Digimon Xros Wars Episode 5
Dub Name: Thanks for the Digicards
Japanese Name: The DigiMemory Shines!

Neptunemon has Archelomon as his prisoner and has given him vast amounts of sake in order to get the location of the Code Crown out of him. Neptunemon is losing patience with him as Archelomon says the Code Crown is right 'there' and pats his own stomach. Pukamon tells the Xros heart team that Archelomon has been captured. Taiki and Shoutmon agree to save him as they see some Diginoir being carried by some Flymon. Whamon is now waking up and we find out what Whamon is actually the island itself and he's called King Whamon. ChibiKamemon tells them that it's the time of the festival and that they give Diginoir in order to protect the treasure inside of Whamon and it's deduced he holds the Code Crown.

The Flymon drop the Diginoir but Shoutmon goes after it and ends up clamping onto a bomb as they're dropping those with the Noir to paralyse Whamon so they can get inside. Shoutmon is blown back as Neptunemon watches on with Archelomon now tied up.Shoutmon is alright and asks Shakomon to knock them away. He attacks the bombs but cannot get them all. Shoutmon starts to kick them away to save Whamon getting badly hurt. Taiki jumps as Shoutmon falls under the water exhausted. The Flymon go to attack as Whamon opens his mouth swallowing Taiki, Shoutmon and the Flymon go in after them.

Taiki and Shoutmon and dropped inside Whamon's stomach and go searching for the Code Crown. However they come to many tunnels. Taiki summons Pickmon who releases many of his mini selves to go searching down the tunnels. Outside the group wait as one of the Pickmon finds it and signals back. Pickmon takes Taiki and Shoutmon where they find some of the Pickmon hurt. The Flymon are already there as Taiki brings the Pickmon back to the Xros Loader. The Flymon send off waves stopping the duo from moving, the lead Flymon stabs Shoutmon with his Poison Stinger.

*Op Start*

The Flymon cease their waves as Shoutmon drops to the floor. Flymon goes after the Code Crown but Whamon will not release it. Neptunemon is wondering what is keeping them. Shoutmon is turning blue due to the poison and if he comes complete blue it's likely he would die. Outside the rest of the group pray to Whamon for help. Whamon hears the prayer and speaks. He tells Taiki to hold on tight to his body. He does holding onto shoutmon who is now fully blue and not doing well. They are submerged by water and the Flymon then blasted out of the top of Whamon. Taiki thanks him for saving them and asks if there is anyway to save Shoutmon. Whamon knew what Shoutmon did for him and sends some oil to put ono the wound. The Oil turns Shoutmon red again saving him.

Whamon asks Taiki why he wants the Code Crown. The answer more or less is that he wants to stop the Bagura army from taking over. Shoutmon states that Taiki is their saviour. He explains they are the Xros Heart Team and they want to fight by joining their hearts together. Whamon likes this answer and lets them have the crown. In Bagura HQ Tactimon knows somethign has happened as does the Gizamon. Neptunemon says they will steal it. As Taiki and Shoutmon leave Whamon Ebidramon turns up. Taiki DigiXros Shoutmon and Ballistamon to X2 and then the Starmon/Pickmon to get the Star Axe. The fight starts with ShoutmonX2 being knocked into the water and grabbed by a pincer.

ChibiKamemon wants to help but knows even if Xrosed with X2 they couldn't win. Whamon tells them of the temple below him and it has another treasure, the memories of legendary heroes. Shoutmon X2 is getting beaten more. Taiki goes to jump into the water but is stopped by Pukamon and Shakomon as ChibiKamemon has already gone after them. Both Digimon attack Ebidramon to try and help but they don't have any effect. ChibiKamemon gets the memories and brings them back to the surface to Taiki. Taiki opens the container and he picks out the strongest looking Digimon of the 5 that are there as ShoutmonX2 is about to be destroyed. He picks Leviamon and summons him with "Rostrum".

Neptunemon knows that it's Leviamon and is shocked as Leviamon is a Demon Lord and supposed to be extinct. Leviamon whips up a water whirlwind sucking in Ebidramon and then blasts his claw off freeing Shoutmon X2. Shoutmon X2 then slices though Ebidramon and defeats him. Taiki holds the memories in his hand (MarineAngemon, Garurumon, HolyAngemon, Agumon and Leviamon *which is blackened out*). Neptunemon isn't happy and summons the Seadramon Army who start to advance on the island.

End of Episode
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