Digimon Xros Wars Episode 6
Dub Name: Crisis or Conquest
Japanese Name: X4, Overcome the Crisis!

MailBirdramon is fighting an Ookuwamon and winning. Nene is watching and tells Kihira that Taiki has got another Code Crown. Kihira knows Taiki is good but is suprised when Nene tells him that Taiki has the DigiMemories. She also tells him that Taiki appears to be having a little trouble. Kihira orders MailBirdramon to take Ookuwamon down in a single shot.

The island is surrounded by Seadramon which is annoying Dorulumon as he can't relax. Taiki thinks of summoning Leviamon again, however he sees it's blacked out and wonders can he only use the memory once. Neptunemon calls to them and tells them to hand over the Code Crown and Digimemories. Shoutmon and Zenjirou call no and the latter suggesting they just leave as they have the Code Crown. Taiki says no they can't leave as Neptunemon proclaims if they don't then Archelomon will be killed. Archelomon tells them not to do it and go to the next zone as he knows that the Digital World will be in safe hands. Neptunemon strikes him with his staff for this. ChibimonKamemon agrees with Archelomon. Jijimon states that they wouldn't be able to save Archelomon let alone escape without going to the next zone with the island being surrounded. Taiki says he can't as he wouldn't know what would happen to the other island members.

Shoutmon, Akari and Zenjirou agree to go with Taiki's decision afterall they are a team. Taiki says he accepts his demands and to free Archelomon. Taiki goes to throw the items to the Seadramon when Kihira turns up with Mailbidramon. He orders MailBirdramon to attack and he takes out several Seadramon in one hit. Kihira offers that if he takes out the Bagura Army there Taiki should give him the Digimemories. Akari is angry with him for even suggesting it. They are interupted by Neptunemon as Taiki refuses the help. He does want the help of someone ho doesn't understand how precious life is. However he does thank him for taking some of them out.

Taiki looks at the DigiMemories and picks out MarineAngemon summoning him with 'Ocean Love'. Swarms of MarineAngemon bewitch the Seadramon and Neptunemon with it's attack. Taiki asks Shakomon to make a bridge with more of his friends. Shoutmon and Ballistamon are DigiXrosed to Shoutmon X2 with Starmon and the silver Pickmon not far behind go create the Rare Star Sword for Zenjirou. They head across towards Neptunemon as Kihira says Taiki has good command of different methods. Kihira tells Akari that in the end what Taiki will need is power.

-Op starts-

Taiki, Shoutmon X2 and Zenjirou reach the end. Zenjirou frees Archelomon as Neptunemon snaps out of MarineAngemon's Bewitchment. Gizamon attack so Shoutmon X2 and Zenjirou attack them. Taiki tells them all to retreat however Neptunemon uses his staff to split them up and knocks them into the ocean. As they surface he orders Seadramon to freeze it trapping them. Neptunemon goes to kill them hoewver Dorulumon turns up and smashes the ice with his tail. Shoutmon X2 splits back up as Dorulumon tells them that he was disturbed so came to kick butt. Taiki DigiXros the trio to get Shoutmon X3, 11 silver pickmon and Starmon are then DigiXrosed making X3 into Shoutmon X4. The sword flames up as the battle with Neptunemon starts with him summoning Vortex Pentrate. The spear "Kings Bite" now acts like a homing beacon that won't stop unless it spears it's opponent. Archelomon tells Taiki to use the lock on to their own advantage.

He orders X4 to dive under the water he does with the spear following. Shoutmon X4 then comes up behind Neptunemon holding him in place as the Kings Bite comes down, he catches the spear and starts to say it won't work, however it cuts him off as it plunges through him knocking Shoutmon X4 away. Neptunemon knows he's going to die and calls out Wave of Depths to take them with him. The ice breaks as he's deleted. King Whamon tells the islanders to hang on to him and dives under the water as the ice shatters around him. He swallows Taiki, Zenjirou, Archelomon and Shoutmon X4 saving them before spitting them out like he did the Flymon last episode when they surface.

Archelomon is thankful but forgets Taiki's name. They can finally hold the summer festival. Dondokomon brings himself out of the Xros Loader to celebrate. Shoutmon enjoing the dancing. Kihira is watching as MailBirdramon asks if he's going to take what Taiki has. Kihra says he can do that at any time. (oh lord fangirls take that as you will.) He wants Taiki's power even more now. MailBirdramon says there could be a time he has to fight Taiki in which Kihira say they will build their forces until that time comes in which they leave.

At Bagura HQ Tactimon knows that the Island Zone has been taken and that Neptunemon defeated. He knows that he has to take action sooner or late. Back on the Island ChibiKamemon wants to join Xros Heart in which Taiki agrees he can. Dorulumon is leaving and Taiki chases asks him to join Xros and be friends with them. Dorulumon says he doesn't need friends and can't stand to be tied down and leaves.

-End of Episode-

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