Digimon Xros Wars Episode 1
Dub Name: Mikey Goes to Another World
Japanese Name: Taiki Goes to Another world!

The Bagura army are attacking (Minatarumon, Missimon, Rhinomon, Tankmon, Sealsdramon, Bulbmon and Troopmon). Taiki and his team *a load of the old school Digimon partners* and Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorurumon. The trio are DigiXrossed into Shoutmon X4 and they trash the army. Greymon is seen and ShoutmonX4 fights him. Taiki then wakes up and realises it was a dream. (here goes the awesome OP!)

Akira is on her phone talking to Taiki's mom *who's cooking something gross*. She starts to run to meet Taiki. He's playing basketball pretty damn well after the game he talks with some of the team mates. Taiki is exhausted and nearly passes out until Akari jumps in with a pillow to save him smashing his face. She talks with him *well shouts* when he's outside.

Zenjirou arrives challenging Taiki to a Kendo match but he declines for the time being. Zenjirou was upset with him for when Taiki beat him the last time. Akari argues with him for Taiki. It's then Taiki hers a voice and we see a 'sound wave'. Taiki calls out and we see a red dragon injured and it looks like it's going to die. A car is then seen in mid air through a building as the electronics go nuts and the sky starts to dataise. The car falls as the red dragon shouts out. Taiki is nearly hurt by it however ends up ok. He sees a red electronic image and see the image of the voice that called to him.

Taiki wants to help it, small flash back to Taiki crying in the rain for some unknown reason. The red dragon talks to him again and a small conversation between one another happens. As Taiki finishes a Xros Loader appears in front of him. A deep voice talks to him *different from the dragon*. The Loader turns red from a silver colour, Taiki takes hold of it and the data of the dragon is absorbed along with Taiki, Akira and Zenjirou.

The voice of the dragon calls to Taiki again as the trip have fallen into the Digital World. Seems the Xros Loader has saved it's life and the deep voice talks again. The trio then realise they are not on earth anymore as a lot of Mammothmon stamps around and sees them *roaring* MadLeomon then turns up looking at the three humans. The dragon talks to them from the digivice as a blue beetle comes from the ground. It's Ballistamon, Shoutmon and Pickmon. Taiki releases the red dragon who introduces himself as Shoutmon. He attacks some *Pteramon?* and beats them.

Jijimon and Lilymon watch this happen and seem suprised to see Shoutmon. Ballistamon, Shoutmon, Starmon and the Pickmon attack the army Digimon that have turned up trashing them. Shoutmon is then faced by Madleomon who can absorb Digimon O.o. He then gets some armour and a chainsaw. (i think a new name here as well as a new analyser shot is shown.)

He attacks and Ballistamon + Shoutmon are in trouble. Taiki runs forward to save them and the Xros Loader is used to Digi Xros the two Digimon. *insert Wada Koji's new theme (We are Xros Heart)!!!!* They create what i think is an 'image' of Shoutmon X4 but is not fully complete. MadLeomon is afraid of the power as it trashes some of his army. The duo devolve and a new Digi Xros is formed with the Starmon, Pickmon and Shoutmon to get Shoutmon with a Sword. They attack MadLeomon and remove all his armour. Behind Madleomon a portal opens and he along with the remaining army are sucked in. Dead or not? hmm guess we'll see. We then see a shot of several digimon talking (including Lilithmon) what does seem to be pretty darn clear is that they are evil.

Shoutmon is happy with Taiki and pats him on the back. Taiki says something that makes Shoutmon sweatdrop and the Digital World and Digimon are mentioned. A little away some Monitamon talk to a girl (Nene). Above her is a boy with a Blue Xros Loader (Kihira) with his partners MailBirdramon and Greymon.
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