Digimon Xros Wars Episode 13
Dub Name: Mikey, Warrior of Light
Japanese Name: Taiki, The Warrior of a Goddess!


Picking up from the previous Sand Zone episode, Taiki was able to acquire the Code Crown from Pharaohmon. Outside the tomb, Blastmon of the Bagura Army is fiercely battling against Cyberdramon of the Blue Flare Army (Blue Army) and Sparrowmon of Nene's Army (Black Army). "They're on even fighting terms with Blastmon..." Dorulumon says just before a shot narrowly misses Taiki. The goggle boy reaches for his Xros Loader, but one shot knocks it out of his hands. The Xros Heart group are forced to take cover unarmed. Peering from around a rock, Taiki notices the mysterious attacker is the same guy who's come after him before, Ba'almon. When the group is cornered, Taiki dangerously races out to retrieve his Xros Loader. Ba'almon's next shots hit rocks near the boy, and when they crumble, a statue of a Digimon Goddess is revealed. Ba'almon is surprised and stops attacking. He kicks the Xros Loader to Taiki saying, "I have a reason now to fight you in a fair game."

"DigiXros!" Taiki shouts illuminating. "Shoutmon X4! The two battle, but Ba'almon is very quick. "Burning Star Crusher!" Shoutmon X4 executes, but Ba'almon easily evades the attack.

Elsewhere, Lilithmon of the Bagura Army is informed of the battle taking place. "For a reaper, he's such a blockhead," she says disgusted that he hasn't succeeded in killing them.

Meanwhile, Sparrowmon and Cyberdramon's battle with Blastmon continues. "Death Divider!" Cyberdramon attacks. "Super-effective Diamond Tail," Blastmon retaliates. Blastmon's attack of crystal bullets causes the ground to split and crumble in various locations, and Taiki is sent plummeting downward into the Earth (or should we say digiEarth).

Once the debris clears, Taiki picks himself up unharmed and attempts to contact the others. Unable to make contact, a glowing light catches his attention. The Goddess statue had fallen as well. Reaching up to it, Taiki begins to glow along with the statue. "The glow of a warrior," Ba'almon says walking towards them, "The Goddess has acknowledged you. You have become her warrior." Seems the Sand Zone was once ruled by those known as the goddess's warriors. Only those with courage and justice in their hearts are chosen. They're the chosen warriors who look up to Angemon as their mentor... And they are tied together by a firm bond of friendship and trust. The ground once again becomes unsteady prompting Ba'almon to lead Taiki to a safer place.

In the dessert, Blastmon grew weary after that last attack and disappears. Nene informs Kiriha that Taiki has already gained the Code Crown from that area. "He's grown better," Kiriha says smiling, "In that case, we have no more business here." The two leave the area.

Below, Ba'almon and Taiki walk along the underground canal that helped the Sand Zone thrive. Above ground Zenjirou, Akari, and the digimon are desperately looking for Taiki. Suddenly, a strange digimon blasts Dorulumon, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Cutemon, and Revolmon with a strange pink ray gun.

Long INTRO in the middle of the episode...weird how they did that.

After the intro, the scene return to the underground canal. As the two are walking, Ba'almon suddenly turns and shoots a couple Kodokugumon. "This must be their town," Taiki says. Ba'almon explains that this isn't their town, and the name of this place is Sandria. It was once the most prosperous capital within the Sand Zone....before tragedy occurred. A few moments pass until they reach an area where the road is blocked. Taiki tells Ba'almon not to use his gun as the canal might come tumbling down on them. He grabs one of his legendary Digimon to get through. "Lend me your aid, Guilmon! Rock 'N Roll Breaker, activate!" Guilmon tunnels right through the rocks...making a path for them. Once inside, Taiki gets a glimpse of the remains of the tragedy. Ba'almon admits sadly, "This is where all the Goddess Warriors died, and the one responsible for it was me."

FLASHBACK: A young Ba'almon trains with Angemon until it is time for prayer. After their prayer session, Angemon finds young Ba'almon standing out in the dessert sun. Ba'almon is upset. All these years he's prayed to the Goddess yet not once has she glowed for him. "I'm the 2nd strongest here after you," he says tearfully, "yet I can never become a Goddess's Warrior." [End FLASHBACK].

Ba'almon said he saw the Goddess shine on Taiki, and felt it was a message for him. It was the first time he felt the Goddess was talking to him. He continued by saying he had killed his fiends as if in a nightmare. A cursed seal appeared on their foreheads along with some eerie sound, that made the warriors turn against one another. In order to defend himself and before I knew it, the whole warrior clan was dead. "So you were set up," Taiki says. "Yes. The reason why I'm helping the Bagura army now is because I'm searching for the one who made that trap."

A few minutes pass. Taiki and Ba'almon finally make it to the surface. They are shocked to find Shoutmon and the other digimon sporting that same cursed seal and attacking them. Ba'almon holds them off then grabs Taiki, and runs to find Zenjirou and Akari. Knowing the digimon are being controlled, Taiki pleads with Ba'almon not to hurt them...insisting that he'll never give up on his friends. Lilithmon shows up laughing, "Whoever gets caught by EBEmon's glamour spells thinks that everyone around them is their enemy, so they kill each other." Recalling what happened between himself and Angemon, Ba'almon shoots EBEmon disengaging the glamour spells on the digimon. "I will avenge the warriors who died from your cowardly trap!" he says. Unfortunately, but before he can do so, Lilithmon pierces his body with her elastic-like arm and long finger nails (probably messing up her manicure (^_~)). With their spell broken, Shoutmon agrees to help Ba'almon.

Shoutmon! Ballistamon! Dorulumon! Starmonz! DigiXros....Shoutmon X4! ...and the battle begins. When EBEmon uses "Brain Rupture", Taiki tells Shoutmon X4 to ZigZag and aim for the gun. With one gun down, EBEmon executes "Planet Destroyer," which Shoutmon easily knocks away with his sword. EBEmon is finally destroyed with Shoutmon X4's vulcan's. Lilithmon then reaches to finish the job on Ba'almon, but Shoutmon X4 prevents it. "I wont let you kill Ba'almon," Taiki says. "You're too late anyway," Lilithmon gloats watching Ba'almon collapse.

To be continued.....

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