Digimon Xros Wars Episode 7
Dub Name: Danger Erupts
Japanese Name: Volcanic Digimon, Great Explosion!

Taichi, Zenjirou and Akari arrive at the next zone, Magma Zone. They all say it stinks due to the sulphour from the volcanoes and hot springs. Akari and Jijimon get excited at the hot springs so they go into them. The boys on one side and Akari on the other. While Akari bathes she spots a Digimon looking down, DeathMeramon and then freaks out. She peaks around the boys side which freaks out Zenjirou and points up to where they are being watched. DeathMeramon, BlueMeramon and normal Meramon from the Bagura Army. DeathMeramon introduces himself as the squad leader of the zone. He wants to take the group prisoners. Shoutmon says he'll take them on however Taiki tells him to hand on as they are still stark naked and using Pickmon and Starmon to cover up parts XD

However the Meramon attack which means Shoumon has to attack anyhow. Akari is now part dressed and runs for it as Ballistamon also starts to attack. All three are now fully clothed as DeathMeramon sees the Xros Loader. Shoutmon and Ballistamon are Digixrossed into Shoutmon X2. Shoutmon X2 starts to toast the Meramon. The BlueMeramon seems suprised and DeathMeramon goes to take on Shoutmon X2. He can't take DeathMeramon's Heat Chain and splits back to Shoutmon and Ballistamon. Taiki gets the Starmon and Pickmon to DigiXros for the Rare Star Sword for Zenjirou, however he is knocked away. DeathMeramon uses his chains again and Akari is caught by a Meramon when Cutemon steps on the Meramon and arrives to help. DeathMeramon goes for Cutemon and Akari with his chains but Taiki takes the hit.

Dorulumon turns up and slams some horns into DeathMeramon. It soon becomes clear that BlueMeramon and Dorulumon know each other somehow as they all retreat, leaving Taiki and co behind. Akari breates Taiki as Taiki thanks Dorulumon. Shoutmon is pretty jeleous by this. Cutemon heals Taiki's small injury as they continue to talk. Akari asks why they are travelling. Dorulumon says that it isn't really much of their buisness. Cutemon decides to tell them that they are travelling looking for Cutemon's parents.

FlashBack time to 6 months ago Cutemon was travelling alone when some Goblimon want to rob him and make him their gopher. He tries to stand up to them as one of them tells him to shut up a drill tail whack's it into the group, it was Dorulumon who was trying to sleep but was disturbed by the group. A shortwhile later all three are in the ground as Cutemon follows Dorulumon. He tells Cutemon to not follow him and starts to pick up the pace with Cutemon managing to keep up. cutemon won't stop following him and wants to go with him. When he grabs hold of Dorulumon's tail he spins it to try and get rid of the little guy. One dizzy moment later Dorulumon asks what Cutemon is trying to do. Cutemon tells him of his parents and when the Troopmon attacked their village. His parents got him away but they were separated. When Cutemon tells him the Bagura Army was responsible he looks shocked for some reason. Cutemon once again follows Dorulumon who no longer tells him to not follow. Taiki offers to Dorulumon again to come travelling with them however he won't as he doesn't want to be tied down. Both Dorulumon and Cutemon leave with Taiki running after them.

*Opening airs*

Inside the Bagura HQ in the Magma Zone DeathMeramon reports in of the group. They already know of them as Tactimon reported down. The Digimon is AncientVolcamon and believes the group to be his prisoners...until DeathMeramon tells him otherwise. He then blows and DeathMeramon has to call in some Yukidarumon to cool him down literally. AncientVolcamon tells DeathMeramon to make sure they are caught next time.

The entire group are following Dorulumon are state they are going the same way, not following. Shoutmon asks Taiki why he wants Dorulumon to join them, Taiki tells him he saw him in a dream *see episode 1*. Shoutmon reminds Taiki that he's his number one partner. They see some ruins in the distance and find Digimon slaving away digging (Pumpmon, Gotsumon, Kotemon, Bearmon, Chuumon). A Prariemon is carring a box of rocks when he falls near BlueMeramon and a normal Meramon. The Meramon goes to strike him when a Gotsumon asks him to let the Prariemon rest as he has a fever and is sick. The Meramon won't until BlueMeramon tells him to wait as there is no point forcing the Prariemon if it's sick. DeathMeramon is annoyed as they are searching for the Code Crown and demands that BlueMeramon make the slaves work faster. BlueMeramon doesn't want to do that as it is likely that the slaves will die. This doesn't seem to bother DeathMeramon as they can always capture more.

Taiki and the group see the slaves at work. Taiki wants to save the slaves. Taiki asks Dorulumon to help them out however he leaves with Cutemon. Cutemon is trying to convince Dorulumon to help when they come across a Bearmon tied up. Taiki and co are at the HQ and have taken out the two Meramon guards. They go in to find it's a trap as DeathMeramon, BlueMeramon and several Meramon are waiting for them. Taiki goes for his Xros Loader however BlueMeramon attacks first knocking it away. As Shoutmon and Ballistamon attack Taiki is caught, Zenjirou gets the Xros Loader and throws it to Akari who is about to be nabbed. Here comes Dorulumon to save the group but gets Shoutmon caught up in his tornado as well as the Meramon.

Dorulumon says the only reason he came was because he heard Cutemon's parents are there. Flashback to the Bearmon who is being healed by Cutemon. He confirms that Cutemon's parents are there. They told him that had a son they lost sight of at their village. The Bearmon was quite sick and states that the Bagura Army throw Digimon away when they are no longer of use. Akari gives the Xros Loader back to Taiki and they are DigiXrossed into Shoutmon X3. The fight starts between DeathMeramon and Shoutmon X3 with both being on equal ground. DeathMeramon starts to get the upper hand until Cutemon shouts to Dorulumon to not give up. Somehow the horn from his shoulder is fired knocking DeathMeramon allowing Shoutmon X3 to beat him. *not deleted i notice*. BlueMeramon is suprised again. After they split we hear AncientVolcamon and then see him angered and is blowing his top again.

-End of Episode-

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