Digimon Xros Wars Episode 12
Dub Name: Treasure, Traps and Trouble - Oh My
Japanese Name: Sand Zone and the Great Adventure in the Ruins!

The group are travelling towards the next zone, in the portal they see several islands/zones. Jijimon comes out of the Xros Loader and explains that one of them is the Lake Zone. We get a flashback to before things went crazy. We see the 'main' Code Crown shatter and that's what created the zones. Akari asks what caused it to happen, Jiji replies with "It's what you humans...." before cutting himself off not continuing. Jijimon's head starts to become data so he jumps back into the Xros Loader. That's why the Digimon have to stay in it when going from zone to zone. They soon reach the new zone (Sand Zone) and all the main players of Xros Heart are out of the Xros Loader. Jijimon explains that this was called the City of Gold as raw gems are produced here. He explains that the civilization was destroyed for some reason. We see a shot of a Beelzewomon (name made up there as it's a Beelzemon but in female form) and several angelic type Digimon.

Starmon wants to start a treasure hunt, Shoutmon agrees. Akari just states that she bets they'll get caught up in something weird again. The group are now walking needing water as it's really hot. In the distance they see an oasis, they wonder if it's a mirage. Taiki tells Shoutmon water and the little Digimon runs towards the Oasis the others following. Shoutmon suddenly disappears and they all end up stepping into soft sand. The trap belongs to Scorpiomon part of the Bagura Army. Shoutmon and Taiki realise they can't digixros in the sand, so Taiki gets Dorulumon to use his Drill Blader. This starts him turning against the run of sand.

Down underground an Evilmon is calling for Blasmon giving heaps of praise as he tries to find him. Several of them present Blasmon with his meal a ton of jewels. It seems he isn't all that bright as he causes part of the cave to fall in as he pounds the ground in responce. He eats the jewels and then states that the greatest treasure in the zone, the ultimate diamond is sleeping somewhere. From above, Xros Heart come crashing in straight on top of of Blastmon. Evilmon know who they are and Dorulumon recognises Blastmon as one of the Three Generals of the Bagura Army. He tells Taiki this along that once he starts rampaging about anything involving jewels there is no stopping him. They are saved for now with Scorpiomon falling through onto Blastmon, the former suddenly realising who he fell on as Xros Heart run for it. Blastmon orders the Evilmon to get the sand off his body fast, rather than go after the group. While escaping, Zenjirou takes a purple crystal jewel and puts it into Ballistamon. Several Scorpiomon are going after the group and they end up trapped. They think they're going to have to fight when a train cart runs past on the mine tracks, inside is Revolmon and shoots at the Scorpiomon telling Xros Heart to get in. The group manage to get in with a squeeze.

Revolmon introduces himself as a treasure hunter as they are chased again. They are running to the end of some track, so Taiki tells the Digimon to increase the speed and they jump it and end up in the water. Revolmon asks Taiki if he knew there was a river there, he replies that he could smell there was water around. Taiki thanks Revolmon for saving them, the Digimon replies no need to thank him as it's give and take. However he would like them to help him with his treasure hunt. Revolmon says he knews where the hidden treasure is based. He takes them to a door but no matter what he couldn't get it to open. Shoutmon goes to attack but is stopped as the door has a trap that reflects any attack back on the person who used it. Jijimon says to leave it to him as he'll open it with a refreshing wind...and with that he farts. Akari says she'll use her appeal to open the door then and blows a kiss at it. To everyone's amazement the darn thing opens! They have been watched by a Scorpiomon who goes to report to Blastmon.

- Opening airs-

The group are walking when Revolmon drops some of his ammo, he tells the others to go ahead of him as he picks them up. They reach another door that turns out to be a trap door with a Big Mamemon behind it. It rolls up and in true Indiana Jones style they have to run from him XD Revolmon is nowhere to be seen until he comes out of the wall wondering what Taiki will do. Ahead is the Bagura Army, Taiki gets Shoutmon to make a dent in the wall, they all get inside in time just as Big Mamemon catches up. The ahead Bagura army are not so lucky and get run over and die. Further up ahead is Blastmon and Evilmon, Blastmon raises his fist and takes BigMamemon out in one punch. The group are now heading on again, Revolmon saying this is likely the last tough spot. Zenjirou is scared as he hates heights. Taiki shows Shoutmon the Digimemories, they are all back to normal. Revolmon tells them that they can only be used once in each zone. Dorulumon stops and tells the other the Bagura Army have caught up. They start to run but Blasmon blasts past them, not watcing where he's going and ends up smacking into the wall and breaks the path as he falls into the below water. As the Bagura Army attack, Taiki pulls out the HolyAngemon Digimemory and it transports all the army outside. When Taiki turns to Revolmon, he is pointing his gun at them. Revolmon tells them he wants them to fight the king and if they beat him, the treasure would be theirs. Taiki asks how he knows, he points to a device on the wall that is a switch to open up Pharoahmon's tomb.

Around them the entire location changes into the tomb, Zenjirou is still clinging to Ballistamon, who tells him to get off. Pharoahmon speaks asking if they bring darkness or light to the world. Taiki says light and he is told to prove it. Pharoahmon comes out from his casket as Blastmon makes it to the outside surface. Blastmon seems something moving fast out and goes to check it out. It's Sparrowmon taking on the Scorpiomon. Monitormon is checking things out when Blastmon arrives in front of them. It attacks Blastmon with Fire Shot. Sparrowmon flies around Blastmon asking if he can destroy those guys, she tells him to go wild. Blastmon sees the Black Xros Loader. Inside the tomb, Pharoahmon is ready to attack. Taiki does a Digixros to get Shoutmon X4 into action. The fight starts but X4 cannot land a blow on on Pharoahmon as it goes straight through him. When he uses Burning Star Crusher but it is absorbed and sent back at him. Taiki wonders how they can win and then suddenly remembers that Revolmon wants them to fight Pharoahmon. Taiki realises something from his words and tells Shoutmon X4 to stop attacking. Revolmon tells them to continue, however Taiki says that's enough he knows this is a test.

Pharoahmon turns into a spirit floating head and says he's right. Revolmon hands over 4 new Digimemories and the Sand Zone Code Crown. Monitormon's have been spying and sending the info back to Nene. Evilmon has also seen it and tells Blastmon. Though he seems to not care simply because it wasn't a diamond. Blastmon then states he'll just beat down the Red and Black armies. From behind him, Mailbirdramon fires. Enter Kiriha with Blasmon realising that Black and Blue are working together. Kiriha tells Cyberdramon (yes we don't know when he got him) to attack. The Digimon does and gets him into a hug before he attacks. Blastmon stupidly asks is Cyberdramon loves him because of the hug lol. Cyberdramon attacks and below ground the group feel it. Up on a pyramid, Ba'almon is stood laughing to himself. His purpose there currently unknown.

- End of Episode-

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