Digimon Xros Wars Episode 3
Dub Name: A Rival Appears
Japanese Name: A Strong Rival Appears, Kiriha!

Shoutmon shows the group the crest of their flag as they need a team symbol. The Starmon/Pickmon like a lot. Taiki isn't sure what to think and says it's nice. All they have to do now is pick a name.

At Bagura HQ Tactimon, Blastmon and Lilithmon are in Baguramon's presence *only his voice is heard* he calls them his three head officers. Another Digimon is there named Ba'almon and Blastmon does as his name suggests. However he is too fast to be hit. Tactimon informs Ba'almon that he shouldn't be there and Liltihmon calls him a filthy shinigami. Ba'almon leaves telling them that if they want someone eliminated to let him know. Baguramon speaks of the humans, mainly of the red Xros Loader army (Taiki's). Lilithmon and Blastmon seem suprised, Tactimon does not. Baguramon doesn't appear happy that this has happened and wants the human gone. Tactimon informs Baguramon that measures are in place again much to the duo's suprise.

Shoutmon gives the Taiki Army communication devices to show they are on the same team. Akari and Zenjirou are not happy that Taiki is about to put it on. Zenjirou is unhappy with Taiki and stamps the floor that opens up much to their suprise. However a shoot comes up up from the ground and takes hold of Zenjirou. Jijimon recongises it as a disaster from legend 'Lumpy Day' *wft*.

MadLeomon is locked up in a cage shouting to be let out when Tactimon arrives. MadLeomon tells Tactimon the word he wants to hear 'Perfect'. MadLeomon is let out as Tactimon informs him that Drimogumon have been sent to the village. They are causing the shoots to spring up. Dorulumon is seen with Cutemon the former saying that they should go. Taiki and the others are seen and then Dorulumon tells Cutemon not to fall off however he's gone. Jijimon explains explains about the legend a little more however knows the cycle is off and that they shouldn't have grown this much. Zenjirou talks to Taiki via the device and is scared of heights.

A human appears and introduces himself as Kihira Aonuma. He reloads MailBirdramon from a Blye Xros Loader. Shoutmon has heard the rumour of him. He offers to help Taiki to get to Zenjirou with MailBirdramon, however he refuses as Kihira doesn't look the type to help for free. Kihira more or less says he's right and that he likes Taiki even more. He only has one condition for helping, that Taiki be his right hand man. He also tells him that the Bagura army are on their way and that joining him means he wouldn't die. Kihira tells them that the Bagura Army is responsible for the problems with the shoots as MadLeomon arrives with some Hanumon. He knows this is his last chance. Kihira offers again to Taiki to work with him to beat off the enemy so that they can get the Code Crown.

Shoutmon gets annoyed with Kihira and says Taiki is with him and that he wouldn't work for someone else. Shoutmon runs at Kihira and MailBirdramon defends knocking him away. Ballistamon catches him but is also blasted by MailBirdramon from behind. Next up are the Shoutmon and Pickmon. Kihira is wanting to do a Xros, however MailBirdramon doesn't seem to want to as if he brings out Greymon they'll die. Instead he brings out Golemon and DigiXros with MailBirdramon. That gives MailBirdramon a Golem hammer on this tail and he attacks the group. Golemon then goes back to normal and MailBirdramon kicks him aside much to Akari's disapproval.

Taiki tells them to stop fighting that only saving the village and Zenjirou should matter right now. Taiki again refuses Kihira stating he doesn't want to get close to him as he senses something dark about him. Kihira states if he changes his mind to scream with his loudest voice. He then leaves on MailBirdramon. Zenjirou informs Taiki that the Bagura Army have arrived as Pteramon bomb the village and Hanumon come in through the shoots. Shoutmon and Ballistamon go at the Hanumon with a few attacks. Taiki Digi Xroses the duo into Shoutmon X2 to fight to protect the village. They attack the Hanumon as Shoutmon with the Pickmon go after Pteramon. The Red Pickmon goes to Zenjirou telling him to hand on as MadLeomon arrives. He tells them it's the last battle as he absorbs the Hanumon becoming MadLeomon Final Mode. He attacks X2 as Kihira and MailBirdramon are watching. Nene also turns up and Kihra asks what she wants. She just says she likes looking at Strong boys in which he replies Taiki is weak and it's the end. She thinks otherwise. Taiki asks Akari to gather the villages as one Pickmon falls and cries. Cutemon comes and picks it up giving it to Akari as Shoutmon X2 is thrown to the side of a building.

MadLeomon looks at Taiki, Akari, Cutemon and Pickmon however Dorulumon attacks him. He tells them if anyone of them hurts Cutemon they're going down. He attacks MadLeomon and as Cute says Dorulumon's name Taiki recognises him from his dream. Zenjirou calls to Taiki stating he can see the ground glowing in one space. Taiki realises it has to be the Digimon causing the problems. Taiki DigiXros the Starmon and Pickmon into the Star Sword the Red One taking the top spot. Taiki tells Zenjirou to throw the sword at the spot that's glowing which he does destroying Drimogumon with "Koto Slash" *cough an attack name what*. It works defeating him causing the ground to go back to normal. Shoutmon X2 and Dorulumon attack together against MadLeomon removing the Hanumon data from him, however MadLeomon is attempting to self-destruct to beat the humans.

Shoutmon X2 and Dorulumon attack again but the former is reverted back into the 2 Digimon forms. Taiki has the idea of DigiXrossing the trio *Dorulumon being somewhat eh about it* and they do into Shoutmon X3 and looks more like the Digimon from Taiki's dream. They are able to attack MadLeomon before he self destructs throwing him into the air and attacks him with Victorize Boomerang causing the end of MadLeomon.

Zenjirou is back on the ground as everyone is safe. From the air an item is seen in a golden diamond shape. As Kihira flies off on MailBirdramon he is suprised that Taiki was able to pull it off and that he still wants him. *ahem*. One of the panels on Tactimon's wall goes red symbolising to him that things didn't go to plan. Dorulumon and Cutemon have left the group and are on their way. Taiki tells Shoutmon that he has a team name for them to go with their symbol - Xros Heart. He's called it this because when Kihira's Digimon Digi Xrossed he didn't think there was any heart involved with it.

Nene turns up near to the group and tells them that the item that is a Code Crown. Zenjirou likes her as he introduces herself to the group.

End of Episode
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