Digimon Xros Wars Episode 11
Dub Name: Ice to See You, Angie
Japanese Name: Xros Heart, Burn!

Taiki has pushed himself and has collapsed. Bastemon is watching over him in bed. Akari seems upset at this and runs off. IceDevimon's troops are once again attacking the castle with Zenjirou having Taiki's goggles, directing the troops. They start attacking from the skies, so Ballistamon sends Shoutmon up into the air. Nene has been watching from the forest. In IceDevimon's HQ, something is being defrosted. He wants to know why, in which Lilithmon tells him that the Digimon is his replacement. He begs her but she closes the door on him, saying if this keep up she'll explode. She goes to a mirror in the other room saying she will have to use some more of her power.

Back with Zenjirou, he's fixing up Ballistamon. Akari has been watching and is in a bad mood. Ballistamon says it's because the princess has Taiki. She says that isn't it and still get mad running off. Shoutmon is on look out duty and sees Akari. She looks at her phone, finding a picture of her family. Akari hears a voice and she starts to follow it thinking it's her moms voice. Lilithmon is at the mirror and is the one guiding Akari. Akari reaches a room with another mirror a purple light coming from it. A spell is put on her by Lilithmon making her think that it's her mom. Shoutmon arrives asking her what's wrong. Akari tells him that the mirror is connected to the Human world. He checks saying it's a normal mirror. He accidenly knocks it over and it breaks. Shoutmon just says she's in a bad mood over the princess. She yells at him and says she hates the Digital World before running off again. A piece of the mirror has gone with her, the voice of Lilithmon telling her to toss the Digital World aside and go home. She asks how, in which Lilithmon tells her to find the Code Crown in the castle.

Lilithmon is pleased in IceDevimon's HQ. From in the air, Ba'almon is watching her carefully, stating he now knows more about her power. She looks up but he's no longer there stating it must have been her imagination. IceDevimon tells her the defrosting is now ready. The Digimon has now taken old of IceDevimon with him begging Lilithmon. Back in the castle, Akari arrives at Taiki's room. She places her hand on the necklace of Bastemon, chants a spell, then leaves. Taiki opens his eyes sleepily as she leaves. She says that she's going back home to him and leaves. However he falls back asleep. Outside Shoutmon is now fast asleep. Cutemon throws stones at him until he wakes. Shoutmon tells Dorulumon and Cutemon about Akari. They then see her walking across the now frozen lake. She reaches Lilithmon and the troops, stating she has found the Code Crown. It was in a Male Bastemon statue. Dorulumon realises what's going on and that it's Lilithmon behind this.

Shoutmon and the troops are up for getting Akari back. Zenjirou tells them to not use their weapons as they may hit Akari. Lilithmon tells her troops to stand their ground. The Digimon they were defrosting was Daipenmon. In his white popsicle, IceDevimon is frozen, but can still speak and think. Daipenmon starts to go wild attacking anything in sight. Akari is stood in the midst of it all, in which Taiki wakes up as Akari is falling into darkness (believe this is in his dream). Taiki leaves the room to find her. Daipenmon slams the ground and cracks Ice all the way up to the castle, freezing it. Taiki looks out seeing all of this as well as Akari. Zenjirou sees Taiki as he was saved by Knightmon. He takes a spear from a frozen Pawnchessmon and goes after Taiki.

They run together as Zenjirou passes the goggles back, they'll save Akari together. Shoutmon is trying to break out of the Ice, as Akari is with Lilithmon. She can't get the Code Crown from Akary at the moment as she won't let go. Lilithmon will resort to cutting off her hand. IceDevimon thinks that awful and even he sudders at that thought. Daipenmon licks the popsicle as she goes to cut the hand off. A spear is thrown by Zenjirou, stopping her in time. Akari shows them the Code Crown, saying she can now go back home. The crown shines in the air, until she clasps it again as Lilithmon tries to take hold. She says she's sick of being in the Digital World because no one needs her. Taiki tells her that's not true that he needs her as she's been holding him up in the Digital World, that's why he needs her. Shoutmon says he needs her to be the Digimon King. Dorulumon says for all their sakes. Akari cries saying she's needed, the Crown shines and Lilithmon tries to take it saying it's hers. Akari says it isn't and then slashes at Lilithmon, cutting the demoness' face.

Lilithmon then explodes with a great amount of power surging into Daipenmon and IceDevimon. Ballistamon gets Akari out of the way, her thanking them as in the background IceDevimon and Daipenmon have merged to be come IceDevimon-Daipenmon Enchanced Absorbed From. Lilithmon orders him to kill them all with Absolute Zero Ice Crusher from Hell. He splurts out a lot of slushie ice. Knightmon and PawnChessmons save them from the blast for the time being. Taiki goes for the Xros Loader and with Akari and Zenjirou's help they stand with Taiki. He proceeds to Digixros Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon, Pickmon, PawnChessmon and Knightmon to form Shoutmon X4 Knight. He breaks through the attack with no problem. Lilithmon asks who he is, in which he replies they are Xros Heart and bond of fierce hearts that will one day chance the world. He won't forgive her for playing with Akari's heart. He then attacks with Burning Star Crusher, taking out Absorbed form. Lilithmon leaves them to their fate.

Nene has been watching, but thinks Xros Heart's power is a little too hot for her. The statue has been patched up and Taiki gets the Code Crown. Knightmon and the PawnChessmon want to come with them...as does Bastemon. Akari is annoyed at this, but Taiki doesn't say yes or no. Nene is now with Kiriha. He asks if she's going to weigh up who's stronger yet again. She says no that's chosen. She asks him to team up with her. He replies he doesn't team up with the weak. She pulls out a Black Xros Loader much to his surpirse, from it she releases a Digimon, Sparrowmon (the yellow Digimon from the OP). Sparrowmon wants to know if he should destroy Kiriha. She replies no he's going to join them. Kiriha asks who in the world is she as the episode ends.

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