Digimon Xros Wars Episode 9
Dub Name: Dorulumon's True Colors
Japanese Name: Dorulumon Runs As the Wind!

Shoutmon realises that Dorulumon was a member of the Bagura Army. Tactimon states he was one of the most clever soldiers, however they shouldn't put their trust in him. He also states that Dorulumon is the kind who makes you think he's a friend before betraying. Taiki disagrees with Tactimon. Tactimon informs him that Dorulumon revealed his perfect strategy to the enemy and allowed them to escape and then leaving the army. He then calls Dorulumon a disgrace to the army. Taiki still trusts Dorulumon. Tactimon summons his sword and attacks the group. In a single swipe he splits open the ground. Taiki and Dorulumon on one side, the rest on the other side. Taiki tells them to leave. Shoutmon is reluctant, Dorulumon also tells them to go and attacks Tactimon. He uses his sword to deflect the attack, leaving Taiki and Dorulumon trapped in the rubble. The others go as instructed leaving the duo at the mercy of Tactimon. Tactimon takes hold of the Xros Loader knocked from Taiki. He tells both of them they will be executed in a gruesome way.

Kiriha and MailBirdramon are terrorising some Troopmon in an unnamed zone. It becomes clear that Kiriha is the 'owner' of said zone. Nene is also there and informs Kiriha that the Bagura Army have Taiki and that Taiki is to be put to death. Kiriha asks Nene what she's up to. However she doesn't reply.

Taiki and Dorulumon are in a cage, surrounded by Meramon and Blue Meramon. Tactimon taunts Dorulumon, who tells him that working with Tactimon is the biggest embarrassment of his life. Tactimon reminds him that it was because of him that the enemy was able to keep a Code Crown and run off. Taiki asks Dorulumon the reason, however he acts all cool as normal and says he doesn't need silly things like friends. Blue Meramon hears this and is surprised. Tactimon orders Ancient Volcamon to prepare for the execution. Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Akari, Zenjirou and Cutemon are hiding behind a rock, watching. Akari is still surprised that Dorulumon was part of the army. Zenjirou wonders if it was him that attacked Cutemon's village. However Cutemon states no. They all know that to rescue Taiki, Tactimon is going to be a big problem.

The Meramon are all lined up, Tactimon tells them to prepare to fire on the cage, but don't finish them off in a single blow, they should experience pain before death. Shoutmon wants to go now but Starmon and Pickmon stop him. From the sky, someone is coming. Kiriha and MailBirdramon appear. He orders MailBirdramon to attack the Meramon. Once they are gone AncientVolcamon orders more Meramon to attack as one, however Tactimon tells them to fall back. He will take down MailBirdramon. Kiriha asks Tactimon if the rumours of him being the strongest of the three officers is true. Tactimon tells him to fight to see for himself. They seem happy to oblige and when they will, they'll take Tactimon's code crowns. He replies that's his line before the battle starts. In the dust, the rest of Xros heart get to the cage to rescue Taiki and Dorulumon. BlueMeramon opens the door for them as he came to pay back a debt to Dorulumon. BlueMeramon says he will take them to Taiki's Xros Loader.

*Opening airs*

Taiki asks BlueMeramon about Dorulumon in the Bagura Army. He informs them that Dorulumon isn't a traitor. Flashback, Tactimon had ordered a zone to be conquered. They were getting beaten when Dorulumon came to save them. He told them to evacuate as he had been ordered to reduce the area to rubble and they would die. He tells them that Tactimon stated that the Blue Meramon would be happy to die for the army. However Dorulumon tells them to go. Some Boltmon decide to leave after hearing Dorulumon's words. BlueMeramon tells Dorulumon that they would be disobeying Tactimon's orders and would face a court-martial. Dorulumon says that if that happens they should say they were obeying his orders. Other Meramon fire on Tactimon's orders, BlueMeramon is hurt and things he will die. Dorulumon saves him. Dorulumon tells them that is the reason he left, because the Bagura Army sacrifice their own Digimon.

Tactimon has grabbed hold of MailBirdramon's neck, with Kiriha still on board. They head skyward leaving AncientVolcamon and the other troops behind. Taiki gets the Xros Loader back when they are attacked by DeathMeramon. This is about to hit Dorulumon when BlueMeramon knocks him away and takes the hit. It's clear that DeathMeramon is very weak after getting trounced by Xros Heart last episode. Shoutmon attacks and defeats him. BlueMeramon also dies in front of the group. Xros Heart leave the cage to see Ancient Volcamon and the Meramon. A fight ensures between the armies. AncientVolcamon does the absorb thing and becomes Fused Ancient Volcamon. He goes after Dorulumon first. Taiki summons Garurumon 'Fox Fire' Digimemory to save Dorulumon. Taiki still wants to be friends with Dorulumon. He replies that he may double cross Taiki some day. That's a chance Taiki will take as long as Dorulumon helps them out, he can double cross as many times as he wants.

Dorulumon tells Taiki to DigiXros him with Shoutmon, much to Cutemon's delight. Taiki does this and it forms the Dorulu Cannon. After firing it upon AncientVolcamon Fused Form they de-xros and then are re-xros to Shoutmon X3. He attacks and slices through fused form.

MailBirdramon has landed with Tactimon and is being mostly pummelled. Kiriha brings out Greymon to help him out. Tactimon seems partly impressed and says he doesn't hold back. He attacks and Greymon defends. Kiriha, Greymon and MailBirdramon decide to call it a day and leave. He tells Tactimon he likes to save the fun until last. Tactimon states it an excuse and that the fight isn't over. They leave anyhow.

Dorulumon and Cutemon decide to join Xros Heart. Dorulumon states having friends isn't as bad after all. From the ground the Code Crown arrives and Taiki gets it. The freed slaves run to Taiki as Nene has been watching. He leaves the Magma Zone in the slaves care as they leave.

-End of Episode-

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