Digimon Xros Wars Episode 10
Dub Name: The Rival Champions
Japanese Name: Taiki Becomes A Knight!

The group arrive at the Lake Zone, however they come across a lot of frozen Digimon. When looking around Taiki hears a noise, similar to the one he heard when Shoutmon was dying. He runs off and the others follow. They find a group of crying White PawnChessmon. They tell him that their Leader Knightmon was beaten by the Bagura army and dropped into the lake. Taiki is somehow able to communicate with Knightmon. He is dying in the water and is able to reply to him. Taiki tells him to not give up. however Knightmon knows he's dying and asks Taiki to help the PawnChessmon instead. Taiki refuses and jumps into the water, which is freezing cold. He manages to save Knightmon's data by bringing him into the Xros Loader. Taiki runs out of air, but lucky for him that ChibiKamemon had gone in after him. At the surface a fire has been lit as Akari hits Taiki for being stupid. Akari is upset that he did that and that they can't get back to the human world. She looks at her phone and sees the photo she took in Episode 1, now has a warped blimp on it (it used to be normal). The PawnChessmon gather around Taiki as he re-loads Knightmon, fit and well again. They thanks Taiki for saving his life and will escort Taiki to Bastia Castle as their princess is looking for a legendary general.

At the Bagura HQ Tactimon and Blastmon see another zone fall. Blastmon says that 'Tac-Chan' isn't doing so well. Tactimon states otherwise and that one day it will be under their control. Ba'almon interupts them, which annoys Blastmon as it's clear he doesn't like the reaper. Ba'almon asking where Lilithmon is, as she isn't there. Tactimon refuses to tell him stating he has no right to know, however Blastmon just simply tells him, she's at the Lake Zone - the Zone that IceDevimon is trying to invade. Ba'almon thanks him and leaves. Tactimon tells Blastmon to be more careful and to think before he speaks.

ToyAgumon are fighting with the Bagura troops outside of Bastia Castle. They are Icemon, Troopmon and IceDevimon. Taiki and co arrive, with Dorulumon attacking some of the troops, quickly followed by Shoutmon and the others. The Bastia troops fight with more vigor, causing the Bagura Troops to retreat for now. Inside of the castle, the princess is asleep, the cat Digimon Bastemon. She thanks Taiki for saving Knightmon. Knightmon asks her to make Taiki a general, however there is a problem, another human is there, Kiriha. Bastemon falls back asleep as Kiriha enters asking if they should fight it out.

IceDevimon is back in his HQ demanind his specialist drink. Lilithmon tells him she's already drinking it. IceDevimon is shocked to see her there. She says the base is tepid as are IceDevimon's strategies. She falls on his butt as she walks towards him. He bows to her as she asks when he's going to take the Code Crown hiding inside of Bastia Castle. If he takes much longer she will explode. He tells her that he has a secret plan as Ba'almon arrives. Lilithmon asks him what he wants. He's come to sell his services as IceDevimon doesn't appear capable to redeem himself, so he could lend a hand. IceDevimon is annoyed with Ba'almon as Lilithmon says it's suspicious. Ba'almon asks her to not say that 'my lady' and he would do anything to charm her. She asks if he fancies her in which Ba'almon asks her to keep it quiet from the other generals. Lilithmon asks him to take out Taiki as IceDevimon got his ass handed to him. Ba'almon says it will be easy.

-Opening Stars-

A feast of Diginoir is presented in the honour of the group. Outside on the balcony, Kiriha and Taiki are talking. Kiriha admits he came there for the Code Crown, however he's been thrown off his pace thanks to the princess. He says the army is far easier to deal with, however he is smiling at this. Taiki is now unsure of Kiriha and wonders what the dark aura he felt when they previously met really was. Kiriha spots Ballistamon, Knightmon and Zenjirou spying. He notes that Taiki's numbers are growing and they they won without his help earlier on. He then goes on to say he'll beat IceDevimon's troops and then take the Code Crown. Taiki has that feeling again that he can't turn his back on Kiriha. Zenjirou asks Taiki why he always acts like that.

-Flashback- On a day it was raining a boy was on his own. Taiki only knew him a little because of a change of class. He felt like he couldn't leave him, however the boy didn't respond to Taiki's warmth telling Taiki to be quiet he was fine. Taiki left him and sees an ambulence go to the spot where the kid was. Apparently the boy had hit his head during a game and it was worse than it looked. Taiki then cries as he blamed himself. -End of Flashback-

Whenever Taiki saw the kids desk is hurt and it was then he decided to not turn his back on anyone. That's why he does it. Ballistamon and Knightmon are happy at this. They are interupted by an explosion. The Bagura Army are back, Ballistamon attacks some of the ice blocks coming their way, however some blocks are Icemon and some blocks go into the water. Shoutmon, Starmon, Pickmons and Cutemon are all passed out from eating too much. However overhead MailBirdramon flies with Kiriha on his back. They attack some of the troops as he then he brings out Greymon. Kiriha decides it's time to show Taiki their Digi-Xros. He Digi-Xroses them into MetalGreymon.

MetalGreymon attacks with Trident Arm and then GigaDestroyer, wiping out a lot of the army in a single swoop. Taiki notices that IceDevimon isn't around and suddenly realises that some of the blocks in the water must be more Icemon. Taiki calls to Shoutmon over the communicators as Icemon enter the castle. Bastemon notices there's a battle as she had been sleeping. IceDevimon is also in the castle near to her.

Shoutmon arrives and attacks with Soul Crusher. IceDevimon asks why he didn't join the battle. Shoutmon says that the strategy was obvious (ha). Knightmon and some of the others arrive as IceDevimon absorbs the Icemon. To become IceDevimon Enchanced Absorbed Form. Kiriha looks back and sees the now giant IceDevimon. Shoutmon and Dorulumon's attacks don't work on IceDevimon. Ballistamon ends up frozen so they can't Digixros. Taiki is then shot at by Ba'almon. Ballistamon is able to move a little to defend Taiki as Ba'almon lands running towards them. However MetalGreymon arrives and starts to take on Ba'almon. From MetalGreymon's back, Taiki and Kiriha lock eyes for a few moments as Ba'almon starts to fire on MetalGreymon before retreating.

Knightmon is now getting frozen so Taiki Digixroses Shoutmon and Dorulumon to create the Cannon. Bastemon is watching in awe as the cannon is fired slamming into IceDevimon, freezing Knightmon. The PawnChessmon and Knightmon attack him with Checkmate Break making the devil go back to normal size and the rest of the Bagura Army retreating. Taiki sees Kiriha and MailBirdramon leave. Kirhia tells MailBirdramon that Taiki got one up on him and saw through the diversion. Kirhia says he'll let Taiki have this one and that he doesn't do well with the princess.

Bastemon loves Taiki and makes him the general. Akari is annoyed at this as Taiki starts to fall tired. She uses Shoutmon as the pillow. They know that if they are attacked they can't Digixros. On the walls Monitormon have been watching them. In IceDevimon's HQ, Lilithmon is reviving a Digimon.

- End of Episode-

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