looking back to the shattered window, Taiki spies the three Hunters walking away while Yuu spies Tagiru using a X-Loader to Time Shift. Both are shocked by this development.

In DigiQuartz, Gumdramon appears again as the two pursue MetalTyrannomon (Tagiru having some difficulties keeping up). As Tagiru tries to leap over a chasm, cartoon physics delay his fall just long enough for Gumdramon to catch his human partner with his rubber-like tail. As MetalTyyrannomon is snacking, Gumdramon rushes in for the attack, but MetalTyrannomon's metallic body is able to easily withstand all of the attacks. Foreseeing the consequences of Gumdramon's recklessness, Tagiru rushes towards the battle to stop his Digimon partner. Though too late to prevent the chomping off of the end of Gumdramon's tail, Tagiru manages to snatch Gumdramon's body from being another snack at his own risk. This makes Tagiru realize, in part, his own recklessness.

Joining to stand together, rings of energy appear on Tagiru and Gumdramon's wrists as Gumdramon Super-Evolves into Arresterdramon. Seeing this light, the three Hunters watching leave Tagiru to stand his own. MetalTyrannomon is defeated, and his data appears on Tagiru's X-Loader to confirm the capture. The Clockmaker and his Clockmon, who were also watching, vanish again into the shadows, remaining unseen. Seconds later, Taiki and Yuu reveal that they, too, were watching the battle and show Tagiru their own X-Loaders. As Shoutmon begins to speak from Taiki's X-Loader, Gumdramon freaks out and hides behind Tagiru as Gumdramon reveals that Shoutmon is the Digimon King.

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