Digimon Xros Wars Episode 4
Dub Name: Island Zone in Chaos!
Japanese Name: Island Zone is in Turmoil!

Nene has appeared before the group and offers to explain everything to them. Zenjirou seems to like her quite a bit. Taiki asks what's a Code Crown in which Nene explains that it is the proof of the Zone Ruler. The Digital World was broken up and scattered into fragments (The Code Crowns). Jijimon only just remembers this much to Shoutmon's annoyance. Nene tells Taiki that the zone they are in is his. Whoever gets all of the Code Crows can change the Digital World into anything they desire. Nene also tells Taiki how to use the Code Crown. Taiking the code he puts it into his Xros Loader and calls Zone transfer. It opens up a portal in front of them. Akari hopes that collecting them will help them get home. All the Digimon then enter the Xros Loader as cannot be out when transfering from zone to zone. Akari asks who she is in which she replies she likes strong boys who can fight. Zenjirou is happy at this and while they are distracted she leaves. The trio then go through the gate onto the next Zone.

The Zone they arrive at is at the Ocean in which Shoutmon cries as he's never seen it before. It isn't long before they hear a voice shout out. There are a set of Gizamon with Archelomon asking for the Code Crown. Taiki and the group run to them and Gizamon isn't pleased. Shoutmon and Ballistamon Digixros to Shoutmon X2 as they attack. After punching them around a bit the Starmon and Pickmon DigiXros to form the Star Axe to deflect an attack from Gizamon, the spines of one being sliced off. From nearby a ChibiKamemon is looking on in awe as the Gizamon retreat.

Archelomon seems to have forgotten Jijimon for a while as they greet him. Archelomon is the chief and the Bagura army have been after the Code Crown. Shoutmon asks for it but it isn't possible until the Summer Festival arrives. The festival is for giving offerings to a shrine, dance and pray for a years worth of safety. The offerings are DigiNoir, this makes the Digimon very happy as it's one of the best foods in the Digital World.

The ground shakes which indicates the fesital is close. Shoutmon wants to go so the ChibiKamemon offers to take them there. Out to sea there are several Mantaraymon with Gizamon reporting back to Neptunemon, he is not happy in the slighest. Neptunemon communicates to Tactimon he orders to not let the Code fall into the human hands. The Mantaray Army head towards the island. Cutemon and Dorulumon are at the island as well resting.

*OP then appears*

The group harvest DigiNoir and eat it. ChibiKamemon asks Shoutmon if he gets stronger by eating a lot. ChibiKamemon wants to protect the island. Shoutmon tells him that he has to have Courage, Guts and Friends, this makes the little guy happy. The short-lived peace is broken by Shakomon coming and telling Archelomon that the manta are heading their way. With the army some Hangyomon are released from one of the Mantaraymon (which look more like battleships than your regular Mantaraymon) The Hangyomon land and start to search the island. They are seen by Shoutmon and the others but Taiki won't let him fight as they would be out-numbered. The Mantaraymon fire on the island.

Taiki asks if they know the Tomoe Throw (a judo move). Taiki explains that it's like a facade as if you've fallen but you haven't and use the opponents force against them. The Hangyomon can't find anyone Archelomon, ChibiKame, Jiji and Shakomon are hiding while the others are snorkling out to the Mantaraymon. They board one of the Manta and Taiki takes one of the Hangyomon down as the Star Sword is created for Zenjirou to use, with Shoumon and Ballistamon then attacking. Inside the Mantaraymon Akari is blasting the others to get rid of them *and having fun with it*.

Neptunemon is not happy that they have been influtrated as the last battleship is taken out. They go to fire upon the land troops when Octomon comes crashing in slicing the ship in half. The group are thrown into the water. Taiki surfaces getting Shoutmon and Ballistamon to Digixros to Shoutmon X2. The Starmon and Pickmon afterwards to create the Star Axe. However Shoutmon X2 is grabbed and dragged under the water with the humans. ChibiKamemon sees what's happening and runs off to help. Archelomon comes out of hiding to try and stop him and is then seen by a Hangyomon.

Octomon has the group underwater and they are running out of air. ChibiKame reaches them and passes the loader to Taiki who DigiXros' him with Shoutmon X2. Giving him a shell on his back, allowing X2 to breathe and a buttle given to the humans allowing them to breathe. Octomon and X2 start to fight with x2 using the shell to dodge and weave. Octomon is then slashed by the Star Axe as X2 uses Body Blaster to fry Octomon.

The group surface as Shoutmon thanks ChibiKamemon who is happy. Gizamon gives the Hangyomon orders from Neptunemon. He knows where the Code Crown is held and he has Archelomon.

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