Type: Small Dragon
Japanese Attacks: Soul Crusher & Rowdy Rocker & Rock Damashi

"Listen to the shout of my soul!"

A Small Dragon Digimon, Shoutmon is the lead Digimon of Digimon Xros Wars. He is the leader of the Xros Heart army, being the focal point of DigiXros formations and the one who all the forces listen to.

Shoutmon was a Digimon who led the forces of his village to fight against the invading Bagura army. At some point he was left at a point of near-death. Before he died, he was able to call out to someone in the human world to help. That person would be his partner, Taiki Kudou. After they met and bonded, Shoutmon was revitalized in Taiki's Xrosloader. He came out to battle against MadLeomon and, through the power of DigiXros, was able to defeat him. Taiki at first was unwilling to help Shoutmon become king, making Shoutmon nervous and trying a variety of tricks to make Taiki stay. After Shoutmon revealed his intentions were purely noble ones, Taiki changed his mind and decided to stay and fight. The two of them, along with the then-small army of Xros Heart began to move toward restoring the Digital World to peace.

Shoutmon is loud, brash, ferocious, hot-blooded and overall completely reckless. However, he's not an idiot. He knows the job that comes with being a leader as well as the importance of friendship and camaraderie. Shoutmon is always ready for a fight against the Bagura army, strong enough to even take down smaller forces by himself. Shoutmon can be stubborn especially when he thinks he does not know everything about a situation. Though powerful, he is not invincible and when the times are tough, he is able to DigiXros with his fellow soldiers into more powerful forms such as Shoutmon X2 or Shoutmon X4. He also loves to sing and eat DigiNoir.

Shoutmon shares important relationships with every one of his soldiers seeing them all as invaluable. But his most important bond is that with Taiki. Shoutmon and Taiki are the literal "heart" of Xros Heart. Because of this, Taiki and Shoutmon have a good relationship in order to fight together and unite the hearts of the army. Their trust is so powerful, that Shoutmon will always listen to Taiki's command of a situation even if he doesn't know what's happening. At the same time Shoutmon and Taiki can be at odds with each other. Taiki tends to do things that Shoutmon does not fully comprehend or understand and while he may listen to him, he will question what Taiki could be thinking. Nonetheless, Shoutmon and Taiki always find a way. Shoutmon also has Ballistamon around as his shield for the army. Ballistamon also tends to be Shoutmon's voice of reason but follows him completely.

Let's listen to the melody of Shoutmon's fight!

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