Digimon Xros Wars Episode 2
Dub Name: He Is Shoutmon, Hear Him Roar
Japanese Name: Shoutmon, Roar

Shoutmon is running with Taiki up a hill with Ballistamon and the others trailing behind. Shoutmon stops at a cliff with Taiki freaking out until he sees the awesome view of a city. This is the Green Zone. Jijimon appears on his staff just ahead of the cliff and Shoutmon gets whacked for not address him right. Jijimon talks to them about the Bagura Army. We then see the city under attack from the Bagura Army. Shoutmon is annoyed and jumps with Taiki off the cliff, Ballistamon following leaving Akari, Zenj, Pickmons and Jijimon behind. Akari seemingly whining.

Shoutmon uses his Rowdy Rocker and with Ballistamon's help is knocked into the air to attack. No Digimon in sight so they do it again, this time Shoutmon is attacked from behind by a Pteramon. Taiki Digi Xros' the Pickmon into an elastic catapult...Shoutmon goes into it and Ballistamon launches him into the Pteramon defeating it. A Coelamon is then seen swimming in the ground as the others finally to the edge of the city. Akari checks her phone but there is no signal. She is upset about her parents when a pink bunny turns up and introduces itself as Cutemon.

Again the Coelamon is seen swimming in the ground and analysers what's going on. It appears to go to attack but is stomped by an orange wolf-type Digimon named Dorurumon. Cutemon seems to know him and vice-versa. Cutemon then goes with Dorurumon and they leave. Seems that Zenjirou slept though it all as Taiki and co turn up. Akari then gets annoyed at Taiki and for some reason Shoutmon gets a weird thought.

Cut to Kihira with Greymon and MailBirdramon. He Digi Xros' them into a new shadowed Digimon and attacks some unseen Digimon. 2 Crystal shaped lights go out and we see that MadLeomon is alive and ticked off. MetalGreymon and MailBirdramon split from the dust we see Nene who mentions a few words to Kihira.

Back to the city as nightfalls we see the Dondokomon with Sunflowmon and Lilymon dancing. Taiki is eating until Lilymon blows him a kiss. Shoutmon comes to Taiki who again is freaking out over a few thoughts. Shoutmon goes over the top a little. Taiki has to go pee and has Shoutmon drag on his leg all the way there and while he pees XD The little guy seems upset. Akari has also followed and Taiki freaks out. Shoutmon again begs to Taiki who says something that upsets Shoutmon who ends up punching a rock and then runs off crying. Akari calls after him as Taiki has upset in his voice.

Lots of the Troopmon leave a building followed by Minatorumon and a caged Digimon. MadLeomon follows on a Pteramon as dawn breaks. Shoutmon is shouting into is microphone with Ballistamon, Starmon and Pickmons behind him. The 3 kids leave into the forest with the Digimon staying behind. They then see the Bagura army in the distance the way the kids are heading. The kids find themselves surrounded by the 'gunmon' and MadLeomon finds them. Taiki throws dirt into MadLeomon's eyes and they run. MadLeomon orders the release of Orochimon (who was in the cage).

The kids try to hide behind a tree but one of the heads finds them so they run right into a dead end. Shoutmon arrives and is taking on a head on his own as MadLeomon thinks he's won. Taiki and Shoutmon start to make up as the Starmon and Pickmon haul the kids out of danger. Ballistamon jumps in and attacks the head first with Shoutmmon following up. MadLeomon then absorbs the Orochimon to become yet another form MadLeomon (Orochi Mode).

He attacks them with 2 snake heads but Ballistamon holds them off as Shoutmon starts to jump up the body. Shoutmon goes to attack but MadLeomon attacks him with more heads. Shoutmon is breaking up into data and Ballistamon laid flat out. Taiki seems to realise how much being Digimon King means to Shoutmon as MadLeomon goes to make the killer blow.

Taiki Digi Xros the two Digimon and instead of the same monster they made last time a new monster is seen on Taiki's screen. From the smoke the Digimon is seen and is called ShoutmonX2. It grabs the tail about to attack them *that sound so wrong* and flips MadLeomon. Shoutmon X2 has more speed and is dodging the heads. ShoutmonX2 looks like it's going to hit him with a punch but ends up not. The elastic Pickmon and Shoutmon pull him back and instead he blasts MadLeomon who explodes and this time data is seen as the Digimon UnXros.

MadLeomon is alive and he retreats with the 'gunmon'. Nene has been watching Taiki as Shoutmon hugs him.

End of Epi.
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